4E [Adventure]: Land Ho! FWBTHW (DM:H.M.Gimlord,Judge:Ozymandias79)
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    Block H.M.Gimlord


    [Adventure]: Land Ho! FWBTHW (DM:H.M.Gimlord,Judge:Ozymandias79)

    Land Ho!

    (Finding Wayne's Basement the Hard Way)
    Part II

    This is a continuation of the original thread, which can be found here.

    GM: All: I retconned the last update. Mervin is at AA4, and Riardon is alone on the other side. The urgency is now not so much to keep Mervin from being pushed into the pit, but to keep Riardon from being sealed off from the group.

    New Map
    Skill Challenge Rules
    The slab is considered a masonry wall (DC 35/Nat 20 Strength Check to break)

    The large wall is not breakable. It is moving to the east at a rate of 1 square a round.

    Skill Challenge: Stop the Trap and Reunite the Party with Riardon

    Complexity 3 (8 successes before 3 failures)

    Primary Skills:

    • Athletics DC 18
    • Nature DC 12
    • Thievery DC 12
    • Dungeoneering DC 15
    • Perception DC 15


    • There are no secondary skills.
    • All checks must be rolled (no taking 10).
    • Each skill can only be used twice, except for Thievery (can be used 3 times).

    GM: So far: 3 successes, 0 Failures

    Skills Used:
    1 Perception
    2 Nature

    Skills Remaining:
    2 Athletics
    2 Dungeoneering
    3 Thievery
    1 Perception
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    OOC for the other players

    I don't want to screw this up for everyone.

    When I look at the skill list, I am bad at all of them; my only trained skill in the group is athletics, but at +8, it's still only a 50/50.

    I'm planing to go Thievery, even though I only have a +3, it's a 11/9 odds in my favor, best I can roll (now that nature is exhuasted).

    I did a quick analysis.
    Riardon is good at Perception, and should take both of those.
    Fenwick is good at athletics and should take both of those.
    Nature is already done.
    Mervin and I are equi-good at theivery, and we should take those.
    Dungeoneering is the dump skill. Everyone has bad odds on it, Rujah the worst, but he should probably focus on it now so the rest of us have a chance at the others.

    This is going to be so hard!

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    Panic stuck the ronin as the slab fell and he was separated from the rest of the group. He searched the slab frantically for a mechanism to disable the trap, but found none. In frustration, he pounded his fist against the stone.

    "Master Mervin!"

    Action Block, Mini-Stats

    Thievery: 1d20+3=11

    Miss by 1, I hate you IC!

    Ignore the rest of the action block.

    Action Block

    Standard: Booming Blade vs Snake (AC)

    • Target: Snake AA
    • Attack: 1d20+14=18
    • Damage: 1d8+6= 9
    • Effect: if the target is adjacent to you at the start of its next turn and moves away during that turn, it takes 1d6+3 thunder damage.

    Move: ???
    Minor: Aegis of Shielding on Snake AA
    Gensai Stat block
    Ashikaga Gensai - Male Human Swordmage 6
    Initiative: +3, Passive Perception: +13, Passive Insight: +19
    Death Penalty: –1 to all attack rolls, skill checks, saving throws, and ability checks. This death penalty fades after reaching two milestones (0/2).


    AC: 24, Fort: 18, Reflex: 20, Will: 17 -- Speed: 6
    Note: Using Borrowed Cloak of the Walking Wounded +1

    HP: 56/62, THP: 0/3 Bloodied: 31, Surge Value: 15, Surges left: 11/11
    Action Points: 1/1, Second Wind: not used
    Note: Using Borrowed Cloak of the Walking Wounded: Property: If you use your second wind while bloodied, you can expend two healing surges instead of one (gaining hit points from both).

    Common, Primordial

    Basic Attacks
    Basic Melee Attack: +13 vs AC - Fey Strike Katana 1d8+6
    Ranged Basic Attack: +13 vs AC - Fey Strike Katana 1d8+6 (1x Enc)

    Sword Burst, Booming Blade, Lightning Lure, Aegis of Shielding, White Lotus Riposte, Boots of the Fencing Master (Move Effect)
    Encounter: Sword of Sigils, Dimensional Vortex, Channeling Shield, Fey Strike Ranged Attack, Armathor's Step, Warded Vambraces, Boots of the Fencing Master, Fireheart Tattoo AP,
    Daily: Frost Backlash, Swordmage Shielding Fire, Armor of Sudden Recovery, Fey Strike Teleport, Healing Infusion: Resistive Formula

    1 Fey Strike Katana (Fey Strike Longsword +1 stats)

    Note: Gensai's Iaido-like style is for color purposes only. He is wielding one weapon and his off-hand is free. But, I think my color description makes more sense for swordmage abilities.

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    Block BenBrown

    Fenwick grunts loudly, and tries to slip his hands under the fallen slab and lift, but the slab does not move more than a fraction of an inch above the floor.

    "Fenwick despises trap with big stone things falling!" he yells.

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    two misses out of three... ouch.

    Riardon, turn back while you can.

    Mervin, you don't happen to have Tenser's Floating Disc do you?

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    Block H.M.Gimlord

    The scraping of stone on stone rises to a deafening roar, as the wall moves further in, threatening to permanently block Riardon off from his friends. Try as he might, Fenwick is unable to lift the stone slab, and Gensai seems unable to find a catch anywhere that can halt the trap, that is until he hears Rujah call to him from behind.

    Rujah (Nature)
    The wall of the passageway is stratified from eons of sedimentary deposits, they run the length of the passage from beginning to end. The lines are not quite parallel with the floor of the passage, suggesting that the bedrock was formed as the result of some geological upheaval in the distant past.

    Inspecting these lines closely, you notice that there is an area, roughly a one-foot square, where the grain seems to break.

    This is definitely an unnatural, tool-wrought formation.
    Mervin (Nature)
    Above the rumble caused by the sliding wall beyond the slab, you hear the sound of cascading rocks as if small boulders are tumbling down to displace the weight of the wall. This part of the trap is not created by the arcane energy you detected earlier. That magic still exists, but it has not yet been brought to bear.
    Riardon (Perception)
    From your perspective, your keen eyes notice grooves along the floor of the landing over which the wall is sliding. Evidently, this trap has been triggered before, but the grooves stop about 3-5 feet short of the pit's edge, suggesting that the wall did not go all the way to the edge.

    Keep in mind that if you want to communicate with your friends, they will have to hear you over noise being made by the wall. Roll 1d20-[Con]+5. If the result is less than one of your companions' passive perception, they will be able to hear you. Notice that, in this case, you are hoping for a low roll.
    GM: Status:

    3 Successes, 2 Failures

    Skills Used:
    1 Perceptoin
    2 Nature
    1 Thievery
    1 Athletics

    Skills Remaining
    1 Perception
    2 Thievery
    1 Athletics
    2 Dungeoneering

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