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    Block Voda Vosa

    Sheng starts assembling the part, conecting the gears, oiling the cranks, placing the levers and ropes in place, and a myriad of other tasks. He seems like a miniature clock craftsman working on a giant clockwork of sorts. He finishes the last touches, and inserts the piece the eladrin gives him. "It is done."
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    Block BenBrown

    Fenwick continues working the mechanism back and forth, trying to get it to catch. Eventually, something clicks.

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    Trying to not embarrass oneself in front of the sorcerer again, Riardon tries to help Fenwick with the meachanism.


    atletics did not include the group and last check bonus, so it is a 23


    When you spend an AP, you get a +2 on attacks.

    Mini stat block

    Riardon d'Caelis
    Perception: 20 Insight: 15 Low-light Vision
    AC 28 Fortitude 22 Reflex 22 Will 19
    Initiative: +4
    Hit Points: 53 / 64 Bloodied: 32
    Temporary Hit Points: 0
    Resist: -
    Saving Throw: +5 vs Charm
    Action Points: 1 Second Wind: 1
    Healing Surge:16 Surges per day: 8 / 9
    At-Will Powers: Directing Strike, Intuitive Strike
    Encounter Powers: Inspiring Word 0/2, Battlefront Shift, Arcane Mutterings, Chilling Cloud, Warlords Favor, Steel Monsoon, Lion's Roar, Feystep, Rousing Words, Amulet of Life
    Daily Powers: Calculated Assault, Stand the Fallen, Warlord's Recovery, Dwarven Armor, Sunblade Burst


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    Gensai decided the best way to light the fire would be with one of his powers. He drew his sword, and conjured a bolt of flame.


    Arcana: 1d20+15=25
    Arcana: 1d20+15=32 -1 +2 = 33

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    Block H.M.Gimlord

    Gears, cogs, and shafts spring to life as Fenwick sets the beacon mechanism in motion.

    On the floor above, flames erupt from Gensai's blade into the heart of the beacon, and immediately a blinding white-hot light explodes from within the glassy cage.

    A strikingly powerful beam of light cuts through the sea spray and arcs across the water, disappearing beyond the horizon.

    The party descend the stairs to check on their companions, but on their way, they are met by an apparition. It is the captian who gave Stang to Gensai.

    "Thank you for restoring the beacon. My soul was allowed to return so that we could show you our appreciation and further aid you in restoring the kingdom of Rioc Parvel."

    The apparition leads you through the rooms of the second floor. To Sheng he offers a set of bracers and a dagger. Both items are inset with deep blue gems that appear to have a storm brewing inside. The others in the party recognize the dagger as being similar (but not quite the same) to one they found in the thieves den a several weeks ago.

    Continuing through the rooms, Gensai is given a cloak interwoven with patches of Mythral, "This belonged to Bardor the Brave. Now it will fulfill its purpose."

    Turning to a fallen armoir , the apparition points to a full suit of chain armor lying underneath, "This armor was made for me, but I never had the chance to wear it. Where I am going, I will not need it, but you," he looks at Fenwick, "Have earned the right to carry it against our foes."

    Finally, the apparition turns to Riardon, "Oh healer and giver of life," he removes a pendant from around his neck, "I have no more need of this, but you must promise to keep the heir of Arkus's throne safe. He does not yet know his power." The apparition hands riardon the pendant.

    "And fiinally," he leads them into the ruins of what was once the captain's quarters and drags out a small chest, "Should you need finances, this should cover them." He opens the chest to reveal platinum coins and precious gems the likes of which none of hte group has ever seen, and small bar stock of curious metal, silvery, and brilliant wtih dark grain in its coloring that reminds Riardon of a picture he saw in Shear's library back in Walryn's lair
    Curious metal
    And with that, the apparition disappears, leaving the party to remember where they are. From without they hear the voice of Hankel shouting, and Riardon vaguely remembers hearing the sound of metal clashing on metal when he was looking for a lost part of the beacon.

    Hankel's voice carries through the arrow-slit windows from below, "Come back with our boat you confounded minotaur!"

    Hurrying down the stairs, the party is surprised to see that Tik-Chik is missing. Hankel is standing by the ladder that led (at one time) to their small boat, which is now a spec on water heading toward shore into the now rising sun.

    From behind them, they hear a noise, and a strikingly pretty lady emerges from the interior of the first floor.

    The party is taken even further aback by this turn of events since they were just inside, and saw nothing.

    Hankel addresses the lady, and none too politely, "And would it be too much to suppose that you can explain all this!?"
    The Lady
    As the confused party waits for the lady's answer, their minds are still on their disappearing boat, and the need to finish their mission to seat Hankel on his throne.

    GM: Skill Challenge Round Complete:

    Round 4 Results:

    • Fenwick: (Athletics) 18: 1 point
    • Gensai: (Arcana) 32: 3 points
    • Riardon: s (Perception) 19: 1 point
    • Sheng: (History) 28: 3 points
    Victory Points Earned This Round: 2

    Current Victory Points: 8 - Advantage

    @Ozymandias79 : (Now I got it right )

    XP and Rewards Submitted for Approval:

    Combat Encounter:
    Skill Challenge Level 9 Complexity 2: 400*2*2=1,600XP

    Skeleton Archer Lvl 9 Artillery: 400*5*2=4,000XP
    Skeleton Soldier Lvl 12 Minioin: 175*8*2=2,800XP
    Iron Defender Level 11 Soldier: 600*4*2=4,800XP
    Marrowshriek Skeleton Lvl 12 Elite Controller: 1,400*2=2,800XP

