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    OOC: Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth. Had to go out of town, and then got a new ISP. But I'm back and ready to continue.
    Fenwick grunts as the statue shifts, calling his attention to the foot of the dragon's likeness where a bronze plaque is set in the floor of the dais.
    If anyone uses the Decipher Script ritual that Riardon still has, here's the translation
    To those who give us treasures, we give you fertile breath
    To those who give us nothing, we give you winds of death
    You may elude my claws for now,
    but quickly you will see
    that no one can escape The Sisters.
    We own every tree!

    Enter here, and you will face
    a fall that puts you in your place,
    but if you decide to look behind
    another path to me you will find.
    Sheng sends out a swirling mist of arcane energy that surrounds the two gargoyle statues flanking the dais. The mage studies the patterns in the arcane mist with a furrowed brow
    The patterns in the swirling mist reveal that the gargoyles are designed to animate when the doors to this chamber are forced. Since the doors were opened, and left that way, by the kobolds, you have no need to worry about them.
    Gensai leans over the body on the altar, almost crowding the thri-kreen's maticulous work, but doing so yields further revelation.
    The man on the altar is an ordinary human possessing not magical power.

    A large presence of dark magic, however, radiates from the altar. Evidently this poor fellow was part of a ritual that transferred his life force to the dragon in residence here.

    The magic, eerily enough, has a similar feel to the ambiance of the library in which you recently encountered the troll and the gargoyles. Cautiously, you look up at the statues to your right and left, clouded by Sheng's mist. These are much larger than the ones in the library.
    Though the man on the alter is singed, most of his clothes and distinguishing features were left intact enough to reveal that he has been robbed. The binding portion of his cape has been ripped as if a brooch was once there. He has no boots, weapons, or armor. He has no purse on his belt, and his clothes look like they were thoroughly searched before he was placed on the altar. Though his clothes are of fine make, he carries nothing of value.

    In a fold below the crest on the left breast of his cape, a name is embroidered. It reads "Lars Hallmaster"
    Riardon examines the body, looking beyond the obvious cause of death.
    The cause of death is, of course, evisceration due to a single bite from a dragon. Surprisingly, the electrical burns were not enough to stop the heart. This is evident from the pattern of blood on the altar.

    A large welt on the crown of the man's skull reveals that the man was hit on the back of the head, and none too gently, prior to being placed on the altar, thus Riardon concludes that this sacrifice was likely not only unwilling, but unaware of his fate.
    Skill Challenge Round 2

    Round 1 Results

    Congratulations! You've earned yourselves some bonuses for next round!

    Gensai: Arcana - 25, 2 Points+1 to next round's check
    Sheng: Arcana - 25, 2 Points+1 to next round's check
    Tikchik: Thievery - 30, 3 Points +2 to next round's check
    Riardon: Heal - 29, 3 Points +2 to next round's check
    Fenwick: Athletics - 27, 3 Points +2 to next round's check

    Note: Repeating the same skill multiple rounds in a row imposes a cumulative -2 penalty.

    Round Total: 13 Points: 2 Victory Points and Advantage: all PCs have a +1 cumulative bonus to skill checks during the rest skill challenge and a + 1 to diplomacy checks against the blue dragon, should you meet.

    *to be clear, here, "cumulative" means that if you achieve another "Advantage" it adds to this bonus.*
    Skill challenge total: 2 Victory Points

    : Find out what happened to Mervin and Rujah by collecting clues in a possibly hostile environment.
    Rounds: 3
    Challenge Level: 8

    Round 2 Focus: Examine the scene for clues as to Mervin and Rujah's whereabouts (don't forget the hallway).

    Round 2 Rules:
    Those who use Perception or Religion gain a +2 bonus to their skill check.

    Individual Skill DCs:

    • 15-: 0 points, -2 to next round's skill check
    • 16-20: 1 point, -1 to next round's skill check
    • 21-25: 2 points, +1 to next round's skill check
    • 26+: 3 points, +2 to the next round's skill check
    • Natural 1: -1 point, lose a healing surge
    • Natural 20: +1 point, stumble upon treasure

    Roll Options

    • Stealth: A successful stealth check will produce points as normal, but will not provide insight toward your objective. Instead it will, in the event that the round total falls below the Disaster level(see Round Totals below), add 1 additional point to the round total. If the round total is already at Complication or above, no additional point is gained.
    • Action Points: An action point may be used to roll an additional skill check in a round, though it must be different than the original check.
    • Aid Another: You may take -3 on a skill check to grant someone else a reroll.
    • Heroic Effort: You may spend a healing surge before a roll to gain +3 on the roll or after the roll to gain a +1 - or both for two surges.

