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    Krav quickly picks up his gear and follows the warforged and elf out of the door.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hackxors View Post
    "Your story is a tragic one, indeed, zan shai." Jaico pauses and lowers his eyes. "It seems that misfortune has replaced jade as the Kingdom's chief export; I, too, did not leave the Kingdom under the most honourable of circumstances." Jaico looks up again, although his stoic expression has changed to one of sadness and regret.

    "It is due to the Oni that I appear like this before you now." Jaico suddenly reaffirms his gaze, however, and his expression returns to that of one concealing his emotions. "I have come to this land in order to track down the demon that destroyed my family, and did this -" he points to his eyes, and to his hair " - to me. I cannot return until I have accomplished this task..."
    Raijin nods reassuringly, though it seems that the story strikes too close to home as he grips his mystical staff tightly. He jumps as a scream comes from the mouth of the newly arrived Dartanian. His eyes narrow and then he looks to Jaico. Something foul is afoot. Come with me and we will investigate as well.

    Raijin gets up and leaves the tavern, hoping Jaico will follow him.

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    Rysethynn had been ignoring the newcomer, as he seemed to be a bit showy and she doubted his actual skill. Yet when he was ripped from the tavern and the screams came from outside, she surely took notice.

    "Tha' dunna be soundin' good," she said to Mab. "I'm gonna check it out. You comin'?"

    She waits a moment for a response, then exits the tavern to see what could possibly be going on outside. Given that just about everyone else in the tavern is doing the same, she feels it likely she won't be a meal just for stepping out the door.

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    "Goodness, gracious me! If that's not the sign that Luran foretold I'll be a bamboozled bogan. C'mon tristram," Auntie Mab pats her pocket to make sure she doesn't leave her slumbering rodent behind, then she follows Rysethynn out the door, moving faster on two legs and a walking stick than any other old woman you've ever seen.
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    Xander follows Rysethynn and Mab out to see what the commotion outside is all about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Sky View Post
    Dartanian finally finishes paying the bill, walks over to the coat-rack by the door to set his hand, then turns back towards the table where Earth and Devinihm are sitting. He smiles at the two of them and begins to move their way when the young man's eyes suddenly fill with terror and he flies backwards off his feet towards the door of the tavern.

    Dartanian has time for a short, strangled scream and is gone. From outside comes a quick muffled sob, the brutal sounds of rending, tearing flesh, then silence...
    At the horrific scream, Devinhim's form seems to explode, though the bits do not fall, but hover, buzzing. He has, it seems, transformed bodily into a swarm of wasps in his surprise. The insects swirl about a moment, as if disoriented, then zip out after the others to investigate.

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    Yishim shrugs at the mass exodus of people leaving the tavern. No doubt they and the guards will have that strange occurrence sorted out in no time.

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    Despite all of the commotion, a lone adventurer remained at the bar, and ordered another drink.

    Level 1-2 character ready

    Looks like Iron is pretty well full up, so I'll wait around for the next game. I have a concept worked up in character builder for each role, so I could fit in just about anywhere, and produce the L4W character sheet rather quickly.
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    Any leaders wanna get retconned into my adventure???

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    Ignore My post and Sanzou's

    We have solved each other's problem.
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