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    Galandra enters the Pearl and goes directly to the counter in a hurry. She's a little nervous for her first job in the city. Trying to cut the chatter to the minimum, she hands a note with the items she needs.

    "Everything on the list" * beat* "...Please"

    OOC: Masterwork Arrows (10) - 60gp
    Blunt Arrows (40) - 4gp
    Greatclub 1d10 - 5gp

    Total 69gp

    Is this the right way to do it?

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    A thin half-elf makes his way down the cramp street of Mystic Row, his gaze passing over the more exotic items for sale in favor of the mundane.

    OOC: Mesem is buying:

    - A grappling hook (4 gp)
    - two bags of powder (2 cp total)
    - four trail rations (2 gp total)
    - a spring-loaded wrist sheath (5 gp)
    - 2 potions of CLW (100 gp total)
    - 111.02 gp spent

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    A stout dwarf soon follows Mesem into the store, browsing the more common wares on the shelf before turning to the clerk. "I've heard that I should be a bit more 'diverse' in my weapons in my upcoming travels," he states. "What do ye have when it comes to warhammers?"


    Warhammer (12 GP)
    Trail Rations for 4 days (4 GP)
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    Growing up in the woods, Menik hadn't trained for years to be an adventurer without learning how to fashion a wooden club out of a tree branch. He hacks off the smaller branches and hefts it. "I dub thee ... Necro-Smasher!"

    He then enters the Pearl and looks around.

    The magic items catch his attention, but he can't yet afford the good ones, so he settles for some trail rations and alchemical gear.

    1 club (free)

    2 days trail rations, 1 gp
    2 alchemists' fire, 40 gp
    1 acid, 10 gp
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    Reianne is nervous, this IS her first time in Mystic Row after all, and certainly her first time in a shop like the pearl, but she tries to hide it as she heads to the counter. "I'm looking for some things to fight off the undead, I was told blunt objects and explosions. She laughs despite herself. So...what do you have in that vein?"

    OOC: Reianne is buying,

    Morningstar, 6 gp
    2 flasks of Alchemist's Fire, 40 gp

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    Lem enters the shop and asks the clerk for two of a specialized item.

    Lem is using his 100gp for 2 tanglefoot bags, 100gp total.

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    Ru Brike, human ninja

    Quote Originally Posted by jkason View Post
    OOC: Adding to the inventory of the Pearl, via Distant Relations. If a kindly judge could update the first post, I'd appreciate it. :

    scroll of prayer (375 gp)
    brooch of shielding (85 points) (1262.4 gp)
    potion of cure light wounds (4) (50 gp each)
    potion of cure moderate wounds (2) (300 gp each)
    potion of stabilize (25 gp)
    +1 studded leather armor (3) (1,175 gp each)
    Wand of shield (42 charges) (630 gp)
    +1 greatclub (2305 GP)
    +1 cold iron heavy mace (4624 GP)
    potion of gaseous form (750 GP)
    bag of holding (type I) (2500 GP)
    OOC: quoting the above since it looks like that update never took place. Not planning to buy any of them, myself, but thought others might find them useful?

    A dark-skinned man with bright eyes enters. He smiles at the variety within the pearl, but shakes off his urge to browse and moves directly to the front counter.

    "Should be fairly simple. I need another of these--" here he holds up the nunchaku tucked in his belt. "A couple of things that go boom. And, just to be safe, maybe a vial of insta-freeze?"

    OOC: Purchasing:

    Nunchaku (2 gp)
    3x Alchemist's Fire (20 each, 60 gp total)
    1x Liquid Ice (40 gp)
    Total: 102 gp

    As Ru hefts the bottles, he frowns. "Bit heavier than I thought. Maybe I can get one of the others to help carry rations or something. Hate to be weighed down in the middle of a fight...

    "Ah, I'll figure it out later,"
    he says with a wave, then heads out the door.

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    Ausk enters the Pearl, still not sure how he can be in the same store that he was while in Venza, but trying to avoid thinking about it too hard. Going to the section with basic supplies, he quickly grabs what he needs and heads to the register, eager to get his shopping done, and get back to the real fun.

    OOC: Buying
    Silk Rope 10 gp
    Grappling Hook 1 gp
    Acid Flask 10 gp
    Crowbar 2 gp
    Belt Pouch 1 gp

    Total: 24 gp
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    Kalgor figures he has to press every advantage he's got. On the walk to the Pearl, he uses the Pearl of Power he purchased just a week ago to replenish today's casting so far before putting it back in his pouch.

    Entering the outpost of Mystic Pearl, he heads straight to the scrolls, then clothing, then mundane supplies. Not finding a proper fitting enchanted cloak, he is disappointed but carries on.

    "I'll take all of this." as he dumps his coin bag on the counter. He manages to get back a couple coins along with all this new equipment.

    OOC: 12.5 gp .,,,,,,,,,.... Scroll of Umbrella
    12.5 gp ..... ........ Scroll of Umbrella
    25 gp ..... ........... Scroll of Ant Haul
    25 gp ..... . ......... Scroll of Ant Haul
    25 gp ..................Scroll of Ant Haul
    375 gp ................Scroll of Fly
    1,000 gp .............Cloak of Resistance +1
    80 gp ..................Climber's Kit
    50 gp ..................250' silk rope
    1 gp ....................10 pitons
    0.5 gp .................hammer
    0.5 gp .................drill
    50 gp ..................masterwork manacles
    50 gp ..................masterwork backpack
    4 gp ....................4 grappling arrows
    85 gp ..................skeleton key
    100 gp ................2 vials of antiplague
    100 gp ................2 vials of antitoxin
    40 gp ..................1 vial of liquid ice
    0.1 gp .................10 pieces of chalk
    15 gp ..................1 wine skin of good brandy
    41 gp ..................20 silver arrows
    50 gp ..................50 gp worth of spell inscription materials
    6 gp .................,,.3 sunrods
    1,123.1 gp
    -1,000 gp .... Sale of Pearl of Power, level 1
    123.1 gp total spent
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    Tyrien looks at a few items on the shelves and asks after cold iron arrow heads and some other alchemical items. Not having then readily available, she asks for them to be made special. The have an hour and it should not take that long.

    OOC: Commissioning 40 Cold Iron arrows - 4gp (Yeah, I got to commission a 4gp item ) on 28 Mar 2012
    2 Flasks of Alchemist Fire - 40gp
    2 Flasks of Acid - 20gp
    1 Tanglefoot Bag - 50gp
    2 Flasks of liquid Ice - 80gp
    Total = 194gp
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