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    Anaerion walks into the shop, taking a look around at what they have. Knowing he is to poor to buy some of the better items he wants, he instead decides to take a leaf out of Kalgor's well preparedness and grab some of the more trinket items he may or may not need. Tired of throwing up everywhere, he buys a white mask to hopefully help the smell. He also buys another ink bottle, and some parchment to help map the place they were about get.

    Sneezing once, and remembering how cold it was down in the tomb, he finally buys himself a bedroll to keep himself warm.

    Doctor's Mask: 50 gp
    Ink: 8 gp
    Sheets of Parchmentx5: 1gp
    Bedroll: 1 sp

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    Maui walks into the shop and slams down a bag of gold and his scimitar.

    "Make it stronger..."

    OOC: : Buy +1 scimitar
    Sell MW Scimitar
    -2000gp total

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    A deeply-tanned redhead wearing greens and browns enters the Pearl. Two small crystals idly orbit his head, though their path doesn't seem to bother him as he moves to look at the bows. He whispers something under his breath and his eyes glow briefly as he browses.

    Recently came into some funds, thought I'd see if you have ... ah!" he picks up a composite bow. "Magic, yes? Though not too strong?"

    On hearing the price, the archer frowns a moment, thinking. Finally, he nods. He pulls forth a finely-crafted composite bow from the over-sized quiver on his back, then rummages in his pack for a small vial with a thick, silver liquid. Finally, he hefts his overloaded belt pouch to the counter.

    "If we're doing a fair trade, I think these should cover the difference, yes?" he says, raising an eyebrow. The proprietor considers a moment, then nods. Eanos slides the new bow back into the enchanted quiver, and secures his much lighter belt pouch back in place.

    OOC: Selling:
    MW Comp. Longbow 1 Str (+ 500 gp)
    Silversheen (+ 250 gp)
    Purchasing: +1 Comp. Longbow 1 Str ( - 2500 gp)
    Total spent: 1750 gp
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    A haggered looking dwarf walks into the Pearl, money satchel in hand. "Aye Mortar it's been too long my friend since we last had you in here. What can we do for you today?"

    Mortar looks to the shopkeeper with a smile. "Aye it has been too long and I've had some money burnin a hole in me pocket. After me last outing I took some heavy damage and returned home to tend to me wounds. But I'm back now and ya better hold on to ya coin." He laughs. "Now for the business end of this transaction. I'm looking for a magical breastplate if ya got one." He begins looking around. "This'll do fine." Mortar picks up the armor and carries to the shopkeeper. "Here's some money and I have these I can sell ya." He placed two sapphires on the counter which seemed to disappear as fast as he placed them there.

    "Nice...very nice. I'll give you 300 gold Mortar." Mortar simply nods as the shopkeeper places the money in a leather bag.

    "Keep it. I have some more shopping to do." He wonders off and looks for several minutes until he finds a dull green cloak. "Ah yes. This will do." Mortar hands the rest of the money owed to the shopkeeper and disappears for several minutes. "I left you a suit of scale mail. Do with what you wish...after you hand me ma gold sir." With that he lets out another laugh and waves fairwell to the shopkeeper.

    Purchase: +1 Breastplate = 1350 gp
              +1 Cloak of Resistance = 1000 gp
       Total: 2350 gp
     Selling: 2 Sapphires (150 gp each) = 300 gp
              Scale Mail = 50 gp
       Total: 350 gp
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    Elenka Danyllova and Drevezh'Korol ride a pair of mismatched gray mares along the road along the northern border of the Tenebrous Wood near Baron's Cross when they spot a small manor house. Its roof is caved in, vines cover half the building, and trees of the forest push up almost to the back wall. Elenka draws up and stares.

    "It's perfect!"

    It takes her several days to track down the absentee owner and use her not inconsiderable charms to persuade them to sell but in the end she gets what she wants. During her spare time she manages to upgrade a bit of her equipment but mostly she plans upgrades to her new home...

    Studded Leather Armor ( +20 gp)
    Wealthy Home in Baron's Cross ( -1,000 gp)
    Mithril Chain Shirt ( -1,100 gp)
    Metamagic Rod Lesser Extend ( -3,000 gp)
    Total Spent: 5,080 gp)
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    A wizened old bushy bearded man enters the store looking over his shoulder.

    "The pearls man, the pearls ... something that can store more power than this one!
    And what scrolls do you have. No ... not that shelf ... what do you have on the one's above it? Oh ... yes ...yes ... better ... much better ..."

    He looks at his pouch with a mix of disappointment and fear.

    "Need ... more ... money! Here, I'll take these ones for now. I'll be back for the rest when I can! Put them away safely. Write it in a note, Nevyn will be back for them."

