Homebrew Tikkchik Fen Tikktikk's Ultimate (Editable!) Character Sheet
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    Tikkchik Fen Tikktikk's Ultimate (Editable!) Character Sheet

    After multiple requests here and more than half a decade of evolution (neverending!) I am happy to finally present

    Tikkchik Fen Tikktikk's Ultimate (Editable!) Character Sheet

    What is so "ultimate" about this sheet?

    • Everything an experienced player needs to play the game is on one--the first--page. Ignore the other pages if you want.
    • The first page has been carefully laid out so everything is where you need it, expect it, and want it to be to make checks easy and combat speedy.
    • Action Index on the first page!
    • Complete descriptions for racial traits, class/path/destiny/theme features, and feats on the first page!
    • The second page is a role-player and journaler's dream, with lots of room for character description, notes on the current campaign, etc.
    • The third page (through to the magic item and ritual pages once you get to the higher levels) contains complete power descriptions! This can't be emphasized enough, and I highlight the benefits below.
    • Pages beyond the third have room for full magic item descriptions and ritual descriptions, formatted similarly to my custom power description!
    • It's printed, not handwritten, so you can actually figure out your character's state and options at a glance while avoiding mistakes in rulings.
    • Unlike the Character Builder sheet, this is nice to look at and easy to read (I am biased).
    • And, as opposed to all of those gorgeous sheets that can only been written on by hand or edited with expensive design software, it's editable in the darn-near universal word processor!

    Why am I so excited by my custom power description layout?

    • It is more condensed but easier to read and use than the official layout.
    • It includes the complete power description--including flavor text--while being easier to read and use than the power card layout.
    • Pre-calculates accuracy and damage, speeding up combat
    • Indicates the range thanks to @Daelkyr's Attack Icon Font

    Technical Notes:

    • The blank template is the file "4E Full Page Character Sheet TEMPLATE.doc".
    • It is created in Word 2007 for Windows, though in the 97-2003 format.
    • They require the Calibri typeface and the afore-linked Attack Icon Font.
    • I've tried opening this in Open Office, Pages, and Word 2003 for Mac (don't have access to 2008, sorry) and they all destroy the table and column formatting on import. I haven't been able to recreate this sheet to my liking in any of those programs either. Sorry to support the Microsoft monopoly, but I have found Word is the best tool for this job. I've really tried to make a Pages version since I'm almost Mac only at home, but I've failed and stopped trying since I think that time is probably better spent on a web-version that outputs to pdf. (That will probably never happen, but it's nice to dream.)
    • When editing in Word, make sure you have "View Gridlines" turned on. It's under the Layout tab on the ribbon.
    • I've included PDFs as reference material.
    • The template is completely empty. The Barqan Lvl 3 .doc uses the most recent power description format for you to use as an example.
    • The Dak (level 2 Githzerai Monk) character is an example of the sheet from Spring 2010, and the Lamothi (level 5 Elf Wizard) character (requires the Futura Book typeface and the Attack Icon Font) is an example of the sheet from Summer 2008.

    I hope you find it as useful as I do. Constructive criticism is welcome.

    The content of this post including its attachments are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License
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    I thought that said "edible", which makes it somewhat less than ultimate.

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    That looks surprisingly like the word document that I use for my characters.

    Increasingly, I prefer to sort powers by action type, rather than by usage. Then I note with the power how often it can be used.

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