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    [IC] M&M 2nd: Gotham Squires

    Gotham Squires #1

    Chapter 1 "Entering the City"

    Acting as East River's 'special' defense was hard enough. But it seems to get worse every week and you start to worry that your neighberhood will become undistinguishable from Bryanttow in the next two months. Gangs are starting to move in, worst are the Shades, that seem to get some support from a bigger organisation. On your evening patrol on your motorcycle, you stop and answer the cell phone. As you take it to your ear, you realize it isn't yours, but a seond one. You hear a computer modified voice on the other end of the line. "Good evening Mr O'Hare, or shall I say Brick? I got some information about a gun trade in Gotham Harbor. Are you interested? Call me Oracle."

    Dr Chaos & Crucible:
    Your plane finally lands on the Gotham International Airport. Dr Chaoes once more curses the loss of so much money on older projects, that he was forced to use a commercial line. At last his face is still widely unknown, so he is sure to avoid trouble. Next to him sits Crucible, disguised and not wearing her costume. Again she wonders why she had agreed to act as Kaltzof's bodyguard on this flight and why they worked together. At least there was the common goal to disrupt SHADOW's plans for Gotham to further their own goals. As they moved toward the exit, Dr Chaos hopes Octavia will already be waiting outside.

    Fallen Angel:
    Octavia waits in normal clothes outside the airport, next to the rented car. She traveled earlier to Gotham to collect information and to bring Dr Chaos equipment there without having to pass the airport controls. With his equipment in the trunk and the time and the address of the next SHadow activity, she feels confident that they will quickly rech their goal and are able to leave this city.


    [IC] M&M 2nd: Gotham Squires
    [OOC] M&M 2nd: Gotham Squires
    [RG] M&M 2nd: Gotham Squires
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