    Pearl of Power lvl 2: -4000gp
    Buy Scrolls: -450gp
    See Invisibility
    Hideous Laughter
    Total: -4450gp
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    Daylily throws open the door with his usual gusto, cracking the glass in the window. "Fats merchant! Am wantings thing! Armors! The magics with the more armors! And to ... hows is you say? Like bored."

    "Bored?" the terrified shopkeeper asks.

    "Ya, bored! Bored!" This doesn't seem to help, so the barbarian spreads his arms and makes a flapping motion.

    "You mean a bird?" the merchant says.

    "Yah, bored! Is whats I saids! You should listening to better! I have the yellows metals for trade."

    "Oh-okay," the shopkeeper answers.

    OOC: Buying:
    Ring of Deflection +1, 2000gp
    Amulet of Natural Armor +1, 2000gp
    Potion of Flying, 750gp
    Cold Iron Javelins
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    Thiera opens the door to the Mystic Pearl, slips into the shop and silently closes the door behind her. She inhales deeply and notes the mustiness of the magical goods section. Taking a moment to remind herself to visit it later Thiera heads over to a selection of bows on the wall. She reverently reaches up to gently take one off its display. Over and over she turns it, then she strings it and draws it. This bow apparently doesn't meet her standards, so she removes the bowstring and sets it back in its place. This continues until she finds the one she's looking for. Heading toward the magical goods she picks out a pair of potions.

    Thiera places her items on the counter and takes her purse off her belt.

    The shopkeeper eyes the bow on her back and motions toward it, "Will you be selling that?"

    Thiera cocks her head and considers.
    "I think I'll hold on to it. It apparently has some sentimental value, though I've never had any use for anything like that," she trails off. Shaking her head as if to clear her mind she hands over the money.

    "Can I do anything else for you ma'am?"

    "Actually, is there someone nearby that I could talk to about getting some place to live in this city?"

    "You should talk to Rhibahn just down the way."

    OOC: Purchasing:
    Masterwork Longbow 375 gp
    Potion of Cure Light Wounds x2 100 gp
    Average Cost of Living 100 gp
    Total 575 gp

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    A thin, shaggy haired half elf steps in. He stops and lets his eyes scan across the unfamiliar expanse of the Mystic Pearl. He lets out a soft whistle of appreciation, and maybe a touch of awe. Spying what he came looking for, he moves around a pair of dwarves trying on plate armor, one having a bit of trouble stuffing his girth into to the chestpiece, as the straps just won't go around his barrel shape, and steps around a few other shoppers, before stopping before approaching a display of quivers of various sizes, shapes and colors. He is approached by a rather dapper looking sample of Halfling female. She stops near him and clasps her hands before her and eyes him appraisingly as she asks...

    You look like an outdoors type. Looking for a quiver fine for hunting? We've some excellent models here. My personal favorite is this one here.

    She steps around the counter and pulls down a simple brown quiver. She sticks her finger down into a leather covered pocket on the side.

    Cleaver eh? Keep your skinning knife handy at all times.

    Marcus nods, agreeing that the design is original and, quite honestly, practical. However, he presses on. Finally, another simple looking brown bag, this one with leather accents and a padded strap, finds its way into his hands. He rubs the side appreciatively, and looks into the top of the bag, nodding to the three compartments within.

    You'll not find a better made quiver of this quality anywhere. This was made right here in Venza. A few were made for those brothers who are, as it turns out, responsible for the leather on this quiver, so that their hunters could make the most of their opportunities. The order was a little more than they had hunters, so luckily for you, the extra stock ended up here.

    He nods, smiling.

    Fortune has smiled on me a few times of late. Now, as you seem to be quite well versed, can you show me some new bows? I'm afraid this one has seen better days. Perhaps I will hang onto it, for sentimental reasons, but...

    The Halfling touches the side of her nose with her forefinger, winking.

    You're in the Mystic Pearl. If the right bow for you exists within the city of Venza, it'll be here. Come...

    OOC: Buying:
    Efficient Quiver 1800 gp
    Composite Longbow (+2 STR) 300 gp
    Total Spent: 2100
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    A fire fed haired human walks in, nodding a greeting to a shggy haired elf. He walks about looking for some items ...

    mithral shirt

    This extremely light chain shirt is made of very fine mithral
    links. The armor has an arcane spell failure chance of 10%, a
    maximum Dexterity bonus of +6, and no armor check
    penalty. It is considered light armor.

    buy pearl of power lev 1 1000

    when he tries to put the armor on he gets so tangled he slides it back to the shop keeper shaking his head.
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