D&D 4th Edition Even Newer(er) Tavern Thread: The Hanged Man - Page 62

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    Sound of Stone, the Thri-Kreen, steps up to the recruiter. "I can be your killer. I have been waiting for my clutchmates to find me here, but perhaps I will run in to them as we roam the countryside. There are strong fighters too - so I am sure they will help the war if we run across them."

    OOC: Lvl 2 Monk - did I miss the cutoff Sound of Stone;s been cooling his "heels" here for ages, too...


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    OOC: hmm interesting there seems to be a lot of players, okay I am thinking I can do a much bigger group than normal as my chosen setting allows it. Assuming such a case, I can go up to a double team so up to around 12-15 people, so smythe is welcome back as we will need 2 medics. Adding Kamotz and Sound of Stone makes 9. I might as well clear out the inn, in a war more than enough death for everyone.

    This means that it will be an all player effort on much larger scale battles than normally the case. So the lot of you vs. small forces of enemies etc. RP is encouraged, but I will be trying to move relatively quickly cos I can't afford to wait for all 15 people to say what they are doing. I will post a time that I will be moving on at. Except in combat obviously which will be broken down into initiative blocks. So for example Smythe, Lenard and Alnar please post what you are doing. Then what I am doing then next lot etc.

    Leader: Changeling Artificer (2)

    Controller: Hunzo (1)
    Lenard (1)

    Kamotz (3)

    Striker: Esraethan (1)
    Alnar (3)
    Sound of stone (2)
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    OOC: Sir Exsixten is off to go help Deliver some Death, or whatever (he won't have any idea what the group he's joining has really been doing by the end of the adventure, much less when he joins it).

    Anyway, count him out on this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Sky View Post
    As he speaks, he wrenches his axe free, nearby patrons cringing as the beam creaks and shifts, then storms out of the tavern, his words slowly fading as he marches off through the city outside.
    As Sir X610 runs through the door, some of the others in the tavern can almost hear the same call of adventure that the fighter did. Beckoning them to follow him...to explore strange new lands...to taste adventure.

    Replacement Needed

    Sorry to interrupt the current recruiting session, but I could use one more replacement character level 3-5 for my adventure, Delivery of Death. A small town on the strange new island of Sojourn is plagued with misterious deaths and dissipearances, not to mention the fact that the dead are rising again.

    I don't have a controller, though I am willing to take on anyone in the level range (3-5). We are fairly far in the adventure, but the main baddies are still there and the mysteries unsolved. If you join I will be sure to PM you to help you catch up on the story, so you don't have to read the whole adventure.

    If you are interested please PM me or post in here.


    Current Party:
    Rogue (Jax)
    Bow Warlord (Andras)
    Sorcerer (Dorn)
    Fighter (Sir X610)

    OOC: I used to watch Hercules: the Legendary Journeys, I don't remember the beginning though
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    OOC: I'm fine with being out performed. My Goblin paladin when he was lvl 1 got pulled into a group with 3 lvl 5 PCs. So not a problem there. Rather used to it now. Just be nice to do something with the PC is all. Thanks
    Kauldron (Goblin Paladin 8), Hunzu (Shardmind Mage 3), Cyrus (Khan Executioner 3)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darksteed View Post
    OOC: I'm fine with being out performed. My Goblin paladin when he was lvl 1 got pulled into a group with 3 lvl 5 PCs. So not a problem there. Rather used to it now. Just be nice to do something with the PC is all. Thanks
    OOC: I am also fine with being out-gunned. This will be my first time to try 4e, and I am looking forward to it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rb780nm View Post
    Sound of Stone, the Thri-Kreen, steps up to the recruiter. "I can be your killer. "
    Yep. No one can fight better than sound here. And you know what?
    And now Mercurial turns into a shardmind.
    this form is cool. Oh, right, my thought. I bet your friends may be there too, if they are as good fighters as you.

    OOC: Another adventure with a lot of PCs. Fun. I should really remember to type out Mercurial's name, at least when applying for a spot.

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    OOC: @Cute-Hydra - Just wanted to make sure you saw this post. Siveris Smythe is definitely interested in your adventure, but he's a level 4, gnome artificer. Fyrm's PC, Mercurial is the level 2 changeling. If you only have space for one leader though, Siveris will bow out, as Mercurial has been waiting longer.
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    Hopping from her place at the fireplace, Sapo Toa, the bullywug approaches the sign.
    "There is much from war to be learned. Sapo Toa could join" the monk declares.

    Sapo Toa, Monk 3 able to join if needed.
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    OOC: Yeah, I know that the changeling and gnome are different , why in my first post I put the changeling over. But now that it looks like it's going to be a super team where pretty much everyone is welcome we will certainly be in need of 2 leaders. Essentially, I'l write up the campaign in depth over the weekend. When I get it approved I will start in essence. Anyone who wants to join up is welcome. I can go up to about 15 *men*. But it will be relatively strict on timings etc in order to keep a semblance or order.

    I was thinking of having a separate post for the rollplaying side, so for example we will be taking a ship to the new land. In order to let you lot talk to each other I was going to have a roleplaying thread separate to the actual strict turn based one and so it can be done retrospectively. Then when we move onto somewhere else like the inn etc and rollplaying can be done in that thread and we can continue with the story in essence in the main one. I don't know if that is allowed in forum rules but any opinions on that would be great.

    Conversely, if anyone doesn't want to join due to the mass amount of player and change of dynamics that's fine just shout.

    Welcome aboard Sapo Toa if I haven't listed anyone who has requested just shout.

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