[RG] M&M 2nd: Gotham Squires
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    [RG] M&M 2nd: Gotham Squires

    Please post your characters in this thread.


    [IC] M&M 2nd: Gotham Squires
    [OOC] M&M 2nd: Gotham Squires
    [RG] M&M 2nd: Gotham Squires
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    reserved (maps)

    Gotham City

    The colonial-era village named Gotham, established by a Norwegian mercenary and later taken over by the British, grew into a thriving center of trade with waves of immigration from Europe to the New World. One of early Gotham’s most prominent residents was Charles Arwin Wayne, who built a considerable fortune, and the sprawling family mansion on a bluff outside of what would become Gotham City. Years later, Solomon Wayne—Charles’ son and a federal judge— commissioned architect Cyrus Pinkney to design and build many of the city’s distinctive gothic spires, a style associated with Gotham since then. Wayne Enterprises remains the most powerful and influential company in the city.

    Although Gotham City became renowned as a center for trade, shipping, manufacturing, and finance, the history of the city is also infamously riddled with crime and corruption. The Gotham City Police Department was ineffectual for generations, with officers and politicians known to be on the take from one or more crime bosses. An alliance of criminal gangs practically ruled the city, while ordinary citizens got by as best they could.

    Along with stately Wayne Manor, one of Gotham’s other noted landmarks is the Arkham Asylum. The private estate of the Arkham family was converted into a mental hospital for the criminally insane in 1921. The gothic-style former mansion has housed some of Gotham’s most notorious criminals, and many of Batman’s greatest foes.
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    Bruno Mannheim

    Bruno Mannheim is the leader of "INTERGANG," A vast criminal organization whose members infiltrate every level of METROPOLIS. Anyone from a key member of the mayor's staff to a copy boy in the DAILY PLANET bullpen might be a spy for INTERGANG. INTERGANG agents are secretive, fanatically loyal and known only to themselves. INTERGANG pulls sophisticated robberies using highly advanced weaponry. They also sell those weapons in GOTHAM.


    Captain Marvel

    STR: +19 - 48/18
    DEX: +4 - 18
    CON: +19 - 48/18
    INT: +4 - 18/12
    WIS: +4 - 18
    CHA: +4 - 18

    Toughness: +19 / 15 impervious
    Fortitude: +19
    Reflex: +8
    Will: +8

    Concentration 8 (+12), Diplomacy 8 (+12), Gather
    Information 8 (+12), Knowledge [Arcane Lore] 8
    (+9 [+12]), Knowledge [History] 12 (+13 [+16]),
    Knowledge [Theology and Philosophy] 8 (+9 [+12]),
    Sense Motive 8 (+12)

    Eidetic Memory, Fearless, Improved Initiative
    2, Inspire, Interpose, Leadership, Power Attack,
    Teamwork, Well-Informed

    Involuntary Transformation (into Billy Batson, when
    hit by lightning; Uncommon, Major; -3pp)
    Weakness (whenever a Marvel family member
    activates powers; Very Common, Major [-1 to all
    checks, attack, defense, -1 rank from all powers],
    Instant; -5pp)

    Enhanced Intelligence 6 “Wisdom of Solomon” (6pp)
    -AP: Comprehend 3 (Languages 3 [speak,
    understand, read any]; 1pp)
    -AP: Super-Senses 6 (Cosmic Awareness, Benefit
    [Directed Inspiration], Postcognition; 1pp)
    Enhanced Strength 30 “Strength of Hercules” (30pp)
    -AP: Blast 14 “Power of Zeus” (Extra: Penetrating
    [+1]; Flaw: Touch [-1]; Power Feat: Indirect 2 [from
    above]; Drawbacks: Power Loss [when unable to
    speak; Uncommon, Minor]; 1pp)
    Enhanced Constitution 30 “Stamina of Atlas” (30pp)
    Immunity 11 “Stamina of Atlas” (Life Support,
    Starvation and Thirst, Need for Sleep; 11pp)
    Impervious Toughness 15 “Courage of Achilles” (15pp)
    Super-Movement 1 (Dimensional Movement [to and
    from Rock of Eternity]; 2pp)
    Super-Strength 15 “Strength of Hercules” (Dynamic;
    Heavy Load: 300K tons; Power Feats: Countering
    Punch, Super-Breath; 33pp)
    -DAP: Flight 15 “Speed of Mercury” (500,000 MPH; 2pp)
    -DAP: Quickness 15 “Speed of Mercury” (x100,000; 2pp)

