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    Relic stumbles in quite drunk.

    "Neckles off Fire peas."

    Relic looks quite isappointed when he's told there are no necklaces.

    "Whaddabouda hat?"

    He begins to get agitated when he is told the last one has just been sold.


    He stumbles back out the door after handing over 2000 gp looking quite chuffed with himself.

    OOC: Want to purchase a Necklace of Fireballs type I
    No Luck: Drunk Relic tries to buy a Hat (of Disguise)
    No Luck: It makes sense in his head: Manacles of Cooperation
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    A still somewhat sooty elf makes his way into the Mystic Pearl and gets straight to business, looking for a variety of supplies for his upcoming journey.

    First, he searches for a magically infused longbow suited to his particularly aptitude, and he is pleased to see that the Pearl has just the item he is looking for(Success, 2600 gp spent). He happily sells his old longbow to pay for the new one (Sold, 600 gp)

    Next, he begins searching for a wand of Cure Light Wounds, in case himself or those he journeys with are in need of healing in the future; the elf swears unselfconsciously under his breath when he finds that his luck doesn't extend to this item, however (Failure).

    Turning his attention to the stacks of scrolls, he succeeds in finding both subjects of his search there: a scroll of Vanish (Success, 25 gp spent) and a scroll of Shield (Success, 25 gp spent).

    He then searches for a magical armored kilt (+1), which he is also fortunate enough to find (Success, 1170 gp spent). In order to pay for it, he decides to sell his Cloak of Resistance (+1) (Sold, 1000 gp gained). He also sells two quivers of arrows in order to ensure he's not overburdened by his new armor (Sold, 2 gp gained).

    Pleased with his trip, he walks out the door and heads towards the docks.

    Total Income from sales: 1602 gp
    Total Expenditures: 3820 gp
    Net Expense: 2218
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    Nathan Thchanlach, human sorcerer

    "Where do you think you're--?"

    The Pearl's door bumps open, and a tiny, sparking mote spins wildly throughout the room before it explodes into the shape of a small dragon made of azure flame. As the loud bang echoes, a young man clad in dark crimsons and charcoals rushes in.

    "For the love of ... why on E'n would you do that?" the slightly-mussed young man snaps at the empty air where the dragon-shaped explosion occured. His eyes track as if following movement, glaring the whole way until they're focused at an unseen point just above his left shoulder.

    "Well, I didn't need help finding it. I've been here before," he says. He looks back to the soot on the floor of the shop, then to the shocked shopkeep.

    "I am so sorry," he says, giving his best sheepish look. "I made a few new friends recently, and they haven't quite learned how to behave themselves properly in civilized society. We'll get this cleaned up in a jif." Indeed, the soot is already beginning to disappear as tiny glints of light play along the cleaned edges of the black. "I'm Nathan, by the way. Was in here once before looking for a few things, thought I'd see what else you've taken in since then."

    Two motes on either side of his temples glow visibly. they each circle his head in opposite directions, leaving a faint trail for a moment, before they come to rest, one on each eye. Nathan's eyes glow briefly before the light fades. Then, with an easy smile, he turns his attention to the wares at the Pearl.

    Almost instantly, something catches his eye in the ring case. "That one there, the plain silver band with the faint runes? Protection magic, yes? Let's set that aside; I'm definitely interested in that." (Ring of Protection +1)

    For the next several minutes, the young sorcerer peruses the stock, though he doesn't seem to be finding anything more that's grabbing his attention the way the ring did. He does eventually pick up a small necklace with three golden beads on it. (Necklace of Fireballs Type 1)

    "Well, yes, I can see how having an even bigger boom available could come in handy," he says, and he chuckles as the gold takes on a silver wash. "Yes, you're right, it matches better that way," he says to his unseen companions. He lays it next to the ring. "Both of these, for certain, then. And can I take a look at your scrolls?"

    Nathan rifles through the arcane scrolls for several more minutes, debating with his invisible allies, and finally settles on four, adding them to his pile. (Scrolls of Invisibility, Protection from arrows, Detect Thoughts, and Minor Image)

    "That's probably more than enough shopping for one day," he says with a winning smile. He pulls out his heavy coin purse, leaving most of its contents with the shopkeep. He slips on the ring and necklace, slides the scrolls into the case in his backpack, and bids The Mystic Pearl good-bye.

    "About time I stopped back in at the Dunn Wright, see if anyone else I know is about."

