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    "Thievery? I can open anything, I used to get locked in a cage all the time back when I was in a circus, I finally figured out how to open the lock one day...hahaha, it was funny when the boss saw me waiting for him and not locked up....heheheh. Oh, yeah, I can try a lock if you have one." the thri-kreen says.

    "Wait, you think the dragon will try and hurt us? Then why would you want to help him? Don't worry though, I can help keep you safe" Tikchik says.

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    Block Voda Vosa

    "I was aware of that." Sheng states simply. "But as it is now, we are no match for that blue dragon, hence, we will not be able ti impede him from retrieving the stone from our dead hands. However, we could use the stone against the green dragons." Sheng says, more thinking out loud than actually suggesting anything. He continues his mumbling, as he stroke his beard, absent minded. "If we claim the treasures and magical artefacts of those dragons, we might have a chance against our honourable host..."
    The sorceror is distracted by Tikchik ranting "Yes, do that now." he says waving his hand at him, not acknowledging the last part of what he said.

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    ooc: Wishlist (really just one ):

    Dwarven Drakescale Scale Armor +2 (lev 8 item)



    When you spend an AP, you get a +2 on attacks.

    Mini stat block

    Riardon d'Caelis
    Perception: 20 Insight: 15 Low-light Vision
    AC 26 Fortitude 22 Reflex 22 Will 19
    Initiative: +4
    Hit Points: 64 / 64 Bloodied: 32
    Temporary Hit Points: 0
    Resist: -
    Saving Throw: +5 vs Charm
    Action Points: 1 Second Wind: 1
    Healing Surge:16 Surges per day: 9 / 9
    At-Will Powers: Directing Strike, Intuitive Strike
    Encounter Powers: Inspiring Word 2/2, Battlefront Shift, Arcane Mutterings, Chilling Cloud, Warlords Favor, Steel Monsoon, Lion's Roar, Feystep, Rousing Words, Amulet of Life
    Daily Powers: Calculated Assault, Stand the Fallen, Warlord's Recovery, Sunblade Burst


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    "So, the stone works against the Green Dragons," Gensai said aloud, processing. "If we could trick the dragons into battling each other, perhaps the green dragons will kill the blue for us, and then we could use the stone. Or, failing a green dragon victory, at least the blue dragon should be weakened."

    "in either case, I will follow my masters' orders."

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    Block BenBrown

    "So where we go now?" Fenwick asks. "If stone work to hurt dragons, then Fenwick all for it. Fenwick tired of talking to dragons, fighting for dragons, fighting against dragons, fighting for and against same dragon. Fenwick fed up with dragons. Dragons not good negotiating partners! 'You do this or I kill you' is not negotiating. Dragons not like hordes of plague-bearing rats. If plague-bearing rats come to village, everyone in quaint tribal community run away very fast. No negotating with plague-bearing rats, and everyone know this. Try to negotiate with plague-bearing rats and get bitten and infected. Very simple.

    "But dragons? Dragons very clever, and talk too, so you think 'I can negotiate!' Wrong! Making deal with dragons is not making deal. In deal, you say, maybe 'bring 20 wolf pelt, and you get big bag of gold', and when you bring 20 wolf pelt, you get big bag of gold. Everyone agrees to deal, and then exchange of goods and services happen. Not with dragon! With dragon, you just get threat. Fenwick has decided dragons no fun to deal with, since dragons threaten Fenwick and companions with death, which is not fun. Next time Fenwick meet dragon, hopefully Fenwick meet dragon in straight-up fight. If Fenwick not lured on by possibility of shiny gold and bragging rights, Fenwick insist on leaving now and going somewhere with no dragon.

    "Alas, Fenwick enticed by promise of renumeration, so Fenwick must go on. Plus, thought of dead dragons really appealing at this point."
    Fenwick stat block
    Fenwick Male Orc Barbarian 8
    Initiative: +5, Passive Perception: 14, Passive Insight: 14, Senses: Low-light
    AC:21, Fort:20, Reflex:17, Will:17
    +14 vs. AC, 1d12+9 damage (brutal 2, high crit)

    HP:73/73, Bloodied:36, Surge Value:18, Surges left:11/11
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind: unused
    Powers: Howling Strike, Howl of Fury, Giantkind Gloves
    Warrior's Surge, Roar of Triumph, Vault the Fallen, Shrug It Off, Shatterbone Strike,
    Haggle, Curtain of Steel, Giantkind Gloves

    Swift Panther Rage, Tiger Claw Rage, Rage Strike x2, Vanguard Execution Axe, Skald's Armor

    Resourceful Leader: When an ally Fenwick can see spends an action point to make an attack, the ally gains a
    +3 bonus to damage rolls on a hit or gains 3 temporary hit points on a miss.