    Attack +11;
    Damage +14 (Blast, Penetrating, Indirect 2),
    Damage +19 (Unarmed)
    Defense +11 (+6 flat-footed)
    Initiative +12

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    PL: 9 (135pp)

    Abilities: STR: 14 (+2) DEX: 12 (+1) CON: 14 (+2) INT: 10 (+0) WIS: 10 (+0) CHA: 16 (+3)

    Skills: Bluff 4 (+12 w/attractive), Intimidate 8 (+11), Knowledge: Arcane Lore 8 (+8), Knowledge: Business 4 (+4); Knowledge: Theology & Philosophy 4 (+4), Notice 4 (+4), Sense Motive 4 (+4)

    Feats: Attractive, Fearsome Presence 3 (15 ft DC 13), Precise Shot


    Demonic Speech & Comprehension: Comprehend 3 (speak and understand all human languages, anyone understands no matter the language). Total cost: 5 (2 points per rank and -1 point for broad type human only).

    Demonic Flight: Flight 3 (50 mph Power Loss when wings are bound). Total Cost: 4 (2 points per rank -2 point for power loss)

    Demonic Fire: Hellfire Control 9 (Hellfire Flames Blast 9)Total Cost 18 (2 points per rank)

    Demonic Resistance: Immunity 10 (Life Support, Fire); Total Cost 14

    Demonic Warping: Insubstantial 4 (Incorporeal - flaw Tiring, Mental & Magic still affect her in Insubstantial)/Alternate Power: Teleport 6 (20 miles, extra accurate - flaw tiring); Total Cost 17 (Insubstantial 5 points per rank, -1 for Tiring flaw so 4 points per rank +1 point for Alternate Power)

    Demonic Skin: Protection 5 (Impervious). Total Cost: 12 (1 point per rank +1 per rank for Impervious).

    Mystic Senses: Supersenses (Mystical Awareness); Total Cost 1 point.

    Witchcraft: Magic 9 (flaw Power Loss if unable to freely speak and gesture)/Alternate Power: Mystic Bindings - Snare 9/Alternate Power: Mystic Fog - Obscure 9/Alternate Power: Mystic Blast - Blast 9 Total Cost 19 ( 2 points per rank -1 point for power loss +2 points for Alternate Powers)

    Combat: Attack +6 Defense 14 Init +0

    Saves: Toughness +7 (7 Impervious) Fortitude +2 Reflex +2 Will +0

    Drawbacks: Power Loss (Holy Sites, Uncommon/Major) -3, Vulnerable (vs. Holy, Uncommon/Major) -3

    Abilities 16 + Skills 9 (32 Ranks) + Feats 5 + Powers 91 + Combat 20 + Saves 0 – Drawbacks -6 = 135pp
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    Octavia, "Fallen Angel"

    PL 9 (135=22+22+13+0+50+28)
    Abilities (22PP) Str 10; Dex 18; Con 16; Int 10; Wis 16; Cha 12

    Saves (22PP)
    Tough: 8 (0PP)
    Reflex: 14 (10PP)
    Fortitude: 5 (2PP)
    Will 13 (10PP)

    Combat (0PP)
    Initiative: +20
    Defense: +10(0 FF)
    Attacks: Ring +12; Chain +14