    OOC: Starting funds: 4,801.43 gp

    Purchase totals:
    Ring of Prot +1: 2,000 gp
    Necklace of Fireballs Type 1: 1,650
    4 x 2nd level sorcerer scrolls: 200 gp each (800 gp total)

    Final purchase total: 4450

    Remaining funds: 351.43
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    Having had a setback in battle, Arianna brings a wounded Daylily to the towering temple of the Stormlord Tanager. While inside she purchases several potions of cure light wounds to aide her party as well as the ornate wooden holy symbol for herself and a prayer book her new mentor insists she have.

    OOC: Registering purchases made at the Church of Tanager in Venza here.
    Purchase 1 Cure Light Wounds potion from the counter up front. 50 gp
    Ask about more and purchase 9 more Cure Light Wounds potions from the reserve stock in back. (9 of the 14 on page 1) 450 gp
    Purchase 1 ornately carved wooden holy symbol of Tanager for 1 gp.
    Purchase 1 beginner's prayer book of the Stormlord Tanager for 1 gp.

    Total expenditures: 502 gp

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    As Quillian, still dusty from the road, enters the shop, his eyes look at everything. Seeing the pearl of power, he grabs it, figuring anything that increases his spellcasting ability is worth the cost. He next looks for something to improve his offensive capability while keeping weight in mind, finding a nicely made shortspear out of darkwood. That found, he proceeds to look for the heaviest shield he can comfortably carry, finding a nice darkwood shield almost immediately. His money mostly spent, he goes up to the counter to sell his old shortspear and his spare waterskin, in order to give himself some breathing room to carry things, as well as buy the items he has picked out. Happy with his purchases, he heads out to once more see what the road has to offer.

    Shortspear 1 gp
    Waterskin 1 gp

    level 1 Pearl of Power 1000 gp
    small darkwood shortspear 316 gp
    small darkwood heavy wooden shield 207

    spent 1521 gp
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    Fae'shiel enters Arcane Row and looks around for a while, until she finds a weapon shop that looks as though it would suit her needs. Once she does she enters the weapon shop and looks at the various weapons lining the walls. She picks up a Composite Longbow that looks as though it would work for her. She then looks around for a basic dagger that would be ideal for her needs and then she grabs a quiver of some standard Arrows and walks over to the clerk and she says "I would like to buy these." The clerk nods, tells her how much they would be, and she pays for them.

    Fae'shiel then goes to find a Jewelry store, where she purchases a bracelet that would allow her to carry some of the value of her gold without having to worry about pick pockets as much.

    After her shopping Fae'shiel then returns to the Dunn Wright Inn.

    OOC: Buying the following:
    1x Composite Longbow (+2 Str Modifier) - 300 GP
    20x Arrows - 1 GP
    1x Dagger - 2 GP
    1x Bracelet - 100 GP

    Total Spent 403 GP

    Fae'shiel Aeros
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    A particularly small halfling walks beside the canal for Arcane Row. Although his exceptionally tiny stature would make him a target for being crushed underfoot, his attire, including a series of roses interwoven over a fine gabardine suit, as well as some well-appointed rings, causes the crowds to naturally let him through. He ducks down a small side passage and in through a door that most would not notice.

    He strides up to the proprietress, another halfling, blonde like himself.

    "Greetings, Vilis," he mentions, nonchalantly.

    "Holphin, brother, good to see you!" She comes out from behind her counter and hugs him.

    "Ah, good to be home, sister! How is your collection coming?"

    "Rather well. Take a look! And let me check your horologic."

    Holphin pulls out his pocketwatch and hands it to his sister as he looks around. Eventually, he picks up a small leather harness.

    "This looks quite well... But would you have something more in Emet's size?"

    Carefully recalibrating Holphin's timepiece, Vilis looks up from her work to reply, "That will stretch to fit Emet just fine." Finishing up her work, she adds, "Here, you remain synchronized. Oh, and I was just working with rosewood for the family. I can improve the enchantment on that. Here."

    Vilis pulls out a vase filled with roses, picks one, and threads it onto Holphin's lapel. "That should work for you, and it will join with the rest of the roses when they are next watered."

    "Very good, thank you! This should cover your needs and add to your collection. I've got to head over to the alchemist's before they shut down for the evening. See you at dinner!"

    "See you, little brother!"

