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    Relic walks back into the shop a day later looking rather sheepishly as he approaches the counter. Clearing his throat he says:

    "Good day ser, I pray you'll forgive my deplorable behaviour yesterday. I hope you can find it in yourself to not hold it against me in our dealings now and in the future. I promise it will not happen again."

    As Relic drops his weighty purse upon the counter and begins scanning the Pearl's wares, all is forgiven and forgotten.

    "Do you have an armour light enough for someone as frail as myself, one that would not hinder my movements overly or my spell casting, but strong enough to offer my body a hardy protection from ... oh, I don't know ... a stray hammer blow? Rosewood you say ...? Just sold yesterday before I came in? The Wind blows dust in my face at every turn. A magical leather armor? Why that should be fine. How much did you say it was?"

    After much discussion Relic hands of nearly all his wealth, his crossbow and ammo and a wand in exchange for a suit of magical leather armor, a pearl and a ring. Weighing his his now very light bag of coins he eyes up the shelve filled with scrolls ...

    Relic reenters about half an hour later blushing deeply. He gathers his courage ignoring the shokeepers reark of 'What is it this time?' and clears his throat:

    "I have it on good authority that it is an awful idea that I attempt to cast spell in such cumbersome attire, and he's promised not to hit me again and given me a barbacued cat on a stick as way of apology for the whole affair... so ... I was wondering if you had something lighter ... even more portable? What? Keep my armor ... in a wand you say! By the Wind ser, you are a genius! Do you have such a wand? You do! May the Wind blow gently upon your sweet little face!"

    OOC: Starting wealth: 3752 gp
    Trade in: Wand of Sleep (unused) +750 gp
    Total: 4502 gp

    Buy: Edit: Wand of Mage Armor: -750 gp
    Pearl of power lvl 1: -1000gp
    Ring of Protection +1: -2000gp
    8 lvl 1 scrolls: -200 gp
    Ink : -100 gp
    New Total: 452 gp

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    Thuvian enters the store, heading straight to the magic gems. Well aware that he would mostly find pearls imbued with the magic he needed, he was hopeful someone with the capability would be imaginative enough to use a different kind of gem, if for no other reason than to prove it could be done. His hope is borne out when he quickly spots a dark blue sapphire that meets his requirements, and his preferred choice of colors. Pleased with the find, he goes to the shopkeep with a smile on his face, and after paying for the item, returns to his room in the Inn to work transferring many of his newly found scrolls into his spellbook.

    OOC: Spent
    1000 Dark Blue Sapphire of Power (white pearls just don't fit this character at all)
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    Saranna Surefoot is looking for...

    Mithral Buckler (small) (cost 1015 gp)
    Mithrial Chain Shirt (small) (cost 1100 gp)
    Darkwood Light Crossbow (small) (cost 355gp)

    Leather armor (10 gp),
    Darkwood Light Shield (small) (178 gp) (add to available items)
    Light Crossbow (35 gp)

    The Math

    2725.55 Starting Funds
    - 2470.00 Purchases
    + 223.00 Items Sold
    478.55 Remaining Funds
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    A foul smelling whirlwind of fur and steel bursts into the store with an ear-splitting roar. The shopkeeper instinctively dives for cover, only to find himself lifted by his collar to face Daylily's gap-toothed grin.

    "Fat merchants!"
    he shouts drunkenly at the shopkeeper, who cringes. "I am get big ideas! I am wants the stick with the heals magic!"

    "But ... but ..."

    "And then, when I gets bleed, I am wave the magic heal stick!"

    "But ... but ..."

    "Is good!"

    Quivering slightly, the merchant hands over an oaken wand, and ducks as he's showered with several handfuls of gold coins. Daylily grabs his purchase and leaves the store, singing happily in his dialect of Elven.

    "#%$@ing Jiragans," the shopkeeper grumbles, collecting the coins off the floor.
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    "I am backs for the hammer! Where is hammers?" Daylily bellows, having barged through the door.

    The shopkeeper clutches his chest, and breathes deeply. "Sir, could you please come in a little more..."

    "Where is hammer!?"
    the elf yells, and the shopkeeper yelps and scrambles for the back room. A moment later he returns with an irregular package wrapped in brown paper. Daylily snatches the package and tears the wrapping off to reveal a brilliant silver earthbreaker. He rubs his forehead in disappointment. "You is be much joke," he says.

    "Nonononono it's magic! Strong magic! Like you asked!"

    The barbarian sighs. "We will give test to it."

