How do you like your sorcerer?
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    How do you like your sorcerer?

    So, thanks to the bloodlines, there's a lot of ways to run a sorcerer in Pathfinder.

    How do you like yours?

    For the Living Pathfinder world here, I've started a half-orc aberrant sorcerer. Still not sure what direction to take him, but I've decided on this for a starting point: Kanli the Mad.

    But whatever. How about you?

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    I like the Arcane Bloodline with a few houserules my DM allows (he is so far corebook only, but would have allowed the advanced players guide since he allowed the playtest classes from it):

    1) Eschew Materials also covers minor focus spell components.
    2) The Sorcerer can learn the bard spells Silence and Zone of Silence as spells known.
    3) The 6th level bloodline spell "True Seeing" can be replaced by the 4th level spell "Zone of Silence" as a 4th level spell.

    I am playing a gnome "I don't do magic, I am magic" type. I only have illusion spells above 0th level except for some bloodline spells, and I only have spells that require no significant material components. I also am not taking Nightmare, since it is evil and she doesn't roll that way.

    I am maxing out the skills Bluff, Disguise, Imtimidate, Perception, Sense Motive and Stealth. She worships Callistra but her arcane bond is a holy symbol of Desna, who she pretends to worship and pretends is granting her "dream magic" in front of those who fear arcane magic. She also has a great axe and pretends to be a warrior (she is not proficient in the weapon but has occasionally done a coup-de-gras). She is Trig the Thunderer, gnome barbarian/cleric! (Or so she says).

    So far so good. My DM is going away and thus ends the game, alas, so I don't know what I would have done about Wish, which the bloodline grants and yet has a material component. Also, I think that without outside sources she would have to break one of her rules one way or another (a non-illusion spell, or one requiring a significant material component) but maybe the new book coming out would have more illusion spells.

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    The Celestial bloodline can be fun.

    In particular when the party sorcerer croaked (tried to heal) the party rogue with heavenly fire after the rogue was down rather than use a potion of cure light wounds.

    The look of both players face after the action was declared and I told them the outcome was priceless (the rogue's player didn't know how the heavenly fire ability worked and the sorcerer's player thought the rogue was of good alignment like the rest of the party)
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    My most fun I've had with a sorcerer so far was a
    Draconic Fighter/Sorcerer I made.
    went something like this.

    Name: Kor-ik
    Race:Half Elf

    1Lv Fighter
    4Lv Sorcerer

    Str: 15
    Dex: 15
    Con: 16
    Int: 13
    Wis: 13
    Cha: 17
    (I rolled really good stats)

    AC:21 Flat:19 Touch:12

    Weapons: +1 Spell storing Glaive

    Masterwork Longsword

    Armor: +1 Mithral Chainmail (+7 to AC)

    Bloodline: Draconic(silver dragon)

    Feats: Skill focus(spellcraft),
    Ewschew Materials,
    Protetion Devotion,
    Quicken Spell,
    Craft Magic Arms and Armor,
    Energy Substitution(cold)

    Magic Items: Amulet of Natural armor +1
    1 Potion of Bull Strength
    1 potion of Invisibility
    4 Potion of Cure Light Wounds

    The quicken spell was just a means to get energy substitution, but i also knew it could help with a few higher level spells. The Devotion feats, if you don't know them, are from the Complete Divine I do believe. (I kept joking with me DM that i was gonna make a charecter that used as many of them as he could rightly get away with and this was the start of him!) And lastly the energy substitution was a means to make sure I always got my bost from my bloodline for damage. This set up made for a good time filled with me five foot stepping and blasting, or stabbing with my glave. Having a shocking grasp (or in my case Freezing Grasp) stored in my glaive (1d8+3)+(4d6+4) caused most things that I hit at this Lv to either drop or be really close. My DM has a rule that Mithral has the ability to get rid of spell failure so i had no problems in the armor. I probably would have takin him into the dragon disciple prestige class at some point for the stat boosts and what not. All in all this Sorcerer was a pretty awesome, good time

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