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    13+2 conjuration = 15 vs DC 17. Need a 2.

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    Yoshiki Akita (Human Monk 5)

    A breeze blows in as the door to the Mystic Pearl opens revealing a man in sad shape. He is wearing dirty, torn, cut, burned, and otherwise destroyed robes that hang from his shoulders. The bottoms are black from tracking through mud revealing his bare, dirty feet below. He pauses at the door to drop a pair of comparatively clean sandals on the ground and slips them on before walking in.

    Before the shop keep can ask, Yoshiki gives him the obvious answer. "I am in need of new robes. I'm hoping you have some magically enhanced ones in my size that will hold up better than these did."

    Looking for Monk's Robes... Rolling... 75! (Barely)

    "Sure, I think I had one back here somewhere. And it may even be your size!" It takes a long time waiting as the shopkeep digs through the backroom. Yo is about to give up and tell me to not bother when he comes out with a long, dark brown robe of excellent workmanship. "Perfect!" he proclaims as the man sets the robe on the counter. Reaching under his robe, he pulls out several large and heavy bags that clank loudly as he drops them on the counter next to the new robe. Mostly coin that traveled with him from the far off town of Martha. "These were getting too heavy anyways." He thanks the shopkeep and proceeds to walk out the door with a little more speed to his step.

    But before he reaches the door, his eyes catch something on the display shelf. Stopping, he picks it up and examines it for just a second. "I'll take this as well." He heads back and drops a few more coins on the counter.

    Will take the Potion of Mage Armor from Mystic Pearl's posted inventory.

    Monk's Robe: 13,000 GP
    Potion of Mage Armor: 50 GP
    Total Spent: 13,050 GP

    I just looked at first post of this thread again, and I see that if the item is over 8,000 GP, I would need to commission it. Okay then...

    A few hours later, the monk returns. "This robe is too small, do you have anything bigger?" he asks to which the shopkeep responds, "Nope, that was the only one. I can order for one, but its gonna take a while."

    Commission Monk's Robe. Will take 39 real-life takes to complete. Ready on April 10th, 2012.
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    Block jkason

    A burly man in a large bearskin cloak (Inar Parsons) enters the Pearl via her storefront in Martna, and plunks a relatively nondescript bag on the counter.

    "Alrighty, then, official town business and whatnot," he says as he begins to draw forth items from the bag. "We've got all this nonsense the Cult of Owbej stockpiled, and the fact of the matter is, the town needs gold more than it needs gizmos and gadgets." Thus far the man has only produced small items: a few potions and scrolls. Now he draws forth a large greatclub which should by no means fit into the bag he's carrying. And still he continues to produce items.

    The shopkeep's eyes grow a bit large as he realizes how much inventory the ranger has for sale. When he's finished, Inar sticks his arm in up to the shoulder, double checking, then tosses the bag on top of the pile.

    "Sack, too. Mighty handy that," he says.

    The shopkeep quickly sets to work calculating the worth of the items, and soon Inar is leaving with a much larger (and heavier) sack than he left with, this one full of coin. Meanwhile, the shopkeep begins cataloging the Pearl's new acquisitions.

    OOC: Adding to the inventory of the Pearl, via Distant Relations. If a kindly judge could update the first post, I'd appreciate it. :

    scroll of prayer (375 gp)
    brooch of shielding (85 points) (1262.4 gp)
    potion of cure light wounds (4) (50 gp each)
    potion of cure moderate wounds (2) (300 gp each)
    potion of stabilize (25 gp)
    +1 studded leather armor (3) (1,175 gp each)
    Wand of shield (42 charges) (630 gp)
    +1 greatclub (2305 GP)
    +1 cold iron heavy mace (4624 GP)
    potion of gaseous form (750 GP)
    bag of holding (type I) (2500 GP)

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    Block jkason

    A slightly-disheveled-but-not-so-you'd-mind young man in deep crimson and charcoal enters the shop through its storefront in Hruthrip.

    "Okay, first thing's first," he says, jumping straight to business with an oddly beleaguered urgency. "A tiny shovel. About so big?"

