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    OT: So... Who am I gaming with?

    It occurs to me that by now I have done a lot of gaming with people I know very little about. I am worried. Maybe some of you are dangerous internet predators. So let’s share a bit of not-too-personal information and get to know each other better.

    I'll get the ball rolling.

    My real first name is Vincent. I am 31 and I've been playing D&D since I was 13. I am fairly tall (6'4'') and not yet ridiculously out of shape thanks to a flagging but never collapsing discipline in working out. I was born in MontrÚal (QuÚbec, Canada) and still live there. English is not my native language, which should explain the occasional bizarre turn of phrase but by and large I think I do our education system credit.

    I work as a personal account manager at a bank (credit & investment). Do not let the words fool you; I am a far cry from a high rolling workaholic!

    I played elite hockey in my youth and I'm a fan of the Habs (MontrÚal Canadiens). During the playoffs, expect my posting rate to suffer.

    Beside RPGs, I like board games and videogames. I used to be an avid reader and am rediscovering the joy of books these days. I love television series; I feel right now they produce a higher quality of storytelling than movies. Dexter and Deadwood are two recent favorites.

    Another hobby of mine is trying to write a book (mostly with the ambition of having it be excellent amateur fare on the net, but who knows). I completed a first 300 page draft that was decent and now I am procrastinating about rewriting it in a more dynamic fashion. Right now it’s about 70 page of an excellent start and as many pages of notes and disjointed scenes that are very entertaining but do not form anything resembling coherence. This lead me to a conclusion: Professional authors are awesome. All of them, even those who write awful stuff. They are able to finish what they start!

    I also am an avid beer aficionado. I wouldn’t call myself a connoisseur just yet, but I am getting there. I appreciate a wide selection of beers. I especially like stout ales (and variants like Porter) and Weizen (wheat beers). I have a high tolerance for bitter beers like Indian Pale Ale and love to try experimental beers that toy with exotic ingredients like fruits, maple or various spices. I even enjoy the occasional Pilsener and other quality blond lagers. The only beers I’ll avoid are the bland ‘soda beers’ like Budweiser, Miller, Molson and their ilk. These are great mass market products but poor excuses for beers. Luckily, Quebec is one of the few genuine beer paradise in the world and quality beer is literally just around the corner.

    All right, I think that’s a reasonable amount of personal but not compromising information about me. I’m sure you all feel much closer to me now.

    Your turn.
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