    OOC: Picking up the earthbreaker

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    Veniarus and Kalius having left the feast after their last adventure, enter the Arcane Row happy to finally be free of some of the burden that the adventure had placed upon them. Once there they find a merchant shop that looks like it would be of service to them. Once there Veniarus says "Good sir, I would like to sell this Backpack."

    "Why yes of course good sir. We can offer you this in exchange for the backpack."

    "I would also like to exchange this crossbow for a higher quality crossbow." to which the clerk responds, "yes sir, absolutely sir."

    It is at this point that Kalius interupts Veniarus saying "Master would it be possible to get me an upgraded weapon as well?" to which Veniarus responds "I suppose so, yes." Veniarus turns tot he clerk and says, "One High Grade Lucerne Hammer, and for the one that my friend is carrying I would like to sell that as well."

    Veniarus makes one last stop before returning to the Dunn Wright Inn. Stopping at the office of the Apartment Manager of Venza, he steps inside and requests "I would like to purchase an Apartment to live in when not out adventuring." to which the apartment manager says "Certainly, if you would just sign here. Excellent, here are the keys to your apartment, the apartment can be found..." and the Manager explains how to find Veniarus' new apartment with Veniarus listening intently.

    OOC: Starting Funds: 1493 gp and 7 sp

    1x Backpack for 1 gp
    1x Lucerne Hammer 7 gp and 5 sp
    1x Light Crossbow 17 gp and 5 sp

    Increased Funds: 1519 gp and 7 sp

    1x Masterwork Lucerne Hammer 315 gp
    1x Masterwork Light Crossbow 335 gp
    1x Average Living Quarters 100 gp

    Final Funds: 769 gp and 7 sp
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    Arianna (Mermaid Synthesist 1/Cleric of Tanager 1)

    Having made a profit in her first adventure in the dry lands, it is now time for Arianna to find a home up here. She goes shopping and asking around. Several people point her towards the same real estate agent when she asks about finer places. After using some perfume, she dresses up in her finest clothes and visits this merchant of dry caves.

    Walking slowly on her crutches into his shop, "Hello. I am looking for a place to live. Have I come to the right place?"

    "Why yes m'lady. I am Rhibahn. Please." as the half elf pulls up a chair for her. As she takes off her cloak, "Uh, oh. Just a second, let me think. Ah yes." Running to the back, he comes back dragging a couch for her. "Is this better?"

    "Thank you. I am Arianna." Arianna drapes her cloak over the back of the couch and sits down.

    "So, are you looking for somewhere to hang your cloak for a while, or something more permanent?"

    "Permanent and a bit refined."

    "Ah, I might have a place that is perfect for you. Last year, a merman merchant that has done well very well in the area closed up his business and moved north to some isles, don't remember the name now. His home has been on the market for some time now. There is not much calling for a both wet and dry home. But it is a bit expensive."

    "Sounds interesting, go on."

    "It is four stories, on the bay, and shares walls with a couple of gnomish merchants. Those tinkerers helped him improve the place over the years. The lower two floors are wet, looking west into the bay. The gnomish colored glass in the upper wet floor takes in the sunset light in a burst of colors throughout the room. Both wet floors have grated seaflow windows with bronze sealable shutters and doors. So, you can enjoy the tide currents or seal off the rooms as you desire. The lower dry floor has a small storefront and office in front, and a kitchen and dining area in back. They upper floor has three bedrooms and a second office."

    "Go on."

    "Well, I should probably show you the rest. If you will come with me." Rhibahn escorts the mermaid through town to the home. While obvious that the place has been closed for a while, it is in good repair.

    Once inside, "And back here, in the kitchen's closet, we have something special. If you push up on the ceiling" waiting for her to move it, "that ladder goes up to the roof, bypassing the top floor. But, you must be careful. As soon as you get up out of this closet, you will see a second set of five rungs for a bit. Turn the middle one counter clockwise. Otherwise, as you reach near the top, one of the rungs will trigger a series of three axes. They are designed to make it a very bad day for burglars on a rope or the ladder. At the top is another five rungs. The middle on there, turned either direction resets the trigger to active. From the top, there is no way to deactivate the axes. He was paranoid enough to want an escape route. The water in the bay is deep enough to dive from the roof if you have the nerve."

    "Paranoid indeed! Interesting."