    Skills (16PP)
    Diplomacy +11 (10 ranks)
    Escape Artist +18 (14 ranks)
    Notice +17 (14 ranks)
    Sense Motive +17 (14 ranks)
    Stealth +16 (12 ranks)

    Powers (50PP)
    Flight 3 (Power loss Drawback:if wings are immobilized; Common, Minor; -2pp) (4PP)
    Immunity 3 (Aging, Disease, Poison) (3PP)
    Protection (Impervious) 5 (10PP)
    Invisibility 2 (All visual Senses) (9PP)
    - Close Range Feat (+1PP) (Reduces Acute Sense range to 5ft)
    Device Chain 3 (12PP) (Drawback: Hard to Lose)
    - Strike 4 (4pp)
    - Accurate 7 (7pp)
    - Improved Disarm (1pp)
    - Improved Trip (1pp)
    - Improved Throw (1pp)
    - Stunning Attack (1pp)
    Device Ring 3 (12PP) (Drawback: Hard to lose)
    - Blast 5 (Divine Energy Ray) (10pp)
    - Accurate 5 (5pp)

    Feats (25)
    Dodge 10
    Attack Specialization 1 (Ring)
    Improved Initiative 4
    Evasion 2
    Super-senses (Darkvision)
    Elusive Target
    Eye-in Back of Head
    Uncanny Dodge 2 (Visual, Audio)
    Move-by Action
    Deadly Aim
    Combat Awareness


    Born in another dimension and time, Octavia was an adventurous monk, and as a result not a pious as a worshiper of her deity, the God of Law as was expected. She believed in the laws of the order, but just never felt at home. She just could not muster the passion for helping people or doing good works, often believing many of these people should take personal responsibility for their situation. As result, some thought her selfish or too cold-hearted. She trained hard and focused more on combat prowess rather than works of charity.

    While observing her work on keeping law and order, agents for God of Tyranny and War decided the monk girl had great potential and could be swayed away from her path to worship him instead. After all, the ideals of her order were not that far removed. The evil god, through some of his high priests, took personal interest as the girl had proven to be a remarkable warrior making her an even more desirable champion of his purposes. Slowly the priests, under false pretenses, began the process of tricking her and seducing her to the evil side of things. She continued her works combating forces of chaos and keeping order, but more and more the companions around her were less concerned about the morals for protecting the innocent.

    These new companions and agents of the evil priests sent Octavia on a quest to kill a supposedly blackguard champion who was capturing children and selling them into slavery. In a carefully orchestrated ruse, Octavia and her two cohorts raided the hideout and surprised the guards killing them all and releasing the children. Unfortunately the supposed guards were really knights on a rescue mission and had only just arrived. Both groups battled each other believing their foes to be the slavers. The real slavers, in the pay of the evil priests, had already vacated the premises knowing that this carefully orchestrated encounter’s purpose was to have Octavia kill those too self-righteous knights.

    Her quest complete, Octavia was rewarded by her new god and was granted divine powers including her angel-like wings (only black) that could manifest at will whenever she wished. In a cruel twist, her new master revealed his true identity and showed her proof of that the men slain in the slavers’ hideout were in the service of the God of Light.

    With the dawning realization of what she had done and the person she had become, Octavia’s heart was torn asunder and she mourned her transformation alone in solitude. During her seclusion while contemplating uncertainty of her fate, her two loyal cohorts were discovered and executed by knights seeking vengeance. Even though they were guilty, she felt that her cohorts had also been tricked and did not deserve to die. A vengeful anger quickly replaced sorrow and self pity; and she systematically stalked and hunted those knights. When she found them each alone, she challenged and killed each one in mortal combat. The paladins of the order these knights belonged to never had proof of her part in their executions, but they harbored suspicions that she might be responsible. However they still wanted her head for her part in the slavers’ hideout slayings.

