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    The shifter turns to the rest of his group and nudges Whiggins, the dire wolf promptly lays back down, Look it the size of him! Vermitrax! You seeing this? What was that about your barbarian now Sharpe? Kamotz looks to Sharpe to see if he gets his joke, What else have you slain Sigarr, I've sent a young dragon to Lauto recently. Destroyed a Lich too, even though he laughed and said something about being immortal. I'll just destroy him again when he comes back. the smile returns to Kamotz even larger than before.
    My little barbarian has all grown up! Sharpe says with a tear in his eye.

    Wait...you're not one of my brothers, are you? He says, walking up to the half-gaint and looking him over (from waist height).

    No, not him. Did I ever tell you I have a half-giant for a half-brother? And a mul and a half-orc and a tiefling and a aasimar and... bah there are too many of them!
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    Vimak Stonecarver, Goliath Runepriest 12

    "Vimak Stonecarver, runepriest."
    The big goliath says as he enters the tavern. Wit a rune naturally embedded in his forehead and crystalline growths on his skin, he would be an imposing figure even without his heavy armor and wicked looking halberd.
    He looks around for the others how slew golems, liches, demons and dragons with him.


    sheet not updated yet

    Mini stat block

    Vimak Stonecarver
    Perception: 17 Insight: 22 Normal Vision
    AC 26 Fortitude 22 Reflex 20 Will 22
    Initiative: +7
    Hit Points: 68 / 75 Bloodied: 37
    Temporary Hit Points: 0
    Resist: -
    Saving Throw:
    Action Points: 0 Second Wind: 1
    Milestones: 0.0
    Healing Surge:18 Surges per day: 7 / 11
    At-Will Powers: Word of Diminishment, Word of Binding
    Encounter Powers: Rune of Mending 1/2, Stone’s Endurance, Wrathful Warrior, Stone Panoply, Walk it Off, Flames of Purity, Symbol of Wrath Reversed, Word of Befuddlement, Protective Scroll
    Daily Powers: Rune of Endless Fire, Shield of Sacrifice, Cage of Light, Rune of Shielding, Dread Halberd, Protective Runes 1/3

    Condition: RoEF effects

    The two marks are temporary.
    Mark number 1 is a rune of destruction enhancer: +2 bonus added to benefit of rune of destruction power used in an attack
    Mark number 2 is a rune of protection enhancer: +2 bonus added to benefit of rune of protection power used in an action.
    Non active

    WoD (Destruction)
    W3 gains vulnerability all 2 (but 5 vs OAs) until next round

    - allies gain +1 to attacks vs enemies adjacent to Vimak (B1)

    Battle Wrath
    Vimak deals 4 extra damage to enemies who hit him in the previous round.

    Rune of Mending (Destruction):

    Vimak and all allies in 5 sqs get a +4 bonus on damage

    Runestate (Protection)
    adjacent allies have resist all 2


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    "Yes, I do. Tell us creature, what is that quest you speak off? Perhaps we somehow share objectives." the mage asks. As Kamotz speaks about the undead, Vermitrax can't hold on.
    "The point of destroying a lich, is not to simply wait until it regenerates...Do they actually teach something at temples, or just brain washing doctrines? You need to destroy the phylanctery to terminate a lich once and for all." Vermitrax explains with his usual lack of tact.
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    HEY! Death is a big bunch of stuff to learn, barks Kamotz, Can't just learn everything about Death, sometimes bashing things till they don't move is the answer. the shifter nods like he's imparted Lauto's own wisdom to a street urchin. What is a fill-actor-ee anyway, sounds like something we'd keep in the vault...

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    Vermitrax's fingers moves to his forehead, massaging a sudden and painful headache. "Yes you can learn everything about it, if you have A: Time, and B: Brain. A phylanctery is specially imbued artefact where a Lich stores its soul and essence. If you destroy the lich's body, the phylanctery will regenerate it after a few days. You need to destroy the phylanctery in order to effectively destroy the lich. Got it? Or is it too complicated? Sharpe can explain it with puppets if you want."
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    The cloaked human moves quietly through the bar, moving quickly to the bar. He whispers something to the barkeep, who announces, "Quan is back. He shoots things with arrows."

    The hunter finds a shadow to stand in near his traveling companions, Namentah, Vimak, Skaliss and Rocco.

    OOC: Still working on his character sheet, but I'm ready to continue. I'll be done soon I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voda Vosa View Post
    Or is it too complicated? Sharpe can explain it with puppets if you want."
    Oh, oh! I'll get out Banjo and Cthulhu and Thor! Sharpe says happily, digging in his backpack for his puppets.
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    @Voda Vosa If you will accept lvl 3 PCs, The Cursed One (Hybrid Paladin|Warlock) will hopefully be free as soon as our judge decides how to wrap things up.
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    The door opens and a cleric known to many walks into the room. Seeing members of two groups that he has hired for tasks the last two years, he gives a nervous nod to Sharpe and Vermitrax as to say thank you for there services, then moves quickly to the other group of six. He sits down and begins to unravel a map...

    The door burst open and a man rushes in, followed by three others, with the look of terror etched in their faces. D..D...DRAGON!!! He is hear! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

    The cleric, shocked in disbelief mutters to himself...no...no this can't be true. Acoording to my...

    More citizens of Daunton rush through the door. Noises can be heard outside. Call out the archers!!! More footsteps. Citizens! Go to your homes...now! As the other who came into the tavern manage to catch their breath, one of them speaks to the bartender. The rumors are true. It is him! The black dragon is here! He flies over head

    Brother Navio, We...we must go now. Quickly, arm yourselves. He gathers his map and stuffs it in his satchel, the hurries to the others motioning them to follow. As you exit the door you see town fold run from one to houses in total panic. Some stand frozen in terror. Forty feet above you, a black dragon hovers over you. It is the dragon Bosch. Arrows fly up towards the beast. Some never come near the target and return to the ground. Cries of pain are heard as arrows hit unlucky citizens. Others shoot flaming arrows which return towards the ground hit houses and business establishments, which soon catch on fire, radiating heat and flickering light throughout the night. It is total chaos.

    ooc: and so the adventure Bosch's Revenge continues for Rocco, Nementah, Skalisss, Vimak and Quan. Please make your post from hear on out in the Bosch's Revenge thread.

    ooc: insight and arcane rolls please (characters from Bosch adventure only)

    As the events unfold in front of the other patrons within the tavern, Vermitrax seems distracted

    Vermitrax's eyes only

    I rise again young one. Come find me now while you still can. I grow in power even as I speak to you. Come find me or soon I will find you...
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    You owe me 10 platinum pieces, get back here you cheapskate! Sharpe yells to the retreating figure of Brother Navio.

    I'm going to go watch the fun! he says, pulling out a bag of popcorn and finding a seat by a window.


    Can Sharpe's dragon eat Brother Navio when you are done with him? He does owe the party money
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