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    Arianna stops in the alley beside the Pearl to change back to the form the shop keepers have always seen her in, the mermaid. After dabbing on a bit of perfume, she pulls out her old crutches and slowly makes her way into the establishment.

    "Good day."

    "Ah m'lady. We have been waiting for your return. Your order has been ready for some time."

    "Good. I have been busy. But it has been a profitable busy. Let's see." After making her way to the counter, she inspects the darkwood crutches. "Looking fine. But I asked for" "Ah, you said to hide it well. You have to press here and here, then twist counter clockwise a quarter turn, pull a little, then twist clockwise the same bit. At that point, the caps will come off."
    "Very good. Thank the craftsman for me." She pulls a red potion from her scarf to insert into one crutch and a blue one to put in the other.

    "While healing is good to secret away," he leans in to whisper "a potion of gaseous form is the escape route of choice for most. It would be a mere 750 gold pieces."

    "I don't think I can do that today, but I will keep it in mind. Thank you. I had plans for a cloak to bolster my defenses."

    "Ah, they would be over this way."

    Leaving her old crutches behind and using her new ones, she peruses the cloaks. "But, these are all dry lander cloaks. Drab and grey. And I don't think they would hold together for a week under the waves. The stitching would just fall out."

    "All I could say is, special needs require special work. We have plenty of shark skin available, if that would be to your liking. I think the eel skin would be too scaly for you, and well, we are never able to get whale skin to hang quite right. It always seems too stiff." He snaps his fingers, and a couple seamstresses come out to take measurements.

    After the girls get their measurements, "Shark will work. But I need to to fit both of me." "Both?" "Yes, if you give me a minute" she begins singing in aquan. Starting at her tail, her skin starts rippling and changing. When finished, a blue creature looking to be a cross of lizard folk and demon stands before the shop keeper and seamstresses.

    "Ahh. So that is why you have been patient about the crutches." looking at the muscled legs now carrying the mermaid. "Back to work girls." The pair of seamstresses are more tentative now in their actions. "So, a standard enchantment to bolster resistances?" "Yes. Make sure the hood has enough material in it so I can draw it up to hide my face well. I have to do that often. Could you add a couple pockets to the interior of the cloak as well. Pockets would be nice." "Yes ma'am. Do you want the natural dull gray-blue, or dyed? Deep sea blue perhaps? Or lighter bay blue?" "Deep sea blue will work." "OK. We will line the inside in a midnight rogue's grey as well, just in case you find a need to reverse it for some reason."

    "I also need a couple summoner potions. Two of summon eidolon and one of lesser eidolon surge." "Yes ma'am." "Oops, I can only afford two at the moment."
    After paying, "Thank you. Now to search for a bit more profitable work. Good day." "Good day."

    OOC: 1,000 gp ~ Commissioned a +1 Cloak of Resistance. Tailor made and water environment durable.
    -20 gp ~ sell old standard wooden crutches for a merfork
    n/a ~ pickup previous commission of darkwood crutches with hollowed pomels
    200 gp ~ Potion of Summon Eidolon
    200 gp ~ Potion of Lesser Eidolon Surge
    1,380 GP spent, Commission available for pickup Apr 12th.
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    Having left the Dunn Wright Inn after her adventure with Marcus and Edghe, Fae'shiel arrives at the Arcane Row and seeks out the people from whom she can purchase an estate here in Venza. Once there she says "Hello? Can someone assist me?"

    To which a half-elven man comes up to her and says "Yes milady, how may I be of service?" Fae'shiel nods to him and says "I am in the market for an estate here in Venza, and would like one that befits an Elven Dignitary. Preferably one that has wooded grounds and which is open to the sky in some area's of the house."

    The Half-Elven man says "You don't have easy tastes for someone wishing for a home in an area that is more swampland than it is solid ground, but I think I may be able to find a home for you. Let me see here... Ah yes, the Komari Estate has just become available as of late, it says that on the land there is a small nature preserve, and that the inner courtyard is open to the sky. It also features some of the more traditional architecture of Venza. Be warned though that it is also a historic estate, so any modifications to the estate would be frowned upon by the City Council."

    Fae'shiel nods and says "I do not desire to modify the building. Does it have a vault in it where I can store precious belongings?" the man looks at his notes and then back up at her and says "Yes I believe it does. Shall I show you to the estate?" Fae'shiel nods and says "If you would please." To which the man picks up a key and folder and leads Fae'shiel out of the real estate building and to the ritzier part of Venza.

    OOC: This is just to formalize the purchase of a wealthy estate as per the living conditions rules in the LPF Wiki which I stated as purchasing out of the proceeds of my last adventure.

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    Block rb780nm

    Iosef Tellus looks through the racks of equiptment...

    Trying to find
    Belt of Strength +2 (4k)
    Wand of CLW 750

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    Relic pushes his way past the door with some effort.

