4E [Adventure]: Land Ho! FWBTHW (DM:H.M.Gimlord,Judge:Ozymandias79) - Page 26
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenchuu View Post
    OOC: With the new level, I am up to: 67/68
    OOC: Right you are.
    Riardon rummages through a chest of drawers. Most of the documents on top of the chest have been burned to ashes, but he manages to recover what looks like a letter that has been recently drafted.
    The letter also contains some odd drawings.
    In the chest of drawers, he finds, folded neatly, and still in pristine condition, a frock coat made of light, but surprisingly sturdy, dark-blue drake scales, studded with small diamonds that sparkle like stars behind stormy clouds.
    Fortification Drakescale Armor +2
    Fenwick sees a series of very thin ledger drawers, but they actually contain several maps. Some look familiar.
    New Map
    A familiar Map
    Another Familiar Map
    In another drawer, Fenwick notices a small whetstone. Seeing that his axe needs sharpening, he begins to stroke the stone over the blade of his weapon. As he does, the edge appears to take on an unnaturally keen edge
    Vanguard Executionerís Axe +2
    Gensai sees a desk next to the corridor that looks like it was the primary letter writing station of the library. On it are the remains of a stationary kit, destroyed by the earlier skirmish, but barely recognizable. Whatís left is a letter opener and a box containing sealing wax as well as a signet.
    There is a letter written in Rujahís language. Perhaps he can decipher it.
    Another Letter
    Opening another drawer in the desk is an ivory amulet, spectacularly encgraved. Enamored by the style, he takes it for his own, slipping it over his head and around his neck. Immediately he feels a rush of vitality.
    Periapt of Cascading Health
    Mervin moves about the desk on the other side of the corridor. This was obviously dedicated to the study and scribing of rituals. Atop a pile of papers the wizard spies an odd-looking, leather headband. It doesnít appear to be anything special, but experience has shown him not to take anything at face value. Placing it on his head, he immediately feels smarter, suddenly realizing that he had to shove aside two valuable ritual scrolls in order to get to the headband.
    Headband of Intellect. Rituals: Arcane Lock and Hand of Fate.
    Full Ritual list
    Just recapping since itís been almost a year. Here is a full list of your remaining rituals:

    • Raise Dead Used to raise Jin from the dead (got Gensai instead)
    • Knock Used to open the chest that killed Jin
    • Linked Portal Used to get to the green dragon encounter
    • Object Reading
    • Vistani Passkey
    • Precise Forgery
    • Decipher Script
    • Wizard Sight
    • Arcane Lock

    Hand of Fate.
    Rujah also moves around, trying to find something of value in the room. To his frustration, he finds no information, but he does find a curious jade figurine depicting an animal that resembles an ankylosaurus
    Jade Macetail.
    As the dragonborn inspects the wondrous item, a voice brings him and his companions up short, ďMurdererssss!Ē
    GM: Unfortunately, you are the victims of a bad die roll.

    Chance of Discovery: 1d10=2

    You have been caught by surprise. Your adversaries have a surprise round.

    Unfortunately, I don't have the time to roll it tonight, so I figured I'd let you all stew over these clues and get used to your new-found goodies while I drum up the stat blocks and get everybody going.

    See you tomorrow night!

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    OOC: @Walking Dad
    Thanks WD for letting me borrow your Cloak of the Walking Wounded +1. For story purposes, I have stowed it away in my pack, but effective it is now returned to you.

    Gensai pockets the ring and the letter, and then finds the Periapt. The warding charm was an ivory circle etched in runes, from which from a dragon tooth attached to glowing red amber. He unfastened the cloak around his neck and replaced it with the Periapt. As he was stowing the cloak in his pack, the enemies caught him off guard.

    Action Block, Mini-Stats

    Updated Stat Block.

    Action Block

    Move: N/A
    Minor: N/A
    Standard: Sword Burst vs

    • Target1:
    • Attack1: 1d20+10=
    • Target2:
    • Attack2: 1d20+10=
    • Damage: 1d6+6=

    Gensai Stat block
    Ashikaga Gensai - Male Human Swordmage 7
    Initiative: +3, Passive Perception: +13, Passive Insight: +18


    AC: 24, Fort: 19, Reflex: 21, Will: 18 -- Speed: 6

    HP: 67/68, THP: 0/3 Bloodied: 31, Surge Value: 15, Surges left: 11/11
    Action Points: 1/1, Second Wind: not used

    Allarian (Common), Primordial

    Basic Attacks
    Basic Melee Attack: +13 vs AC - Fey Strike Katana 1d8+6
    Ranged Basic Attack: +13 vs AC - Fey Strike Katana 1d8+6 (1x Enc)

    Sword Burst, Booming Blade, Lightning Lure, Aegis of Shielding, White Lotus Riposte, Boots of the Fencing Master (Move Effect)
    Encounter: Sword of Sigils, Dimensional Vortex, Echoes of Sword Magic, Channeling Shield, Fey Strike Ranged Attack, Armathor's Step, Warded Vambraces, Periapt of Cascading Health, Boots of the Fencing Master, Fireheart Tattoo AP
    Daily: Frost Backlash, Swordmage Shielding Fire, Armor of Sudden Recovery, Fey Strike Teleport, Healing Infusion: Resistive Formula

    1 Fey Strike Katana (Fey Strike Longsword +1 stats)

    Note: Gensai's Iaido-like style is for color purposes only. He is wielding one weapon and his off-hand is free. But, I think my color description makes more sense for swordmage abilities. Here's what the Periapt of Cascading Health looks like.

