Knightvision Games is proud to release their first adventure module called "GT1 Path of the Delver".

"Secrets to all things lie in the heart of Bitter Root Mountain...and the only thing between you and its secrets is an army of Orcs, a horde of undead creatures, and a secret cult that will turn your blood cold...Dare ye enter?"

Path of the Delver is a Labyrinth Lord and AEC compatible adventure designed for 1st and 2nd level characters. Set in the upcoming Ebonyr campaign setting, it can also fit into any generic RPG world. The adventure combines urban, wilderness and a classic dungeon crawl.

Inside the PDF you'll find:
• Over 9 new monsters including the Lessor Demonos and Mogren
• Over 9 new magic items including the Delver's Spectacles and Tears of Palandria

Written by Jim "knightvision" Baney and John "jcftao" Feldman available here: RPGNOW. Get yours today!