    Her victories had proven her martial skill and the glories her new power could help her achieve. But with these latest enemies’ deaths fresh and the passion for vengeance satiated, Octavia no longer felt driven and could not completely give herself over to the God of Tyranny and War and embrace him in worship. She still did not agree with the philosophy of the God of Light's self righteous knights and their arrogant brand of justice; if only they could see that the world is not black and white, but gray.

    To escape the fate of an eternity of infernal servitude and constant battle with the champions of the God of Light, she sought to escape the divine plans for her destiny. With the help of a powerful sorcerer and the fulfillment of a quest to secure his services and the powerful arcane artifact he needed for the ritual; she found a way to leave the blood on her hands behind. As agreed the sorcerer opened a dimensional portal to another plane of existence and she went through ending up in a completely different universe. Despite the significant change of her location, her powers remained undiminished, so she furled her wings away and walked among people of this new world still looking like the young woman that she had been before her fall towards evil. For years she remained inconspicuously observant of the culture and people of her new homeland and adjusted to the strange environment, preferring to remain anonymous until satisfied the dark god had not been able to find her. This new realm apparently had given up worship of the more ancient deities and their power to interfere in her new life appeared to be nonexistent. Feeling free, she allowed herself to determine her own destiny and set about doing just that.

    In her travels of this new realm, Octavia came across someone who could offer her a chance to potentially increase her power and help defend herself better should the minions of the God of Tyranny ever find her. This Dr. Kaltzov, an entrepreneurial type individual, was amenable to such an arrangement. Despite him not being entirely truthful when he first met her about his true intentions and mastermind plans, she was not bothered this as she was planning to only use him in return anyway. They both have a wary alliance of sorts based on a lie or two that they both know about, yet choose to let it be a facade of convenience. Dr. Kaltzov offered to create a device able to boost her divine powers, in exchange to keep those bugging heroes out of his lab. Everything was derailed by these self-righteous vigilantes putting their noses where they did not belong. With everything in disarray another chaotic menace, SHADOW, threatens to interfere with their collective plans and they decide to head to Gotham to do something about it.
    Fallen Angel
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    Real Name:Ben O'hare

    Background:Even as a child, folks told Ben he was "built like a brick s***house," a phrase which eventually became his nickname, Brick. What they didn't know was exactly how tough Ben was, a fact he kept hidden most of his life at the behest of his mother. When their low-income neighborhood began to get even worse in the wake of Batman's disappearance, however, the young man decided it was time to stop playing nice, and began acting as a neighborhood watchdog / enforcer against the creeping corruption and danger on his streets.

    PL: 9 (135pp)

    Abilities: STR: 10 (+0) DEX: 14 (+2) CON: 10 (+0) INT: 10 (+0) WIS: 13 (+1) CHA: 14 (+2)

    Skills: Intimidate 8 (+10), Drive 1 (+3), Notice 3 (+4)

    Feats: Attack Focus (melee) 9, Attack Specialization (Heavy Pistol) 2, Chokehold, Diehard, Fast Overrun, Improved Block 1, Improved Crit (Strike) 2, Improved Grab, Improved Grapple, Improved Overrun, Improved Pin, Interpose, Power Attack, Startle, Stunning Attack, Equipment 5

    Powers: Immovable 8 (Unstoppable) (16 PP), Leaping 4 (4 PP), Protection 10 (Impervious) (20 PP), Strike 9 (Penetrating) (18 PP), Super-Strength 4 (8 PP)

    Combat: Attack +0 (+4 Heavy Pistol, +9 Strike, +13 Grapple), Defense 18 (Tradeoff: Toughness), Init +2

    Saves: Toughness +10 (Impervious, Tradeoff: Defense) Fortitude +9 Reflex +2 Will +1

    Equipment: Binoculars (1ep), Cell Phone (1ep), Commlink (1ep), Flash Goggles (1ep), Flashlight (1ep), Gas Mask (1ep), Vehicle: Motorcycle (9ep), Heavy Pistol (8ep) (Stun Ammo (1ep) )

    Abilities 11 + Skills 3 (12 Ranks) + Feats 30 + Powers 66 + Combat 16 + Saves 9 = 135pp

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    Revised and resubmitting for further review.

