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    A savage looking tribesman with a cheetah draped over his shoulders walks into the Pearl his eyes growing as wide as plates as he stares at the wonders exhibited within the shop.
    "Taniwha look at this place! A treasure trove!!"

    He slams a heavy sack of coins down on the counter.

    "You will trade for metals?"

    His face lights up upon receiving an affirmative. "Ohohohoho..." he laughs as though he has just made the deal of the century.

    "Better armor, I need. And a sharper sword!"

    Maui walks out of the shop with his purse much lighter and his gear upgraded feeling quite chuffed with himself.
    MW Hide Shirt: -240 gp
    MW Heavy Wooden Shield: -157 gp
    MW Scimitar: -315 gp
    MW Sling: -300gp
    total: -1012gp

    Hide Armor: +15gp
    Heavy Wooden Shield: +7gp
    Scimitar: +15gp
    total: +37gp

    Final total spent: 37 - 1012 = -975gp
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    Tyrien, Half-elven Archeress

    After traveling from Haaste to Venza, Tyrien has had some time to consider items she wishes to purchase.

    The archeress looks for a magical quiver, some nice shiny armor, a pearl of magical power, and belt of agility, and a healing wand.

    OOC: Purchases:
    Efficient Quiver -1800gp
    +1 Mithral Shirt -2100gp
    +1 Cloak of Resistance -1000gp

    Commissioned (6 Feb 2012):
    CLW Wand (40 charges) -600gp -> Available 9 Feb 2012
    Belt of Dexterity +2 -4000gp -> Available 18 Feb 2012

    Total Cost = 9500gp
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    A road weary man and his split tailed panther walk into the Pearl. "It is time to do an overhaul on my equipment." "Don't forget I get a new trrinket. You promised."

    Searching the collection of scrolls, he finds most of what he is looking for, but not everything. Apparently there has been a run on happy sticks, because he cannot find a wand of Cure Light Wounds. While they have one Pearl of Power to recharge his few magely spells, he doesn't find a second.

    Gragnor tries out an amulet and enjoys how it makes his claws and teeth energized with electricity. He playfully gnaws on his man's leg, getting used to the sparks running across his tongue.
    "Yess, this is mine!" The clerk looks down at the panther and knows he is not going to reach in to try and take it back.

    Searching through the weapons, Kalgor finds a finely crafted bow, taught enough for his brawn. He also finds an enchanted greatsword with a winged motif in the etchings along the blade.

    "I would like to trade this greatsword for that one. While this one is quite capable, the foul beast I took it off of has tainted it in a way I just can't explain. It just doesn't feel right in my hands. For those that want to know it's history later, it was taken off of Asar, the scourge of Haatse."

    "We can do that. Someone will be interested in its historical value." says the clerk.
    totals 7,328 GP and 5 SP spent

    .......52.5 .. Three cantrips and inscription materials
    .....350 gp.. Ten first level scrolls and the inscription materials
    ..5,000 gp.. +0 Amulet of Shocking Mighty Fists
    ..2,350 gp.. +1 Greatsword
    .-2.350 gp.. +1 Greatsword of Asar of Haatse (trade in)
    ..1,000 gp.. First Level Pearl of Power
    .....800 gp.. +4 STR Masterwork Composite Longbow
    .........2 gp.. 40 Arrows
    .........2 gp.. 20 blunt arrows
    .........2 gp.. 20 cold iron arrows
    .......20 gp.. 2 smoke arrows
    .......40 gp.. 2 Alchemist's Fire
    .........5 gp.. 10 days of trail rations
    .........5 gp.. charcoal grey cloak
    .......50 gp.. potion of cure light wounds
    ..7,328 GP and 5 SP spent
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    Walking in with Tyrien and Kalgor (and Gragnor), Iosef Tellus moves to a rack of swords, looking for a longsword that suits his purposes.
    He also finds a set of armor that fits him like it was designed for his slender frame. Unable to find a suitable shield, he decides to keep the one they found in the tomb.
    Looking for:
    +1 Longsword 2000+315gp yes
    +1 Agile Half Plate 1000+1000gp yes
    +1 Heavy Steel Shield 1000 + 170 gp no

    +1 bashing heavy steel. 4000 + 170

    Total spend: 8655gp

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    @rb780nm: I haven't looked at his cash, but if you can afford it I'd just buy the +1 Bashing Shield back from the Pearl after you sell it to them. A better shield, and you can save the wait time for commissioning one.
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    @Mowgli thanks, good idea.

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    Before his next misadventure Temarel stops by the mystic pearl and grabs a number of choice items.

    Wand of Curelight Wounds 750gp
    Handy Haversack 2,000gp

    Mundane Purchases:
    Morningstar 8gp
    Weapon Blanch (Cold Iron) x2 40gp
    Weapon Blanch (Silver) x2 10gp

    Total Spent 2,800gp
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    Anaerion comes in, looking for some things. He finds a bag that he can use to carry all of his equipment, as well as a new headband to increase his potential. The headband he finds increases his knowledge of local people. He finds a few scrolls that he seems somewhat interested in, but decides against buying it. He sells his old and tattered backpack, knowing it was no longer worth anything.

    INT helm with Know:Local 4000 gp
    Handy Haversack. 2000 gp

    Backpack 1gp

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    Anaerion returns to the shop, and starts browsing the books for more reference materials. He finds a 2 books that capture his interest: one is a general book about fascinating arcane creatures, the other book a guide to the regions of Heth. Suddenly, a book slowly removes itself from the bookcase, and a voice can be heard saying "This one! I want to read this one!"

    With a nod, Anaerion grabs the book as it floats down from him, not saying anything as the shop keeper stares at him. He opens it, and finds a book similar to the one he received as a gift. It looks like a book of tall tales, written in the common tongue, from a variety of cultures and regions. He smiles, and points to one of the ioun stones floating around a fake head that glows softly, saying "One of those please."

    He takes a look at the scrolls section, hoping that scroll he found earlier was not sold. Finding it in the exact spot he left it in, he grabs it up. Anaerion takes a careful look over the scroll, reading it to make sure he doesn't need anything. Anaerion then looks around for a miniature shovel that is used for gardening to purchase along with the other scrolls he found.

    Looking for:
    Knowledge Arcane book - 50gp
    Knowledge Local book - 50 gp
    Book of Tall tales - 10 gp
    Ioun Torch - 75 gp
    Create Pit scroll + Focus + Writing it into Spellbook - 200gp

    385 gp
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    Quote Originally Posted by jackslate45 View Post
    OOC: Create Pit scroll + Focus + Writing it into Spellbook - 200gp
    OOC: @jackslate45 , I believe you still have to make the Spellcraft roll, at 1 chance / real world day, in order to transcribe to a spellbook. I don't imagine it'll take that many tries, but I believe there needs to be a roll / post to link to for your sheet.

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