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    Muddled Pasts - Pathfinder 3.5

    So instead of just keeping notes somewhere I figured I might as well keep track of our new Pathinder 3.5 campaign here, even if I'm the only one who ends up reading it. At time's I'll slip from anoverview to my character's (Grezz) POV, just because. Right now we have 4 players, one who is pretty much brand new, one who has limited experience, one who's been playing for a few years, and one with more than a few years. The GM is extremely experienced and running to some degree off the Rise of the Runelords mods.

    The characters, with what we know of them at their arrival in Sandpoint, are as follows:

    Trixie the Tricksy, female halfling bard, an absolute bombshell in a small package
    Telbaine, male elven druid with fox familiar, somewhat aloof
    Tofa, female human barbarian, carries the scent of the sea with her along with an armory of weapons
    Grezzalik M'rethan, male half-elven sorcerer covered with tattoos of strange runes.

    Session #1 (July 19,2010)
    Everyone loves a festival, and the people of Sandpoint were no exception. As an added bonus there was the dedication of the new house of worship, finally rebuilt at the site of the one that burned down five years ago, back during the Late Unpleasantness. Many alive today were more than happy to put those memories behind them and just enjoy the revel - who would object to free food and drinks?

    Goblins, evidently.

    Suddenly the town square was filled with their high-pitched babbling and shrieks of pain. It sounded as if other parts of town were also under attack and with no guards in sight, things looked grim indeed. A canine yelp of anguish brought a series of curses from a smith selling weapons, but he was not the first to react. Near a baker's stand a diminutive but stunningly gorgeous halfling traded blows with one of the foul creatures, when suddenly a bolt of pulsating green energy nearly parted her hair.

    "Hey!" she yelled in surprise, even as her foe went over backwards with most of its head gone. She glared at a half-elf covered in glowing green tattoos. "Watch it, buddy!" She then turned and skewered another goblin that had sliced someone's fox with a dogslicer - an alarmed looking elf scooped the creature up and edged away.

    On the other side of the square a muscular woman with a multitude of weapons began laying waste to goblins left and right. Her joyous cries of battle reverberated throughout the square. From another side a goblin festooned in ritual garb moved in crooning some sort of song, and the remaining goblins redoubled their assault. The half-elf made a few gestures as his skin flared again, and before him a dog suddenly appeared, orienting on the goblin caster and charging. Trixie dropped another goblin and headed over to give the moron that had almost zapped her a tongue lashing.

    "Hey!" she started, but suddenly he grunted as an arrow seemed to appear in his shoulder. To make matters worse another goblin came from nowhere and clocked him on the other side, and down he went. The big woman split that one almost in two, and Trixie was suddenly aware of the harsh intonations coming from a dressed up goblin.

    ", I can fart better than that, much less sing." But sing she did, and her voice blew the goblin's song away. Those trying to stop the wrecking ball that was Tofa seemed to lose heart, and Trixie was able to revive the fallen goofball with a spell. He snapped to just as another wave of goblins arrived, this time led by a larger one mounted on some horrible looking ratlike creature. The fellow with the fox had returned from whatever alley he'd been ensconced in, putting a glaive to use with reasonable skill. The one called Tofa, having dispatched the shaman, now waded in against the newcomers, and suddenly the four were acting as one, saving someone being dragged from his horse. Trixie's rapier was like a darting adder, Telbaine's weapon flicked in and out as well, Tofa knocked goblins hither and yon, and Grezz knocked several unconscious as his hands exploded with scintillating colors. The leader, his mount killed from under him and his minions falling rapidly, took off with nary a backwards glance. A few guards began to arrive in the almost deserted square, but for right now, standing in the middle of several corpses, they looked at one another.

    "So," said Grezz with a wry smile, "I suppose introductions are in order."
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