    Dr. Kaltzov

    Vladimir Kaltzov, born grandson of one of the daughter of Grigori Rasputin, came to this world with something more in his head than the rest. He became a renown scientist during the time of the Czars, but when the rebellion exploded in his homeland, he was forced to flee his nation. His career and main findings were about the nature of chaos. It was when his travels took him to North America that he was financed by the government, and made several breakthroughs. However, the anti-Russian policy of the USA, made him hide most of his secrets to himself. He slowly became weary of people around him, and his lack of trust was mutual, the government withdrew its support and tried to jail the Russian scientist under the charges of conspiracy against justice and freedom. What the present administration wanted was to take the discoveries of Kaltzov.
    Aware of that, Dr. Kaltzov employed his high technology and his knowledge in the construction of two powerful devices, to protect himself: Kaltzov's Chaos Disruptor and Kaltzov's Entropic magnifier. The first was a techno-glove, it has all type of wires and vials of liquid, and bubble and boil when the several functions are started. The glove can disrupt entropy, as its name states. It can disrupt gravity, disrupt matter, and even disrupt the continuity of space-time, effectively teleporting the wearer. The second invention is another glove-like apparatus, this is bigger and less manipulable. It can create a field of entropy, disrupting the structure of anything that comes through it. It can also be used to create shield that allows the wearer to breath normally, blocks mental intrusions, and deflects incoming attacks.
    With his inventions, Kaltzov got his founding from banks, but not in the usual way, he broke into them and stole the money. His plans ranged from global domination to masses control, overthrown government, and simply spread chaos all around.
    His twisted plans were spoiled several times, by some local heroes, but recently, his "master plan" was foiled by that group of heroes yet again. Dr. Chaos, as he was widely known, had built a giant version of his Kaltzov's Chaos Disruptor. Once it was operational, the device could simply phase entire buildings into any other locations in the solar system. It could disintegrate entire armies into nothingness, create fields of gravity so strong that it could compact entire cities, like if they were crushed under a colossal invisible foot.
    The heroes arrived to the hidden facilities of Dr. Chaos, and defeated all his minions and mercenaries, along with some supervillians he had recruited. In the last second, the leader of the heroes managed to take Dr. Chaos's devices out with a nullifying apparatus, and the heroes destroyed the gigantic Chaos Disruptor, while it was charging power to phase itself away from danger. In the explosion, the entire facilities were destroyed, but the people inside were teleported to random locations. Chaos found himself alone in the middle of Gotham city while the other heroes were gone, no one knows where.
    Kaltzov cackled, at least his defeat had shed some hope. But this organization, SHADOW started a war against the criminal organizations in Gothan city, and he was also a target of their attacks.
    Knowing better, Dr. Chaos felt that the defeat of those puny heroes was not so good for him as he would initially thought. Perhaps if he helped the heroes of the city in destroying SHADOW, he could resume his plans without their constant interruption!

