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    [Adventure]: Land Ho! FWBTHW (DM:H.M.Gimlord,Judge:Ozymandias79)

    Land Ho!

    (Finding Wayne's Basement the Hard Way)
    Part II

    This is a continuation of the original thread, which can be found here.

    GM: All: I retconned the last update. Mervin is at AA4, and Riardon is alone on the other side. The urgency is now not so much to keep Mervin from being pushed into the pit, but to keep Riardon from being sealed off from the group.

    New Map
    Skill Challenge Rules
    The slab is considered a masonry wall (DC 35/Nat 20 Strength Check to break)

    The large wall is not breakable. It is moving to the east at a rate of 1 square a round.

    Skill Challenge: Stop the Trap and Reunite the Party with Riardon

    Complexity 3 (8 successes before 3 failures)

    Primary Skills:

    • Athletics DC 18
    • Nature DC 12
    • Thievery DC 12
    • Dungeoneering DC 15
    • Perception DC 15


    • There are no secondary skills.
    • All checks must be rolled (no taking 10).
    • Each skill can only be used twice, except for Thievery (can be used 3 times).

    GM: So far: 3 successes, 0 Failures

    Skills Used:
    1 Perception
    2 Nature

    Skills Remaining:
    2 Athletics
    2 Dungeoneering
    3 Thievery
    1 Perception
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