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    "I... totally agree. Let's kill as many dragons as possible and try to survive... and then we should look for a dragon-less mission. ... Demons... they are not negotiating... demons will work fine..."



    When you spend an AP, you get a +2 on attacks.

    Mini stat block

    Riardon d'Caelis
    Perception: 20 Insight: 15 Low-light Vision
    AC 26 Fortitude 22 Reflex 22 Will 19
    Initiative: +4
    Hit Points: 64 / 64 Bloodied: 32
    Temporary Hit Points: 0
    Resist: -
    Saving Throw: +5 vs Charm
    Action Points: 1 Second Wind: 1
    Healing Surge:16 Surges per day: 9 / 9
    At-Will Powers: Directing Strike, Intuitive Strike
    Encounter Powers: Inspiring Word 2/2, Battlefront Shift, Arcane Mutterings, Chilling Cloud, Warlords Favor, Steel Monsoon, Lion's Roar, Feystep, Rousing Words, Amulet of Life
    Daily Powers: Calculated Assault, Stand the Fallen, Warlord's Recovery, Sunblade Burst


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    Block Voda Vosa

    "What?" is the only thing Sheng can manage to say. "Let ME do the thinking. Deamons not negotiating.... Eladrins..." the monk shakes his head.

    "Have you opened the chest already, my most annoying Tikchik?" asks Sheng to the Thriken.

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    Block H.M.Gimlord

    Quote Originally Posted by renau1g View Post
    "Oh, yeah, I can try a lock if you have one."
    Hankel gives the thri-kreen a condescending look, "Then stop blabbermouthing and open the chest!"
    Quote Originally Posted by Walking Dad View Post
    "I... totally agree. Let's kill as many dragons as possible ..."
    "Then it's agreed!" The dwarf rubs his hands, "We'll not last long against those greens without Stang, and we need to call Bardir back if we want to relight the forges. That means it's off to Rioc Stang!" Hankel looks about as giddy as a child who's just been given his favorite toy.
    OOC: Going to make a long story short here.
    TikChik scampers over to the chest and uses his thievery skills to determine that the lock was melted during the runespiral demon's demise, and is thus ineffective. The lock's ineffective nature does not seem to daunt Fenwick, who pulls the chest out from under the desk and proceeds to smash the hinges on the opposite side, finishing up with a not-so-gentle prying.
    What's Inside the Box - Rewards
    Fenwick: Badge of the Berserker +3 (Lvl 12) not much of an explanation for this item. It's likely a charm that Shear 'happened upon' and was trying to scrye its uses.

    Riardon: Dwarven Wyvernscale Armor +3 (Lvl 12). This masterfully created work, though dwarven in make, is not dwarven in size and shape. It was made for an eladrin, likely shear himself had it commissioned, but from whom?

    TikChik: Strikebacks +1 (Level 10), not exactly fashioned for a thri-kreen, but serviceable, and oh-so-deadly.

    Sheng: Jar of Steam (Lvl 7) and Skull Bracers (Lvl 7), likely the results of Shear's attempt to master the elements.

    Gensai: New Katana containing Siberys Shard of the Mage. This is actually an oriental blade that was retrofitted, long ago, by a dwarf who infused it with blue fire crystal. Curiously, there is no hallmark on the weapon.
    After the group takes time to accustom themselves to their finds, Hankel turns to the group, "The sneaker who brought me here told me to go get him if I needed him. I'll be right back."

    The dwarf charges off, and after a little while, his voice is heard from down the corridor, "Hey fellow! Can you find the one who brought me up here? Tell him I need a boat!"

    Not much is heard for several minutes, and then both he and a familiar-looking kobold return to the room.

    "Follow me," the kobold becons, "Your boat is waiting by the channel."

    The seven proceed down the corridor to the spiral staircsase leading to the dungeon. At first the party believes that they are being tricked, but the kobold deftly trips the switch in the wall that reveals a secret passage to the south of the dungeon. There a bridge extends over a fissure through which water rushes violently. Above them, they can see a hole in the cavern ceiling leading to Walryn's lair. Suddenly, they know where they are. The river leads out to the inland sea, and freedom.
    Map - Zoomed Out
    Map Zoomed In
    The kobold leads them across the bridge and down a rope ladder to a boat, teathered to a cleat and stocked with a week's worth of dry provisions, "Good luck," the kobold says rather dryly, devoid of genuine concern.

    The current is strong, and, with Hankel's help, it takes no more than six days to reach the mouth of the Fluss. Surprisingly, there is no sign of the green dragons or their minions, but the threat of attack constantly hangs like a shadow over everyone on the tiny little boat. The group works in shifts to stay on the river even through the night, surviving on the rations provided by the kobolds (which are surprisingly palatable).

    Upon reaching the mouth of the Fluss, the water becomes much more choppy, and maintaining their small craft becomes more challenging.