    Points summary												
    Abilities	Combat	Saves	Skills	Feats	Powers	Drawback	Total					
    18		0	9	18	24	72	-6		135					
    PL	9	135										
    Abilities	Pts	Score	Bonus									
    Strength: 	0	10	0									
    Dexterity: 	4	14	2									
    Constitution: 	6	16	3									
    Intelligence: 	8	18	4									
    Wisdom: 	0	10	0									
    Charisma: 	0	10	0									
    Attack: Melee: +0 ; Ranged: +1; Ranged: +7 (Blaster rifle); Kaltzov's Chaos bender (Blast): +9								
    Damage: Melee: +0 ; Ranged: +8 (Blaster rifle); Kaltzov's Chaos bender(Blast): +9								
    Grapple: +0									
    Defense: +0; Kaltzov's shield generator: +9									
    Initiative: 2								
    Saves		Ranks	Abi	Power	Bonus								
    Toughness 	0	0	9	9								
    Fortitude	2	3	0	5								
    Reflex		3	2	0	5								
    Will		4	0	0	4								
    Skills                               	Bonus	Ranks	PS									
    Acrobatics                      	2	0	0									
    Bluff                                	0	0	0									
    Climb                             	0	0	0									
    Computers                         	16	12	3									
    Concentration                   	4	4	1									
    Craft                                 	20	16	4									
    Diplomacy                         	0	0	0									
    Disable Device                     	16	12	3									
    Disguise                           	0	0	0									
    Drive                                	2	0	0									
    Escape Artist                     	2	0	0									
    Gather Inf                      	0	0	0									
    Handle Animal                    	0	0	0									
    Intimidate                      	0	0	0									
    Investigate                     	15	10	2.5									
    Knowledge                       	15	10	2.5									
    Language                        	0	0	0									
    Medicine                        	0	0	0									
    Notice                             	0	0	0									
    Perform                          	0	0	0									
    Pilot                                 	2	0	0									
    Profession                      	0	0	0									
    Ride                                  	2	0	0									
    Search                             	12	8	2									
    Sense Motive                      	0	0	0									
    Sleight of Hand                   	2	0	0									
    Stealth                             	2	0	0									
    Survival                           	0	0	0									
    Swim                                	0	0	0									
    Feats						Ranks/PS											
    Defensive attack				1											
    Accurate attack					1											
    Improved aim					1											
    Ranged Pin					1												
    Master Plan					1											
    Power attack					1											
    Precise shot					2											
    Quickdraw					2											
    Assesment					1											
    Attack specialization (Kaltzov's Chaos bender)	4
    Attack specialization (Blaster riffle)		3											
    Attack focus (ranged)				1
    Equipment 					5											
    Powers								Rank	PS/Rnk?	PS	
    -[Dev] Kaltzov's Chaos bender(45pp)				9	4	36									
    Gravity control 						9	2	(18)	
    Alternate power: Blast                                                   (1) 								
    Teleport 							5	3	(15)													
    PF Teleport: Turnover							 (1)					
    PF Teleport: Change velocity                                           (1)
    Extra: Accurate (+1)
    Boost (Power damage)					9	1	(9)
    Gravity numbers:
    - Radius: 45 feet
    - Weight added to encumbrance under higher gravity condition: 12,800 lb (6 tons). If this exceeds the target’s maximum carrying capacity, he falls prone and cannot move without making a Strength check (DC 19). A successful check allows the target to take a standard or move action (but not both). Normal movement is restricted to crawling 5 feet per move action
    - Targets of reduced gravity have their weight reduced by up to 12,800 lb (6 tons). If this results in a negative weight, the target “falls” upward, away from the Earth, as if thrown by someone with 45 Strength. 
    -[Dev] Kaltzov's shield generator (45pp)			9	4	36									
    Shield 								9	1	(9)									
    Protection 							9	2	(18)									
    Immunity (suffocation(2), Gravity (2), Bullets (5))		9	1	(9)									
    Mind Shield 							9	1	(9)									
    Both devices are hard to lose (Noted by the 4 pts/rank.)
    Drawback	Extra points											
    Noticeable Protection 1 (orbiting disk of dense gravity, translucent, like a giant lens.)
    Noticeable Immunity     1	(a bubble of apparently hot air, distorting the shape of Dr. Chaos)
    Normal identity 4										
    Equipment		Cost	Bonus										
    Laptop			1											
    Camara			1
    Video camara       1
    Digital audio recorder    1											
    Com-link		1											
    Night vision googles	1											
    Parabolic microphone	1											
    Binoculars		1											
    Blaster rifle		16	has +8 dmg
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    [16 pp] ABILITIES:
    (0) Str 10 0
    (2) Dex 12 +1
    (4) Con 14 +2
    (4) Int 14 +2
    (6) Wis 16 +3
    (0) Cha 10 0

