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    [LPF]Kobold's Keep

    The following is the second adventure in the new Living Pathfinder world. All those interested please join us at the Social Group below in my signature.

    DM- HolyMan
    Pari & Tagaiwi - played by Mowgli
    Zelena Adu - played by Songdragon
    Orlando Furioso "Fury" - played by GlassEye
    Mordjn - played by Fenris
    Tahn Staful - played by SelcSilverhand


    120 xp each - first kobold encounter
    101 xp each - first fire beetles encounter*
    151 xp each - second fire beetles encounter*
    100 xp each - pit trap*
    177 xp each - second kobold encounter**

    * Mordjn not given XP for this encounter.
    ** Mordjn treated as an NPC for this encounter (total was divided by 4.5)

    Time Experience:

    Date Started: April 11th, 2010
    Date Completed: November 26th, 2010
    Total Days: 107

    Time XP = 749 XP each***

    *** NOTE: Fenris last post on Sept. 22, 2010 Total time playing 42 days (XP = 294)


    40gp - half of payment for taking this job
    treasure from room #1 -small jewerly coffer (made of brass and silver inlay - 150gp) and an ivory comb with a small green gem set in it (value unknown) - both accounted for in encounter gp
    misc treasure - from master bedroom
    brooch value unknown - accounted for in encounter gp
    40gp - rest of payment for taking job

    Time GP = total days played 107 x 6gp/day = 642gp each

    Encounter rewards:
    1st kobold encounter (CR 2)- 800gp divided by 5 characters = 160gp each
    1st fire beetle encounter (CR 1) - 400gp divided by 4 characters = 100gp each
    2nd fire beetle encounter (CR 2) - 800gp divided by 4 characters = 200gp each
    trap (CR 1) - No Treasure
    2nd kobold encounter (CR 3) - 1,200gp divided by 4 characters = 300gp each

    Pari - 1,502gp
    Zelena Adu - 1,502gp
    Orlando Furioso "Fury" - 1,502gp
    Tahn Staful - 1,502gp
    Mordjn - 412gp

    Broken down that is 780gp (encounters) + 642gp (time) + 80gp (service fee) for everyone but Mordjn
    Mordjn = 80gp (encounter) + 252gp (time) + 80gp (service fee)


    Introduced Location: Land Owner's and Cultivators Guild -guildhall
    Introduced NPC - Fallson (bueracrat)
    Introduced NPC - Farmer Jezz (farmer)
    Introduced Location: Remmy's Shop for Wanderers - general store
    Introduced Location: Farmer Jezz's farm - farmstead
    Introduced Location: Starlight Keep - dungeon
    Introduced Persona: Baron Dermion - status: unknown location: unknown

    None yet.
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    And come join in the creation of a new living world here: Living Pathfinder

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