    Ahead, they see the ruined spire of Rioc Stang, which Hankel is quick to point out, jutting out from the rock as if an earthquake had thrust it up. The structure is a ruin, barely sound enough to stand. There is a solitary ladder leading down from its wave-beaten rocks, fashioned from wrought iron sunken deep into the granite.

    To make matters worse, night is approaching. With the sun setting in the west against a featureless ocean, the entire river delta is brightly illuminated, and as surely as the party suspects, arrows begin to rain down on them from its ruined parapets.
    GM: Roll Initiaive:

    Bad Guys: 15

    If you beat my roll, go ahead and post your actions.

    Your objective is to gain access to the tower, Find Stang (Arkus Gimlord's legendary axe), and light the beacon on the top floor of the tower.

    Once you reach the top of the stairs, an in-combat skill challenge will ensue. I will post the rules of the challenge at that time.
    Riardon: T23 64/64HP 1AP 9HS
    Gensai: U22 81/81HP 1AP 12HS
    TikChik: V22 70/70HP 1AP 8HS
    Sheng: V23 66/66HP 1AP 7HS
    Fenwick: W22 73/73HP 1AP 11HS

    Hankel: U23 32/32
    Skeleton Archer 1: C19 76/76 Cover
    Skeleton Archer 2: C20 76/76 Cover
    Skeleton Archer 3: C21 76/76 Cover
    Skeleton Archer 4: C22 76/76 Cover
    Skeleton Archer 5: C24 76/76 Cover
    Map-Zoomed Out
    Map - Zoomed In
    Regarding the Boat
    The Ladder: Is at L18

    Waves: One character must spend a Standard Action each round to maintain the boat's course. The standard action amounts to a DC 20 Athletics Check.

    Failing the check means that the party grants combat advantage to the archers.

    Failing by more than 5 means that the boat capsizes and the party must swim (as described in the PHB) to the ladder amid the hail of arrows.

    Steering and Moving the Boat:
    The boat moves at a rate of one square per round in the direction that the person maintaining the boat chooses.

    Docking the Boat:

    • Athletics DC 20 (Minor): Moor the boat to the ladder
      • Success: The boat is fastened in place
      • Failure: The Boat still requires fastening

    • Athletics DC 15 (Move): Climb ladder
      • Success: PC reaches the top of the ladder
      • Failure: By less than 5: PC does not advance, By 5 or more: PC falls into boat.

    • Athletics DC 25 (Move): Jump to ladder from an unmoored boat.
      • Success: You are on the ladder
      • Failure: You fall in the water, you are swimming, and you require a DC 25 Athletics check to grab the ladder

    Characters already at the top of the ladder can aid others in the boat with a successful DC 15 Athletics roll to grant +2 (stacks with number of rolls).
    Story Outline

    If you want to do this quickly, just click on the links below and read ALL spoilers

    • Original Party enters a bewitched cellar door that
      • Talon (Shifter Druid/Ranger)
      • Rujah (Dragonborn Warden)
      • Riardon
      • Jin (Human Swordmage)
      • Fenwick

    1. Bewitched cellar where party finds a secret entrance to a thieves' den

    2. Back at The Hanged Man
      • Talon deciphers the dwarven docuements and discovers that a man named Hankel Mast Gimlord is heir to the throne of Rioc Parvel, a dwarven mine and stronghold.
      • He is overheard by a sailor dwarf named Fargo who recalls the legends of Rioc Parvel and offers you sea passage to Avenroc
      • The lightning weapons found by the group have a dwarven inscription that reads "When it's my turn, I'll show you my power."
      • Unscrewing the pommels of their weapons they discover a small blue crystal in each that appears to encapsulate a small storm.

    3. The ocean voyage
      • Fargo's ship is attacked by a flotilla of drowned ones
      • A storm portal opens and swallows the ship
      • Talon challenges a crewmember to a sparring match
      • Fargo drops the group off in the harbor of a city called Rioc Alair

    4. The Crystal Mug inn
      • The group meets Firebyrne an apprentice blacksmith to a dwarf named Hankel Mast who has been missing for some time
      • The group discovers that the bewitched cellar of their prior experience is the cellar of the Crystal Mug
      • The group is ambushed when they attempt to expose the thieves' ring
      • Mervin materializes in a barrel
      • The group reveals the thieves' den to authorities
      • Mervin discovers a dagger of lightning power
      • Riardon finds several rituals
      • Jin learns that Hankel has, in fact, been kidnapped by a man named Lars Hallmaster, whom Firebyrne had described as a "Friend". A wizard named Shear seems to be directing Lars' actions.
      • Jin opens up a cursed chest and is mortally wounded by flaming skulls
      • Jin's body is resurrected (using one of the rituals found by Riardon), but is possessed by an ancestor of Jin's named Gensai