    [34 pp] COMBAT:
    (14) Attack +7
    (20) Defense +10
    Attacks: Melee (+7), Ranged (+7), Plasma Control (+13)

    [8 pp] SAVES:
    (0) Toughness +7 (Con +2, Protection 5)
    (3) Fort +5
    (4) Reflex +5
    (1) Will +4

    [16 pp] SKILLS: (2pp per 8 ranks) Acrobatics 8, Drive 8, Investigate 8, Notice 8, Profession: Officer 8, Search 8, Sense Motive 8, Survival 8

    [15 pp] FEATS:
    Acrobatic Bluff 1, Benefit: Security Clearance 1, Elusive Target 1, Evasion 1, Equipment 2 (+5 armor suit with special links for device), Improved Block 1, Improved Disarm 1, Jack of All Trades 1, Precise Shot 1, Takedown Attack 2, Track 2, Weapon Bind 1 ok

    Power Armor Mode
    [49 pp] Device 12: Power Armor (Hard to lose); (1) Feature: Restricted (to users with special armor links) [grants 60pp towards Powers]

    (5) Morph 4 (into motorcycle; PF Metamorph)
    (3) Leaping 3
    (5) Protection 5 (Impervious bonus to armor suit only)
    (1) Speed 1
    (10) Deflect 5
    (10) Enhanced Str +10
    (8) Super-Senses 8 [darkvision, direction sense, distance sense, infrared, radio, time sense, track 2]
    (11) Plasma Control 5 (PF: Homing 1)
    (3) Expanded Feats: Attack Specialization (Plasma Control) 3
    (4) Communication 4 (radio, 1 mile)

    60pp Total

    Motorcycle Mode
    [49 pp] Device 12: Power Armor (Hard to lose); Feature: Restricted (to users with special armor links) [grants 60pp towards Powers]

    (5) Morph 4 (into power armor; PF Metamorph)
    (3) Leaping 3
    (5) Protection 5 (Impervious bonus to armor suit only)
    (5) Speed 5
    (5) Force Field 5
    (8) Super-Senses 8 [darkvision, direction sense, distance sense, infrared, radio, time sense, track 2]
    (22) Plasma Control 5 (AP: Stun 5, 10pp; Power Mod: Range 1; PF Homing 1)
    (3) Expanded Feats: Attack Specialization (Plasma Control) 3
    (4) Communication 4 (radio, 1 mile)

    60pp total

    Normal Identity 4

    Abilities 16 + Skills 16 (64 Ranks) + Feats 15 + Powers 48+2 + Combat 34 + Saves 8 – Drawbacks 4 = 135pp
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    Johann Schmidt, PhD

    Johann Schmidt is an assistant professor of history (specialisation: Nordic Mythology) at the University of Gotham. Originally from Germany, he accepted the job a few months ago and is still getting used to the States.
    While all his colleagues agree that he is a genius in his chosen area of expertise, he seems to have rather odd gaps when it comes to modern history (especially the last 60 years or so) and pop culture.

    Johann seems to be in his late twenties, early thirties, is about 6'' tall, slim and rather fit. He has short blond hair and a few small scars on the left side of his face (mainly on the cheek and the chin). If tired he walks with a small limp (according to him a car accident in his youth).

    Johann Schmidt was born as Siegfried Freiherr von Wolfentann in the year 1884 in Eastern Prussia. He studied history at the University of Königsberg (Kaliningrad) and also joined the reserves as a lieutenant (as it was expected of a young Prussian noble). When the Great War broke out, Siegfried, who had just finished his PhD, volunteered immediately and was transfered to the Eastern Front with the 5th Regiment of Cuirassiers. During the war Siegfried was awarded several awards for bravery and was lightly wounded over half a dozen times. In January 1918, a Russian shell shattered his right leg and he had to be pulled out of active service. He was transferred to the military academy in Hanover and taught history there.

