The Whispering Cairn - Bronzewood Lodge Group - IC
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    The Whispering Cairn - Bronzewood Lodge Group - IC

    The group:

    Walking Dad - human Cleric of Obad-Hai
    jkason - human Rouge
    rb780nm - human Fighter
    Gondsman - half-orc Barbarian
    jackslate45 - gnome Sorcerer

    This is the start of your adventure and this first post will be the links post. It will contain links to most of the posts that will help with moving the adventure along, but most importantly it will have a list of your adventure goals within it. Like so...

    Adventure Goals

    #1: Explore the Whispering Cairn - reward reach level 2

    Loot Tracking

    Group Loot:
    dead adventurer 2 days rations, waterskin(empty), dagger
    workman's closet wand of unseen servant(sold), wand of shatter (7charges) with the auran word "Hevizz" as command word, magical goggles of minute seeing, magical chainmail armor +1(sold)
    minituare statuettes 3 tiny building replicas (200gp each)(sold)
    notes on selling above items

    Hive Room potions(3) (unknown), pearl (unknown), ring (unknown)

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