    "Spell focus, is it?" the proprietor says.

    "It's definitely important for focus, at least," Nathan says, rolling his eyes. He sighs in relief as the shopkeep produces a shovel.

    "Friend, you have no idea how much easier you just made my life," he says. The urgency fades, then, as he looks around the shop as if only now realizing there was any more here to buy.

    Almost instantly, his eyes are drawn to a bejeweled headband mixed in the eclectic collection of haberdashery on an oversized rack. He picks it up and tries it on, and smiles with satisfaction as he looks himself over in the mirror.

    "Will you look at that," he says, quite pleased. "The red and silver even go with the ensemble. No clashing required," he says, clearly amused by the realization.

    Next he begins to thumb through the scrolls, eventually pulling up one that catches his interest.

    "Okay, yes. I can definitely see how this could come in handy..." he mutters.

    The sorcerer takes both the headband and the scroll to the front with the shovel, then forks over the requisite gold.

    "Might be back shortly, depending on how a little meeting we're having goes, but I definitely feel a bit better prepared," he says as he walks out the door and back to his companions.

    OOC: Purchasing:
    Miniature shovel (spell focus): 10 gp
    Headband of Alluring Charisma +2: 4,000 gp
    Scroll of See Invisiblity: 150 gp

    Total spent: 4160 gp
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    Block perrinmiller

    Borric Hawkins walks into the shopkeeper's waiting room looking around. "Oy, shopkeep! Little help here!"

    Taking a look around he examines magical belts, haversacks, and amulets. Then he inquires about further enchantments added to his gear.

    OOC: Buying:
    Enchantment of Shock to +1 Flail - 6000gp => Available on 25 Mar 2012
    Belt of Giant Strength - 4000gp
    MWK Silver Morningstar - 398gp

    MWK Guisarme +309gp
    MWK Silver Longsword +330gp

    Net total -9759gp
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    Audra, the red haired monk, enters, without her usual backpack over her shoulder. A slightly worn handaxe hangs from her belt, the only irregularity from her clothing and bracers. She approaches a sales entity and begins to discuss things. The half-orc takes the handaxe and hands her a few gold coins in return.

    OOC: Selling normal handaxe, no need in having that and the cold iron one

    Further discussion leads to her oddly toned salesman leading her to display of belts. They discuss things and the half-orc pulls four belts from the rack and lays them out.

    OOC: Looking for a Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2 cost 4,000gp

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    Sylvain and his trusty scorpion head into the store, and immediately walk back to the scrolls. "See anythign that tickles your fancy, Waltor? There are four in particular I have been thinking about. Let';s see if we can find them. You'll have a fun time learning these, my friend!"

    OOC: Purchased Scroll of Lightning Bolt, Stinking Cloud, and Sleet Storm. 375 gp x 3= 1,125 gp spent.

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    Block Songdragon

    Enchant: Add +1 to Mithral Breastplate (1000 gp) and add +1 to Darkwood Heavy Shield (1000 gp)

    The Fiances

    2692.4 gp Starting Funds
    2000.0 gp Total spent
    692.4 gp Remaining
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    Sylvain ducks into the store for one more visit. "Well, I've been thinking more about some protective magics. I'm getting tired of constantly being knocked about the head and shoulders," he explains to the shopkeeper. "Oh, and it appears you have everything I am looking for...thanks!"

    OOC: Finances: Amulet of Natural Armor +1, 2000 gp; Bracers of Armor +1, 1000 gp; and Cloak of Resistance +1, 1000 gp.
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    A svelte elf strolls confidently into the shop. "Hello there, mister. I'm looking to exchange these ordinary weapons for more expertly crafted ones." She puts her finger to pursed lips. "By the way, an adventurer such as I needs to guard oneself from the hideous cretins that plague us. Do you have any magical protection that I can purchase?"

    OOC: Buying Cloak of Resistance +1, Bracers of Armor +1, and masterwork longbow and masterwork dagger (-2677 gp).

    Selling longbow and dagger (+77 gp).

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