    When the war ended, Siegfried (by now a Captain) was lucky enough to keep his position. Over the following years, Siegfried developed an ... unhealthy interest in Nordic mythology and rune magic and had contacts with elements of the Thule Society. When the NSDAP took over in 1933, Siegfried was immediately recruited by Himmler into the SS and played a part in the founding of the Ahnenerbe, a think tank on Germanic mythology and history.

    While Siegfried originally was more than happy to follow the Nazis, he grew quite disillusionised over the next few years. Rampaging antisemitism and "adapting" history to fit Nazi ideology were constant points of discontent between him and Himmler. In early 1939, Siegfried withdrew from public and rumours reached the Sicherheitsdienst that he had contacted resistance groups (an unfounded rumour). A commado unit was sent out to silence him. A fire fight broke out in his mansion and a stray bullet hit an ancient urn. Siegfried has no recollection of what happened next. He remembers a bright light, heat and then nothing. When he recovered he found himself in the ruins of his home and almost 70 years had passed. He discovered that he was not entirely human anymore, that his youth had come back and that his shattered leg was almost complettely healed. In the back of his brain knowledge of words of power and runes of might was burning, knowledge that was not just theoretical anymore.

    With a few magic tricks and some gold hidden in his cellar Siegfried created the identity of Johann Schmidt and decided to leave the country for good.

    Siegfried thoroughly regrets what happened to Germany and the world after his disapperance and feels guilt about his cooperation with the regime. He is a bit concerned about someone finding out about his past. There are a few photos around, showing him on dig sites, in SS uniform standing next to Nazi grandees and of course there is his obituary, in which the Reich regrets the death of Standartenführer von Wolfentann, a victim of terrorist activity etc. It was published in several national newspapers and a few international science magazines ... and there are still copies around. Of course, he is 55 on the photo shown, but still recognizable if you remove the wrinkles and crow feet ...

    STR 12 Dex 14 Con 18 Int 20 Wis 12 Cha 12

    Att+4 (Ranged +8) Def+6

    Tough+4 Fort + 9 Ref+7 Will +6

    Fearless, Ritualist, Attractive, Accurate Attack, Power Attack, Attack Focus: Ranged 4, Improved Initiative, Precise Shot, Eidetic Memory, Skill Mastery (Knowledge: History, Notice, Ride, Knowledge:Arcane)

    Notice 12 (+13), Knowledge: Arcane 14 (+19), Languages 8 (German, English, Russian, French, Old Norse, Swedish, Icelandic, Latin, Ancient Greek), Ride 6 (+8), Knowledge: History 10 (+15), Knowledge: Archaeology 10 (+15), Knowledge: Anthropology 6 (+11), Concentration 6 (+10), Search 6 (+11), Sense Motive 6 (+7)

    Super-Senses 4 (Darkvision, Detect Invisible)

    Super-Senses 2 (Detect Magic: Skill check required: Knowledge:Arcane)

    Immunity 12 (Aging, Life Support, Critical Hits)

    Impervious Toughness 4

    Magic 9 (Skill Check Required: Knowledge:Arcane)
    Main: Spear of Asgard [Blast 9]
    Alt: Heimdall's Brynne [Protection 5 (Impervious, Affect Others, Independent, Slow Fade 2)]
    Alt: Wings of the Valkyrie [Flight 8 (Slow Fade 2)]
    Alt: Loki's Mistletoe [Blast 6 (Penetrating)]
    Alt: Wrath of the Aesir [Blast 6 (Area)]
    Alt: Nidhöggr's Bite [Paralyze 6 (Range)]
    Alt: Freya's Gentle Touch [Heal 9]
    Alt: Hel's Kiss [Strike 9 (Vampiric)]
    Alt: Loki's Whispers [Mind Control 6 (Conscious)]
    Alt: Alberich's Cloak [Invisibility 8 (Area:Burst, Slow Fade 2, Independent)
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