    Selling MW Rosewood Armor. Purchasing +1 Rosewood Armor. Net cost: 1,000 gp.
    Purchasing Muleback Cords. Net Cost: 1,000 gp.
    Purchasing 2 potions of Cure Light Wounds, Potion of Longstrider, Potion of Magic Fang from Inventory. Net cost: 200 gp.

    Total cost: 2,200 gp.
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    Ehdge walks through the market area looking for a reputable looking weaponshop. He finds what he is looking for in a small shop with a simple sign. Inside, everything is neat and but not fancy. Everything from the display cases and furniture to the weapons and armaments on the walls seems to be well made, but not too fancy. Just what he likes.

    He approaches the proprietor, and heavily muscled human with a bald head and a bushy mustache, and says, "Hello, I am looking for a bit of an upgrade to my greatsword. This one has served me well so far, but I would like to find one of a bit higher quality."

    The man smiles and says, "I believe I have something that might suit your needs." He steps behind the counter and retrieves a greatsword from the corner of the shop. There was nothing decorative about it, but there seemed to be no small detail of the sword that displayed anything less than quality work.

    "This looks perfect!" said Ehdge as he closely examined the blade and held it out in front of him to test the weight and balance. "Yes, this is just what I was hoping to find!"

    "I am glad that you like it. I just finished it about a week ago and was planning to keep it for myself, as the greatsword is my preferred weapon as well. However, as I tend to stay close to home these days, and you seem a young man bent on finding adventure, I think it may serve you better right now."

    Ehdge thanks the man and completes the transaction. The proprietor even gives him a slight discount for the trade in of his old greatsword.

    Purchase MW Greatsword 350g
    Trade in standard greatsword 50g
    Subtracting 300g from character

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    The razzled old wizard Relic Nevyn walks into the store leaning heavily on his staff and clutching at his ribs. He squints at the shop keep and rubs at his eyes.

    "I swear upon the Wind that I will never drink again. My vision dims to darkness ..." he mutters as he slams a pair of manacles down on the counter.

    "I bought these last night from you ... they don't work a bit! The man wearing them not only did not do as he was asked, he slit his own throat while being questioned! I demand to have my money back!"

    As the shopowner hands over the gold unamused by the old man's harsh tones and impolite demands Relic clutches his head, snaps up the coins and leaves the shop shouting behind him.

    "Forgive me good sir! I am not myself! I will return once this storm inside my head has settled and the world returns to its place in the heavens."

    His vomiting can be heard from a way down the street even with the door firmly closed

    OOC: Sell manacles of Cooperation: +2000 gp

    I was going to purchase some stuff but I have had to run in real life! No vomiting though!

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    Daylily strides into the Mystic Pearl, takes off his handaxe and shortsword, and places them on the counter. After a moment of hesitation, he adds his earthbreaker to the pile, and then the potions he’s acquired.

    “I am want new weapon,” he says. “Four new weapon. Firsting, I want new hammer, with the silvers metal on it. Seconding, I am want axe. Special axe, of special iron-steel. And punching-glove, third. And dagger.”

    “Well, cestuses, and a dagger ... sure. But a silvered magical earthbreaker? That will take some time. I ... have a cold iron greataxe for you, though...if that's what you want...” the shopkeeper asks, clearly flustered.

    “Yes, the cold irons.” He begins dumping gold coins on the counter. “I have much of the yellows metal.”

    The shopkeeper’s eyes widen, but he regains his composure quickly. “Perhaps you’d like additional magics? Power … protection …?”

    “And you is trade theses for yellows metals?” The barbarian can barely keep a straight face. “Yes, I wills trading yellows metal for the magics of much power. And for the chew. And the rocks for the slings. And heal drinks.”

    “I’m sure we can reach an agreement with that. It may take a few days for some of the more powerful magics…” the shopkeeper says, his eyes glittering.

    “Is much time? I can waiting some few day. I have many cat for to hunt.”

    "Cat ... hunting...? Oh, of course: cat hunting. Yes, of course."

    "And this ... I want this to have strong magic."
    Almost reverently, Daylily lays a cloak made of wolf pelt on the table.

    the shopkeeper says, "We can do immediately."

    OOC: Selling:
    Silver shortsword
    Cold iron handaxe
    Potion of Jump
    Potion of Shield of Faith
    Oil of Magic Weapon
    Oil of Bless
    Potion of Longstrider

    MWK Cold Iron greataxe
    2x Cestus
    Cloak of protection +1

    Silvered earthbreaker +1, arriving 31 Oct 2011

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