    5. The city of Rioc Alair
      • The group meets a university professor named Amatalystan Shea Aramista who fills the group in on the history of Rioc Parvel
      • The group gears up at a black market shop in the cellar of a gear store
      • The group uses another ritual found by Riardon to generate a portal that leads to a remote, wooded location

    6. Iguyo Di Wer Grovisv
      • The group chooses to join sides with a green dragon to defeat a band of blue-dragonkin kobolds
      • The group learns of the existance of a blue dragon named Wer Vhisar who Iguyo Di Wer Grovisv blames for driving her mother aunt from their lair, and charges the group with destroying Wer Vhisar

    7. The entrance to Wer Vhisar's lair
      • The group navigates a pit trap
      • and disables a glyph of warding powered by an electric crystal
      • that guards a library containing some curious items

    8. The hall
      • The group is met by a kobold welcoming party that temporarily separates the group. Gensai and Fenwick fall into a prison cell. Rujah falls into the river below and is swept out to sea. Mervin stays behind to cover Riardon's retreat.

    9. The prison
      • The group meets Tikchik and Sheng
      • The group discovers a dwarven prisoner and a kobold prisoner
      • The group decides to look for Rujah and Mervin

    10. The hall part deaux
      • The group learns the fate of Rujah and Mervin
      • The group realizes that Iguyo De Wer Grovisv has lied to them
      • They find a hiding kobold who grants them an audience with Wer Vhisar

    11. Wer Vhisar's Lair
      • Wer Vhisar reveals to them his version of the feud story between himself and the three green dragons
      • Wer Vhisar offers the group an opportunity to seat Hankel Mast Gimlord on his rightful throne in return for three tasks
        • Transplant the diffusion of Wer Vhisar's father
        • Turn over a large gem called the Moonstone
        • Destroy Iguyo Di Wer Grovisv's mother and aunt

    12. The Library Again
      • The party finally meets Hankel Mast, but, though he's aware and eager for the quest, he doesn't seem to know that he is the heir to Rioc Parvel
      • Hankel provides several documents, in particular, a map shoing the location and nature of their first task.
      • TikChik returns Hankel's knife
      • Sheng finds a source of arcane magic.
      • The party is given a boat and provisions

    13. Rioc Stang
      • Light the lighthouse
      • Find Stang: Arkus Gimlord's Axe

    Important things to remember

    • Rituals in Riardon's Pack:
      • Raise Dead Used to raise Jin from the dead (got Gensai instead)
      • Knock Used to open the chest that killed Jin
      • Linked Portal Used to get to the green dragon encounter
      • Object Reading
      • Vistani Passkey
      • Precise Forgery
      • Decipher Script
      • Wizard Sight
      • Arcane Lock
      • Diffusion Transplantation (illegible at the moment)

    • Those of you who found lightning weapons still have them.
    • Mervin still has the dagger (but he's still on the floor of Wer Vhisar's lair)
    • Quick Plot summary
      • Setting: An interior island on the continent of Avenroc
      • Old blue dragon destroys a dwarven mine and dwarven king dies
      • Dwarven heir exiles himself and dies leaving a son who is clueless as to his heritage
      • Old blue dragon is killed by two sister green dragons, who now have a daughter (that's three green dragons on the loose).
      • The old blue dragon's son wants to avenge his father's death, but doesn't want to take the risk, so he offers the job to the adventurers.
      • Hankel (the clueless dwarven heir) is being held in the prisons below the blue dragon's lair
      • Wer Vhisar has pressed you into his service to light the dwarven lighthouse, kill the green dragons, re-seat Hankel on the throne at Rioc Parel, and transplant Wer Vhisar's father's diffusion.
      • Hankel has been freed and the party meets him in the trashed library that apparently was used by Shear on his visits to Wer Vhisar.
      • Evidently, Hankel has no idea that Bardir was his father, and that he is hier the throne of Rioc Alair

    OOC: *EDIT* Yes. Believe it or not. That was the SHORT version.

    Still wating on renau1g to post his wishlist. That's why his line is blank in the rewards.

    BTW: @Ozymandias79 Rewards submitted for approval
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    Block Voda Vosa

    "We are under attack!" Shouts Sheng. He hisses some arcane words, his voice like a snake. As he moves his hand, a deep shroud of green steam forms around him, obscuring the shapes of the srocerer and his allies. With the same move, he gathers the steam, that coils and concentrates in an orb between his moving hands. He then shoots it towards the parapet, but only hits the stone, making a hissing sound, as the acid ate the stone.

    Initiative: 22
    Move action: Deep Shroud: Sheng square and all the adjacent are heavily obscured. I'm assuming the effect moves with the boat.
    Stdrd: Acid orb: Miss

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    sorry, but could we change the armor to wyvernscale? This is the +3 scale variant. drake is for +2 armor. Thanks for giving the +3

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