The Key to Victory

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    The Key to Victory

    After winning the Battle at Harkon Manor are heroes find that they were lucky. The small force of Treylor so far from their homeland and supplies, their limited numbers, and no reinforcements, served to help the Harkon forces win the day.

    But what would have happened had this been the true invasion force coming from Treylor? If this force would have had it's own wizards, and reinforcements to help bolster their lines. Those thoughts are scarry ones.

    The Treylor are trained warriors and the elven empire across the mountains is said to be as vast as all the Five Kingdoms put together twice over.

    Then how to stop them? How to win against such an enemy? What is the "Key to Victory"?

    Here in this adventure are heroes will hopefully find out, and save a life in the process.


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