This product is 16 pages long. First page is cover, then credits followed by a Introduction and the next page has a full page B&W art. (4 pages)

Racial information. (6 pages)
Next is pages of information of what the race is like and how they get along with humanity. Followed by another full page B&W art. Next is a page about racial traits.

Next is the paragon class. (4 pages)
D10, 4 skills, Full BaB, 2 good saves, simple weapons, no armor. The get natural claw and bite attacks which they can improve. They get several preset abilities as they level up as well as enticements. Enticements are a pool of abilities the gargoyle can choose from to learn, including stone based spells.

Next is feats and spells. (2 pages)
There is 7 feats, 5 of which deal with flying. Some of which I think would be open for other creatures to take. There is 10 new stone based spells, some of the ones that caught my eye.
Mire of Stone and Earth Cause a area of entanglement. I liked the spell but not the fluff. The fluff is ok but I would have prefered the effects to be described as the earth clinging to the targets instead of moving.
Stone Arm makes a limb useless
Stone Snare sucks the target into the ground.
Stoney Gaze Medusa anyone?

It finishes with a OGL and single page ad.

Closing thoughts, I am guessing this was done on purpose but this product reminded me a great deal of the Gargoyles cartoon which I loved. These gargoyles take a oath to protect humanity but fear humanity too. So they live in the cities but hide from most humans. Several of their abilities are ubran based, but not enough that they still wouldn't be effective in the wilderness. But they would shine in their choosen city. The racial history and information is interesting and pretty easy to drop into any setting.

The beginning of the product is told in the first person by a gargoyle who's human friend he befriended has grown old and is about to die of old age. The race seems a bit sad and traggic due to their nature which makes them interesting. The art work is all B&W and pretty good. So my rating is going to be a . 5 star. I really couldn't find anything wrong. The worst thing was the fluff on the one spell or things like that. Which is more of personal taste than anything wrong. So if you like the idea of gargoyle PC's then you will love this product.