    Skill Challenge Level 10 Complexity 5: 500*5*2=5,000XP

    Encounter XP Total: 1,600+4,000XP+2,800+4,800+2,800+5,000=21,000XP

    Time XP for 7 Months!:
    Gensai (Level 9): 7*667=4,669XP
    Fenwick (Level 8): 7*584=4,088XP
    Sheng (Level 9): 7*667=4,669XP
    Riardon (Level 9): 7*667=4,669XP

    Total XP:
    Gensai: 9,919XP
    Fenwick: 9,338XP
    Sheng: 9,919XP
    Riardon: 9,919XP


    Riardon: Amulet of Life +2, Choose a non-neck item, and I'll retcon to add it.
    Sheng: Elemental Twist Dagger +2, Diamond Bracers Lvl 9
    Fenwick: Skald's Armor +3
    Gensai: Armor of Aegis Expansion +3

    Time Gold:
    Gensai: 12,222gp
    Fenwick: 8,862gp
    Sheng: 12,222gp
    Riardon: 12,222gp

    Oh. And I almost forgot again:
    14 DM Credits!
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    Block BenBrown

    OOC: Are we using Themes in this adventure?

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    The young woman has a grim expression as she looks about the ruin, haloed in pale flames that flicker in the empty white of one of her eyes. A steel staff is gripped in one hand, a knife of pale glass in the other.

    "Where did he go, you had to have seen him! He couldn't have gotten away already after all this time!" When she (presumably) gets blank looks she continues. "Rhagast the Marauder, minotaur the size of a wagon, broken horns, ugly as sin?"

    Phoenix's Statblock
    Phoenix, Female Tiefling Mage 9
    Passive Perception: 20, Passive Insight: 20
    AC: 21, Fort:19, Reflex: 23, Will:20, Resist Fire 9 -- Speed:6
    HP:53/53, Bloodied:26, Surge Value:13, Surges left:8/8
    Initiative +7, Action Points: 1 MBA: +8 AC, 1d4+1 damage. RBA: Range 20, 10 force damage.
    Powers: Magic Missile, Scorching Burst, Hypnotism, Infernal Wrath, Burning Spray, Fire Shroud, Ardent Rain, Fire Burst,Shield, Second Wind, Flaming Sphere, Summon Magma Beast, Summon Hell Hound, Fire Shield
    Items: Spidersilk Mantle, Dagger of Speed, Healing Potion x 1, Flame Bracers
    Notes: *Phoenix does not provoke OAs for Ranged or Area attacks. Phoenix's attacks ignore fire resistance. *Phoenix gains +1 to hit and +2 damage against bloodied foes. *Phoenix does +1d6+2d8 damage on a crit.
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    <Double Post>
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    Quote Originally Posted by h.m.gimlord View Post
    GM: skill challenge round complete:

    round 4 results:

    • fenwick: (athletics) 18: 1 point
    • gensai: (arcana) 32: 3 points
    • riardon: S (perception) 19: 1 point
    • sheng: (history) 28: 3 points

    victory points earned this round: 2

    current victory points: 8 - advantage

    @ozymandias79 : (now i got it right )

    xp and rewards submitted for approval:

    combat encounter:
    skill challenge level 9 complexity 2: 400*2*2=1,600xp

    skeleton archer lvl 9 artillery: 400*5*2=4,000xp
    skeleton soldier lvl 12 minioin: 175*8*2=2,800xp
    iron defender level 11 soldier: 600*4*2=4,800xp
    marrowshriek skeleton lvl 12 elite controller: 1,400*2=2,800xp

    skill challenge level 10 complexity 5: 500*5*2=5,000xp

    encounter xp total: 1,600+4,000xp+2,800+4,800+2,800+5,000=21,000xp

    time xp for 7 months!:
    gensai (level 9): 7*667=4,669xp
    fenwick (level 8): 7*584=4,088xp
    sheng (level 9): 7*667=4,669xp
    riardon (level 9): 7*667=4,669xp

    total xp:
    gensai: 9,919xp
    fenwick: 9,338xp
    sheng: 9,919xp
    riardon: 9,919xp


    riardon: Amulet of life +2, choose a non-neck item, and i'll retcon to add it.
    Sheng: Elemental twist dagger +2, diamond bracers lvl 9
    fenwick: Skald's armor +3
    gensai: Armor of aegis expansion +3

    time gold:
    gensai: 12,222gp
    fenwick: 8,862gp
    sheng: 12,222gp
    riardon: 12,222gp

    oh. And i almost forgot again:
    14 dm credits!


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    Block H.M.Gimlord

    As Phoenix approaches and her fire mingles with the morning light, the silhouettes take shape. They are an eladrin, two humans, a dwarf, and an orc. Strange company to be sure, but all on amicable terms. Behind her rises a 5-story, ruined, stone structure some 80-100 feet high, fitted atop with a powerful beacon of light that penetrates the darkness as it rotates, scanning the horizon.

    Hankel, the dwarf, spits. Only now does everyone else notice the deep, fresh gash in the back of his head dripping blood down his back, "And you had best not forget to add ugly to thad description." Hankel turns around and points toward a gnat-sized blip on the waves to the east under the rising sun, "There is the coward! He took our boat. It was our only way on or off this island. A friend of yours?" Hakel hefts a large axe that looks oddly familiar to Phoenix, "Unfortunately, he took me by surprise. Otherwise I would have been able to give him a proper greeting." He eyes Phoenix suspiciously, "He came from somewhere inside the building, just like you did." he pauses, "I suppose you can tell me who this Raddagast character is?"
    OOC: I updated the rewards post to include fluff surriounding the time gold award, and a little nugget of story flavor as well.
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