I remember my Random Inn Generator got great kudos here a few months ago when I launched it and when I updated it a few weeks back.

Now I've added a random rumor generator. This is the first cut of that, and I already see whats to make that better. (Basically randomize parts of the rumors so most rumor may have multiple variations. Right now the 60+ rumors only vary by names mentioned.)

But the staff & patron generator is very cool; I hope. Of course, more options always help, but this gives a one line description of everyone in the inn, and there are several parameters you may set such as # of staff, # of patrons who are not commoners, min and max level of patrons who are not commoners, etc.

Here's the main link: Random Inn/Tavern Generator

Then look for the links near the top of the page to the rumors, staff & patrons, and the previously posted about menu generator.