I *finally* sat down and read the Manual of the Planes cover to cover - and it raised a whole bunch more questions than it answered. With that in mind... what are some of the other books put out over the years with information about them?

How about the gods that are mentioned in there? (Many sidebars say 'if you'd like to use the rest of the pantheon instead of just the one given in the PH...) Where are they from? I don't recognize many of the names - my first guess would be the 'not-so-default' Greyhawk, but many aren't in the Gazeteer.

And - the Hells, the Abyss, and Hades (oh, by the way - the other day a nice discussion about Larvae was going on, and about how they're not mentioned yet in 3E - they're in the section on Hades.) Where can I find information on these places?

In general, what other books should I find to get information? PLEASE say there's ESDs, because I'm cheap...