EA : Crossbreeding (Mongoose)
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    EA : Crossbreeding (Mongoose)

    Encylcopedia Arcane : Crossbreeding, saw this announced on the news page. Why do you have to keep coming out with such interesting things when I have no money?!?! Tell us more.

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    Written by Johnathan Richards (he of SG Trolls fame), EA Crossbreeding is a wizard's full guide to creating his own magical beasts, much like the Chimera, Manticore, etc. . .

    It is being edited at the moment, so I'll give you a fuller write up nearer the time. . .

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    Crossbreading? Oh man, if you'd only gotten this out a few months back.

    I think it'll go on my must-but list anyway.
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    Have you people no shame? I've already bought all of your E* books currrently out, and you keep thinking up new ones I must have!

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