    "I've had a change of heart. This number is ... well ... a little too expensive for me at the moment, and I have need of a range of other things. So ... you can have it back. Now ... I need a this list of things in exchange."

    He slaps a note on the counter and peers at the shelves, many of which find themselves at the limits of his vision.

    OOC: Sell: Pearl of Power lvl 2: +4000 gp
    Buy: Wand of CLW: -750 gp
    Rod of Lesser extend: -3000 gp
    Spell Inscription Ink (660 gp): -910 gp
    Total: -660gp
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    Too impatient to let her order sit this time, Arianna returns the Pearl to retrieve her new cloak. Since she has shown her other face inside before, she does not stop in the alley to change this time. The sky blue cloaked figure enters the store.

    "Ah, m'lady it is ready. Please, come and try it out."

    "Hello. Thank you." Taking off her old cloak, she looks around to see if she startles any of the other shoppers with her demoness form. Disappointing, the few patrons here are jaded enough to not show any concern. She lays her old cloak on the counter.

    Retrieving the cloak from the custom item storage area, "I think this will work very well for you." She tries it on. "We added added a couple draw strings, here and here. Drawing them up and tying them off will shorten the back so it is not dragging when you change. The bottom edge is also reinforced for the times it is left to drag. Do you like?"

    "Yes, Yes, it is wonderful. Thank you." She folds up her old cloak and puts it into her backpack. "Good day."

    "Good day."
    OOC: Pickup of commissioned Cloak of Resistance +1

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    After securing a nice home on the outskirts of town with a sizable yard so that he could carry on his research and studies with less interruption, no small feat given his race and personality, Thuvian stops by the Pearl to see if they have anything interesting. While he doesn't find much, he does find a scroll for an rarer cantrip he had heard about, but never before seen.

    OOC: Bought
    Scroll of Penumbra 12.5 gp
    Wealthy Lifestyle 1000 gp

    Total 1012.5 gp
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    The following items have arrived from Treasure Hunt:

    Wand of Resistance (50 charges)(375 gp)
    Wand of Comprehend Language (26 charges) (390)
    Warpaint of the Terrible Visage (100)
    Muleback Cords (1000 gp)
    Brooch of Shielding (1500)

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    A White Cloak guard comes into the Pearl, saying "We have more for you gentleman. Unclaimed wonders that you can sell."

    Added From Run Away:
    MWK Know: Dungenerring Book

    Added from Spiked Drink:
    2x Breastplate +1
    Ring of Sustenence
    MWK Falchion
    Mwk Morning Star
    Shield of Faith Potions +3 (CL 6)
    2x Cure Light Wound Potions

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    Fulgrim wanders into the Mystic Pearl and spends some time looking over the goods within. He spends some time looking over the current weapons, his attention falling mainly to the axes and such, admiring the craftsmanship of several. Finally he asks.

    "I'ma looking' fer a belt, a belt dat will make me stronger. Do ye have something' like that? Fulgrim asks.

    "And I best be picking' up a healing' stick. Comes in handy few those of de faith if I get meself in over ma head!" Fulgrim adds. He watches as the shopkeep rummages through some boxes of slender sticks, finally returning empty handed.

    HHHhmmm, musta' been a run on dem!" Fulgrim replies as he fingers his coin pouch, looking about the shop a little more. Fulgrim notices the breastplate armor that hasn't even been put away yet. He lifts both and finally decides on one of them.

    "I will see ye my current plate fer one 'o dese." Fulgrim says, ready to purchase.

    Belt of Giant Strength +2 4000gp
    Breastplate +1 1350gp

    Agile Breastplate 400gp

    Total Transaction:
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    Block perrinmiller


    Cythera e'Kiernan, Bronze Dragon Disciple

    Cythera stops in to peruse the selection of specialty items.

    Over in the weaponry racks, she is looking specifically for some masterwork weapons; a cold iron heavy flail, a silver tipped morningstar, and spiked gauntlet.

    Then she heads to the wondrous items and checks out what's available in the glass cabinets. She is looking for an amulet of natural armor, an enhanced cloak of resistance, some elvenkind boots, a shocking amulet of mighty fists, and dusty rose ioun stone.

    OOC: Transactions:
    MWK Cold Iron Heavy Flail -630gp on 17 Apr 2012.
    MWK Spiked Guantlet -305gp
    MWK Silver Morningstar -398gp
    +1 Amulet Natural Armor -2000gp
    +2 Cloak of Resistance -4000gp
    +1 Ioun Stone (Dusty Rose) -5000gp
    MWK Dancing Boots -50gp
    Increase Str on MWK Comp Longbow to +5 -100gp
    Sold Silver Morning Star +98gp
    Sold MWK Heavy Flail +315gp

    Total: -12,070gp
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