    Repeating a Skill: A cumulative penalty of -2 will be applied to a PC that uses the same skill as he/she his/her previous round. Notice that it only applies to the previous round, thus this can be avoided by going back and forth between two skills.

    Round Totals (I screwed up on these last round. They were too hight. These are the corrected numbers):

    • 0-4 total points: 0 victory points and Disaster: -2 cumulative penalty to all future rolls in the skill challenge and your effort draws the attention of more residents.
    • 5-9 total points: 1 victory point and Complication: -1 cumulative penalty to all future rolls in the skill challenge and clues may prove misleading.
    • 10-14 total points: 2 victory points and Advantage: +1 cumulative bonus to all future rolls in the skill challenge and gives each PC a +1 to diplomacy checks in any future discussions the blue dragon, should you meet.
    • 15+ total points: 3 victory points and Miracle: +2 cumulative bonus to all future rolls in the skill challenge and you discover a cache of treasure.

    Victory Points: Victory points represent how productive the round was. These are totaled over the course of the skill challenge to determine the level of success the party has had with the skill challenge.

    Final Victory Point Totals This is a four-level measure of the outcome of the total skill challenge after 3 rounds. Descriptions are intentionally vague.

    • 0-2 total points: Total Disaster
    • 3-5 total points: Technical Complication
    • 6-8 total points: Strategic Advantage
    • 9+ total points: Overwhelming Miracle

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    Riardon's keen eyes are drawn to the blood splatters and move from their through the whole area, noticing even any hidden hints...


    second time I missed stumbling over treasure... and I forgotto add my bonus from last round.

    Only 2 HS left, Riardon will need more sooner than later an extended rest...


    When you spend an AP, you get a +2 on attacks.

    Mini stat block

    Riardon d'Caelis
    Perception: 20 Insight: 15 Low-light Vision
    AC 26 Fortitude 22 Reflex 22 Will 19
    Initiative: +4
    Hit Points: 59 / 59 Bloodied: 29
    Temporary Hit Points: 0
    Resist: -
    Saving Throw: +5 vs Charm
    Action Points: 1 Second Wind: 1
    Healing Surge:14 Surges per day: 2 / 9
    At-Will Powers: Directing Strike, Intuitive Strike
    Encounter Powers: Inspiring Word 2/2, Battlefront Shift, Arcane Mutterings, Chilling Cloud, Warlords Favor, Steel Monsoon, Lion's Roar, Feystep, Rousing Words, Amulet of Life
    Daily Powers: Calculated Assault, Stand the Fallen, Sunblade Burst


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    "Oh look! Your friend has a name. Lars Hallmaster. That's a funny name. Looks like a bad man, or lady I guess, stole this Lars' stuff, weird, thought that only happened in dark alleys. I wonder if he kept losing his stuff and his mom sewed his name into his clothes so if people find it they can give it back. I used to have that problem before, leaving my cloak everywhere. It's how I lost this arm you know. Funny story that...what? Oh, right later, find friend first." the thri-kreen says, being cut short by the stern glances of at least one member of their group.

    Tikchik begins working in the opposite direction of Riardon, one claw runs along the wall, two along the floor as the keen compound eyes scan the area and his claws remit any tactile clues he finds.

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    "Something feels... off," Gensai said. "Like that room with the Gargoyles. We should be weary of these statues." He studies the statue, and tries to recall some ancient knowledge about dragons and statues, hoping something would click.

    OOC: Used Arcana last turn. Using history this turn. Remember, Gensai is an ancient soul, so a good history is in character. :P

    EDIT: Arrrrg, 1 point away from treasure, but 3 victory points!

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    Fenwick leaves behind the dragon statue and starts searching around the large statues on the floor, shoving them, lifting them, and so forth.
    For the life of me, I can't think of any even remote excuse to use Diplomacy or Intimidate here. Since even with the -2 penalty, Athletics is still better than anything else:
    Athletics Check (round 2) (1d20+11+2+3-2=25)

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    I will be on a family trip this weekend with no guaranteed Internet access.

    If you have to wait too long for my action, please roll for me.

    Use the best skill possible, please.

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    OOC: I could see Fenwick convincing the dead man to reveal all of his secrets. Or, at least, I could see Fenwick convinced that his negotiating skills could work in such a way.

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    "You should not pay attention to them. They are some sort of constructs, that are set to animate when that door is forced. However, the fool kobolds left it open. A poor choice, now we don't have to fight these guardians." Sheng explains with a smirk.

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    GM: @Voda Vosa : Did you mean to post a roll along with your last comment? I think you forgot to.

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    OOC: Sorry I've been absent, but monday night I went to the emergency room, and ended up having my appendix removed. While I am recovering, my activity might not be at normal pace.

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