The Infamous [M&M] The Evil assemble.
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    The Infamous [M&M] The Evil assemble.

    The infamous

    Lady Gray

    Gun shots broke the peace of the night.
    Argh...!!... screamed a policeman, falling to his knees, with fear in his now dead face, after Lady Gray sliced him with her blade. The woman stood up behind the policeman, and ceremoniously sheathed her sword, as the corpse fell to his right side. The poor guy had had the worst of the ideas: try to stop her. Grey was after something big this night. Wayne Enterprises was about to release a new prototype that was screaming to be sabotaged.

    As she climbed the roof of one of the many research facilities of Wayne Enterprises, Lady Gray noticed another person up there. But wait... It was not a person! It was a monster! Grey had already heard about the creature, it was quite impressive in person, but she had heard something about the Hybrid, an alien creature of evil inclinations.

    Stealth: 29
    Notice: 12

    Fist of Khonsu

    Shane found it easy to escape the prison Charles Xavier had built for him. Hiding the real amount of power he had was a good strategy, some people are just show-offs, and try to escape in the first attempts with everything they have. But Shane knew better, a street punk knows all about how to move around a cell. As his tattoos shined with much more intensity than ever before, Shane watched at the surprise in the face of the X-men, as he teleported away from their precious cell.

    Wandering the streets as he used to do, always showed up some good hints about the comings and goings of the local heroes and villains. Shane learned about Hybrid, an alien from outer space, who battled many heroes. It was an aggressive creature it seemed. He also learned of Lady Gray, a night stalker from Japan or something. But more interestingly, he was told Wayne Enterprises were about to release a new, valuable and probably easy to stole prototype tomorrow. A good hit in the night might well leave Shane some steps above the Trapmaster.

    Shane found it easy to reach the location and get a good hiding spot, just in time when Hybrid showed up, not attempting to even hide from onlookers.

    Stealth: 23
    Notice: 14


    After some time disguised like a human, Hybrid had learned enough of the human society as to understand how things worked in this planet. It was good that information had a price, and that everyone had also a price. It was also good to be able to put the others safety in the table when discussing prices.

    Apparently, some human researchers had created an interesting prototype, which among its main functions had some very interesting in his personal vendetta against Miss Martian. Caring nothing more, Hybrid morphed to a winged creature and after locating the building, descended in its roof, assessing the place to find a good entrance. However, his super senses told him there was something in the shadows, watching.

    Stealth: 4
    Notice: 21


    It was a peaceful night in the Psychiatric Ward, Einar was studying his runes at his room, with a faint light. Suddenly, the lights went brighter, as Aleen turned all the lights of the room on.

    I cant understand how you can read those with so little illumination. Of course Einar could read the books in pitch dark; the lights were just to keep the appearance of an old decrepit man. The woman walked to him, with another book under her arm. She offered it to him. Here, Ive found the tome you were searching in the internet and ordered it via Ebay, enjoy your birthday present. As Einar looked quizzically towards her, she shrugged. You never told me your date of birth so I say your birthday is today. With a smile, she leaved the room, leaving the Viking with the old tome.

    As Einar opened the book, he knew it was exactly what he was searching for. An acient and forbidden ritual, considered just fables by the academic fools. But it was encrypted...

    OOC: Ill need two Investigate skill checks, along with 4 Knowledge checks, Mythology of course.
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