    "As you can see, this was all new construction for the merman when he came to the city long ago. Instead of stairs, there are ramps and double railings between the floors. The stone waterbeds are on sturdy floor foundations that will not creak. The gnomework windows all open and lock, while coloring the light entering the home. This isn't one of those human homes that is simply sinking into the sea."

    "How much?"

    "I can sell you this place for 1,200 gold pieces."

    "But, such a place like this, customized for people who do not visit here often, are you sure it is worth that? I have not seen another of my kind walking the streets while I have been here. Since it has been on the market as you say for a year now, I could give you 800 gold pieces for it."

    "One thousand is the best I can do."

    "Agreed. One thousand gold pieces it is then."

    "Agreed." The half elf pulls out a large ring of keys, "Here are all the keys. You will have to sort out which go where. The merman was too paranoid to have a common set of locks made for the doors and windows."

    Arianna sets down her backpack and pulls out 10 smaller bags that jingle. While it was a lot of weight, she had prepared and separated her coins into manageable sacks before coming.

    "Do you want papers? Or would you like to go to the registrar's office now to have them officiate the deal?"

    The registrar's office would be fine. Rhibhan leads the mermaid to the town registrar, and certifies the deal. Arianna is now the proud owner of a home and a large ring of keys.

    OOC: 1,000 GP paid for "Wealthy Living Style" including a sizable home.

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    Arianna (Mermaid Synthesist 1/Cleric of Tanager 1)

    Arianna gets dressed up fancy and makes her way to the Pearl. Opening the door, "Ah, welcome back. What would you be needing today?"

    "I am looking to upgrade. Would you by chance have a high quality merfolk speargun?"

    "Let me see. Why yes we do." Pulling it down off the wall, "This one is of fine craftsmanship. Feel the weight of it. The stock has been carved from a mystic wood that stronger than oak, while very light."

    "It will do nicely. And bolts for it? Would you have cold iron bolts?"

    "Yes, Yes we do."

    "And I would like to sell my old speargun. It is in good working order. But as you can see when setting side by side, the new one is prettier."

    "Yes, I can take your old weapon."

    "Thank you." She pays for the items and slings her new weapon over her shoulder. "Good day."

    "And good hunting to you."

    OOC: Selling merfolk speargun (refluffed light crossbow) for 35 gp
    Buying Darkwood Masterwork merfolk speargun for 375 gp
    Buying 20 cold iron speargun bolts for 4 gp

    Net: Spending 344 gp

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    The following items have arrived from the Expansion thread. Get them before your neighbor does.

    +1 Longspear(2305)
    Efficient Quiver(1800)
    Hand of the Mage(900)

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    A well-tanned, muscular man, his hair and beard a deep red and clothing woodsy greens and browns, enters. He stands near the entrance a moment, scanning the establishment as if assessing it for threats, then, apparently satisfied, he makes his way to the front counter. He begins piling his weapons on the counter without asking.

    "Cold iron, arrows and dagger. Silvered blunt arrows and cestus," he says, all, ammunition and weapons clanking on the wood. He pulls out a heavy coat from his backpack. "The chain shirt for this," here he points to a well-made shirt behind him, though he doesn't look to it. Apparently he marked its position during his initial entry.

    The attendant at the counter stutters a moment, but quickly recovers.

    "Ah, well, yes, we should have this won't take but a moment," he says, plastering his smile back into place. He gathers up the pile of gear and hustles it to the back, then scurries about the shop collecting the items and laying them on the counter with a loud clunk.

    Eanos surveys them coldly and quickly, then nods. "How much?"

    "With the trade-ins, that comes to 75 gold."

    Eanos cocks his head to one side, as if considering a haggle, then shrugs and nods. He quickly produces seven platinum and five gold, then begins securing his new gear. Once he's armored and armed again, he finally smiles.

    "I feel naked going unarmed. I'm sure you understand," he says with sudden pleasantness. The merchant is once again taken aback by the sudden shift, but merely nods and smiles again.

    "I hear that from adventurers all the time, sir. You have yourself a good day, yes?"

    Eanos nods, then, and walks to the door. He turns back at the threshold.

    "I met an odd half-orc on the road into town who told me The Dunn Wright Inn is a good place to find a meal and a job?"

    The merchant nods knowingly and offers up quick directions, after which Eanos wishes him good day and heads off.

    OOC: Sold: MW Armored Coat (200 gp), bought MW Chain Shirt (250 gp).

    * Traded standard for cold iron on regular arrows, dagger (+3 gp)

    * Traded standard for silver on cestus, blunt arrows (+22 gp)

    Net spent: 75 gp

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