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    OOC: May Riardon use his new armor in the encounter?

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    OOC: You may all use your new weapons. The three minutes assumed that you took the time to equip yourselves. For the purpose of fluff, this drakescale armor is more like a frock-coat-like hauberk. Thus, quite easy to put on .

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    "You have desssicrated masster Ssshear's study! Die passssty-faces!" From around the corner, a menacing, draconic figure resembling a scaled centaur fires a shaft, sparkling with electric energy which slams into Rujah. As if this weren't bad enough, Two more reptilian creatures charge forward with surprising speed. One of them knocks Rujah prone, gashing him deeply, while the other moves in to claw even deeper through the dragonborn's scaly hide.
    Drakkoth Thundershot:
    Standard: Longbow
    Target: Rujah
    Attack: 1d20+16=28 vs. AC for 2d10+2=11 and Rujah gains vulnerable 10 lightning

    Scytheclaw Drake 1:
    Standard: Charge to P31
    Target: Rujah
    Attack: 1d20+15=35 vs. AC Crit for 13 damage and Rujah is knocked prone

    Scytheclaw Drake 2:
    Standard: Charge to O31
    Target: Rujah
    Attack: 1d20+15=26 vs. AC for 2d8+5=13 damage plus 5 ongoing
    Ruajah: O30 23/62 HP 10/12 HS 2AP Bloodied Ongoing 5, Prone, vulnerable 10 lightning
    Gensai: Q30 67/68 HP 10/11 HS 1AP
    Riardon: Q27 58/59 HP 5/9 HS 1AP
    Fenwick: O27 66/67 HP 8/11 HS 1AP
    Mervin: N30 40/40 HP 3/8HS 1AP

    Drakkoth Thundershot: N40 86/86
    Scytheblade Drake 1: P31 105/105
    Scytheblade Drake 2: O31 105/105
    Bad Guys' Initiative
    Good Guys' Initiative

    Rujah: 1d20+3=20
    Gensai: 1d20+3=6
    Riardon: 1d20+4=13
    Fenwick: 1d20+4=16
    Mervin: 1d20+8=22

    GM: Rujah and Mervin go first. Then it's Bad Guys / Good Guys
    OOC: Sorry for the silence. Been a busy couple of days.

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    OOC: We're kind of at a disadvantage here, because Theroc hasn't updated Rujah since level 5. Also, any idea when he is coming back? He's been MIA forever.

    "Grrrr..." Rujah growled low, but takes a moment to brace himself for the next attack. "Is that all you've got?!"

    The dragonborn's rage erupts with a thunderclap; lightning shot out from him, singeing the scales of the Drakes and driving them back. He crawls back into the room. "Let's make them come to us, and use this room's size to our advantage."

    Action Block, Mini-Stats

    Font of life (save vs ongoing), Nature's wrath to mark drakes TENT, second wind (effect: drakes take 3 damage, slide back one, and are slowed TENT), Crawl behind Gensai.

    Action Block

    Font of life. Save vs ongoing: 1d20=16 save
    Free: Nature's Wrath = Mark all adjacent enemies TENT
    Standard: Second Wind (Heal 18)
    Effect: Storm's Lightning Feat: Both drakes take 3 Lightning Damage
    Effect: Stormheart class feature: Slide each drake back 1 square and they are slowed TENT
    Move: crawl P30 to Q29 to R29


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    OOC: If anyone wants to level him up, feel free to do so. That being said, I think I'll work Rujah out of the story at the same time I let Mervin go. The way I intend to do it, they can both pop back in at, pretty much, anytime, if need be.

    That way, as soon as Theroc gets his account sorted out, he can rejoin us.

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    OOC: Anyone interested in a free shift before the first round (Battlefront shift feature)?

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    OOC: If no one else claims it, I'll (Gensai) take a shift back (south) one square to R30. If I have this worked out right, this will make it so instead of two drakes being able to move into range of me, only 1 will, which should reduce my chance of being destroyed as they just did to Rujah.

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    Just a quick note, you can just add 1 to his d20 rolls & 7 hp for the level up. Assuming he's level 6. If he's 7, more hp.

    You lose out on a utility and possibly encounter but at least his to hit is right?

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