This product is 16 pages long. The first 2 pages are the cover, introduction and explaining how to use the archetypes. The next page tells what the core Pathfinder class would have to give up to take one of the new Arcane Archetypes. (3 pages)

Next it gets into the new archetypes. (11 pages)
Acolyte They gain a partial cleric spell list.
Hedge Wizard They gain a partial arcane spell list.
Initiate They gain a partial druid spell list.
Minstrel They gain a partial Bard spell list.
Pact Scion gains a partial spell list like a Sorcerer.
Shadow Master improves their casting with shadow magic and gives them some shadow based abilities.
Sigil Mage A wizard that tattoo's their body with their spell book, they get several benefits to many to fully explain here.
Spellblaze call forth a arcane bolt of magical energy, a certain number of times a day.
Warder The get a partial spell list like a Sorcerer, but can choose any abjuration spell from the Wizard or Cleric spell lists.

It closes with a page on using this product with the Super Genius classes and a final page of a OGL.

Closing thoughts. It seems well done and fairly well balanced. It allows non spell casting classes to become partial casters similar to paladins and rangers. So if you have been looking for a way to let melee classes become partial casters then you will like this product. The artwork is fair. So I am going to rate this a 4.5, love the idea but would have liked to have seen a few more variations like Spellblaze as well.