101 3rd level Spells
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    101 3rd level Spells

    This product is 29 pages long. The first 2 pages are the cover and credits, then it goes into the spell lists. (4 pages)
    Bards 31 spells
    Cleric 27 spells
    Druid 20 spells
    Paladin 15 spells
    Ranger 16 spells
    Wizard/Sorc was broken up by school 78 spells
    Abjuration 8 spells
    Conjuration 12 spells
    Divination 9 spells
    Enchantment 9 spells
    Evocation 9 spells
    Illusion 9 spells
    Necromancy 9 spells
    Transmutation 13 spells

    Next it gets into the spell descriptions. (21 pages) I counted a 102 spells but I might have counted wrong. There was a lot of spells I liked or just found interesting, some examples.

    Accelerate Decay It cause things like undead or other creatures that have unnaturally not aged to suddenly let time catch up. It causes damage and if reduced to 0 or fewer points they crumble to dust.

    Armor of Light Makes the target give off intense light for 30ft, those looking at them have a 20% chance to miss due to the brightness with a slight boost to AC as well.

    Chilling Mist creates a mist 60ft radius, those with in 5ft have a 20% miss chance, those beyond 50%. It also causes damage to those inside. I like the spell but there was a bit unclear. The spell says range 20ft, the text reads it rises around the caster. I am chalking that up to flavor fluff not matching the mechanics. Also it is not clear if the caster is also damaged by the mist, since even with the limited range the caster will be inside the mist when cast.

    Corrosive Blood causes acid damage to the weapon(or creature if natural attacks) that causes damage to you.

    Chaos Curse Lets you curse someone in baneful or annoying way. Baneful drops a random ability score each day by -4(reroll each day), annoying changes how they look each day. On annoying I would have liked a different random system, just one roll with more results. Otherwise great amusing spell.

    Curse of Truth Permanent curse, the target can no longer tell a lie. Until the curse is removed.

    Frictionless Sheet 40ft area is slick, reflex save each round or fall prone. I love the spell but not the fluff. Frictionless metal is meh to me, but change it to slick ice and I love it.

    Intercession It lasts for awhile until used or time is up. If the target of your spell is attacked, you may take a move action and move into their square. All attacks by that one creation attacking then goes against you instead.

    Toady Just like baleful polymorph only with a limited duration. I love the spell but wish the duration have been longer. For combat now it is great but is of less use outside of combat due to the fair short duration. I would have liked to have seen 10 mins or more per level on duration.

    Vermin Kiss You kiss then spit on the target. The target is contently attacked by flys, gnats and other small vermin with several bad side effects.

    Weapon of Nightmare You cast it on a weapon, if you hit with the weapon it does normal dmg. The target must make a will save or suffer nightmarish visions causing subdual dmg 1d8 per caster level.(max 10d8) and fall unconscious. If they save they take half damage and don't fall unconscious.

    Then there was some spells I was meh about.

    Blackout Basically darkness spell that only effects darkvision.

    Counter Attack You can make a attack back on someone who just attacked you. It is a melee or touch attack at full BaB. The only saving part of the spell is if you have a touch spell active you can use it. But mostly not a favor of this as it is a wizard/Sorc only spell.

    Curse of Item Rebellion Makes a existing magic item into a cursed item. +3 sword becomes a -3 sword etc. It is a touch attack(the person holding it not the object) but it is permanent until remove curse is used. I just found this potentially to powerful for a 3rd level spell, you of course my disagree.

    It finishes with a OGL and ad (2 pages)

    Closing thoughts, like the first two of the series it is a group of new spells. Just like before some of the spells are listed at other levels for classes as well, but all of them in the book is a 3rd level spell for one class. The art work is fair to good, art by Shane Woodis, Tamas Baranya and V Shane. I didn't notice any errors and it was well written. I did notice the one spell Chilling Mist which I was a bit uncertain about. Most of the spells are good, well done, interesting and fighting in power. There was a few more I thought was to weak or powerful to be 3rd level but only a few. Though that is to be expected as the levels go up, things get more subjective. So whats my rating? This time I am going to have to give it a 4 star. The spells where good but I didn't think as good as the first two books. Close but not there.

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    I wanted to take the time to thank Dark Mistress for posting a review of our product.

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