Creepy Creatures: Bestiary of the Bizarre

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    Creepy Creatures: Bestiary of the Bizarre

    This product is 115 pages long. The beginning has cover, credits, splash page etc(5 pages). Next it gets to the introduction, which is a intro by the author and explains the symbols used. This is 1 page. The bulk of the book is taken up with the monsters. There is 100 new monsters in the book(107 pages).

    I wanted to list all the monsters names but the ToC is inside of a table and I was unable to copy it with out copying the table sadly. So no list. I will try and get a list from the publisher to add to this review. There is a nice mix of CR's in the product.

    Then final two pages is taken up with OGL and back cover.

    Closing thoughts. First off I am not a huge monster book fan, I am not one of those that buy all the monster books. They tend to need to be very interesting and or different to get my interest. This book accomplished this. While not all the monsters are creepy or horrific most of them are. Many are very well done and should freak out players as well as their characters. The art work is meh to good. I didn't notice any major errors in stat blocks, but take that with a grain of salt. I am not the best with stat blocks. So my rating is 3.5 stars. It is good but not great. Many of the monsters are very cool and fit the product description very well but not all of them do. I know art work cost a lot which drives the price up. But I felt the price is a little high, which is what dropped my rating from a 4 to a 3.5. If the price doesn't bother you for a monster book then I recommend it, if you like or want more creepy or horrific style monsters I also recommend it. I look forward to seeing what this company does next.

    This list of monsters as promised.
    Ammunition Golem
    Arcane Doppleganger
    Assassin Cat
    Assassin Zombie
    Ballista Drake
    Barrow Bat
    Blade Horror
    Bone Druid
    Brain Wasp Swarm
    Burr Monkey
    Carnivorous Elk
    Carrion Griffin
    Centipede Folk
    Century Tortoise
    Chitin Golem
    Clutch Hound
    Corpse Worm
    Corpsehanger Tree
    Cranium Beetle
    Destroyer Relluk
    Dire Skunk
    Ectoplasmic Stalker
    Emotion Golem
    Eye Parasite
    Fang Tree
    Forged Devil
    Fungal Hulk
    Fungal Ooze
    Giant Virus
    Gibbering Terror
    Gixubus Mantisphinx
    Glacial Ooze Star Jelly Ooze
    Gnomehunter Suncat
    Grinder Spider
    Hair Golem
    Halbeisenian Warhorse
    Halfling Bane Spider
    Hammertrunk Elephant
    Helios Drake
    Helmed Ape
    Hoard Haunt
    Hydra Grub
    Iron Horse
    Jungle Griffin
    Keel Turtle
    Lavacaller Swarm
    Lawbringer Xax
    Magma Kraken
    Marquis Wight
    Plague Dragon
    Quill Cat
    Razorhorn Moose
    Salt Dragon
    Sand Ooze
    Screaming Hydra
    Shadowfang Wight
    Shadowstep Wolf
    Sovereign Ghoul
    Spire-Eater Swarm
    Tar Serpent
    Thunderhead Drake
    Undead Gang
    Winged Medusa
    Wolf of War
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