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    Tyrien was poking around at the shop in Kostry Kopec. She did not find what she was looking for.

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    A dwarf with pale eyes walks into the store, trailed by a fiendish-looking giant rat, which immediately begins snarling viciously at the shop's other customers. After a few minutes, one of the shopkeepers finally musters the courage to approach the dwarf.

    "Sir, your ... uh, pet--"

    "Yes, Cavernous Hode understands how cute Mister Dickens is. No need to be nervous! The proprietor can scratch Mister Dickens' ears if he wishes."

    The rat snaps at the shopkeeper, who retreats in terror. "It's not that your ... that Mister Dickens isn't--"

    "Is this genuine spidersilk rope that Cavernous Hode sees before him? And a cold iron pick. Masterfully done! And armor of excellent drakeskin, as well! Not so elegant as dragonhide, but finely crafted nevertheless. Cavernous Hode will take it." The dwarf is immediately distracted by a case full of scrolls. He presses his nose to the glass. "Magical writings! Cavernous Hode will take several!"

    He's immediately off. "An enchanted gem from the big waters! Cavernous will take it. And the garnet."

    "But the garnet ... it's not magical..."

    "Cavernous Hode knows. He just happens to prefer gems."

    Taking one of the pearls of power and buying a 50gp gem.
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    A young guy, with a saddlebag over his shoulder and a polearm almost to big for him to swing comes into the Pearl. He spends quite a bit of times wandering the shelves and picking out several small things before going over to the weapons section and picking out some upgrades. One last stop by the wands and he doesn't find what he wants. The clerk says he can have one created, it will just take a few days. Tasanto pays for his new tools and weapon.

    As to a place to stay, they send him down the street to see Rhibahn. Tasanto is able to acquire modest accommodations from him.
    0.03 gp ~ ear plugs
    85 gp ~ 1 Skeleton key
    0.5 gp ~ 5 Pitons
    0.5 gp ~ 1 hammer
    0.5 gp ~ 1 drill
    10 gp ~ 1 compass
    50 gp ~ 1 vial of antitoxin
    50 gp ~ 1 vial of antiplague
    150 gp ~ 3 potions of Cure Light Wounds
    335 gp ~ 1 masterwork cold iron Lucerne Hammer with a hollowed handle base

    750 gp ~ 1 wand of Lesser Rejuvenate Eidolon (Available June 31st)

    100 gp ~ Housing: Small apartment

    Total cost: 1,531.53 gp
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    A dark haired young man enters carrying a somewhat smelly bundle in his arms. He nearly trips over the edge of a display case which causes him to overbalance and backpedal into a considerably larger, and somewhat surprised patron. The armored and battle-scarred veteran looks down at this nuisance, and begins opens his mouth to shout something foul, but without turning, or looking at the towering individual, Rhydius says, "Oh thank you, that could've been a nasty fall."

    The tall man, not used to being interrupted, stops in a temporary bewilderment. As Rhydius walks back over to get a look at the wares on display the man mutters a quick,"Erh, you're welcome," and goes back to his previous business.

    Within seconds one of the shop workers comes to investigate the source of the smell. Rhydius waves him over.

    "I'll take two of these, and you wouldn't happen to know of anything that might get the smell out of this armor would you?"

    "Perhaps," says the man, narrowing his eyes. He removes the requested bottles from the case and begins walking further into the shop. "Follow me, sir," he says as he beckons Rhydius keep moving.

    On the way through the shop Rhydius notices a blade that makes his look like a rusted piece of trash.

    The shop-worker produces an ornate bottle from a shelf and holds it toward Rhydius a slight smile on his face. As he tells the man just how much the stink-curative is Rhydius pales a bit, and replies "Uh, how about something a bit cheaper."

    The man's eyes narrow to slits, and he suggests that, "perhaps some cologne, then."

    "Yeah, that's more like it," replies the smelly young man as he makes his way along-side the shop-worker toward the counter to pay for his items before heading out to find himself some place where he might rest and store his things.
    OOC: Mundane items:
    100gp - Small Apartment
    0gp - 5 Doses, Common Cologne (1gp each covered by Cost of Living)

    Purchasing from inventory:
    100gp - 2 Potions, Cure Light Wounds (50gp each)

    Rolling for:
    10gp - 2 Wrist Sheath, Spring Loaded (5gp each)
    770gp - Rapier, Silversheen
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    @Rhydius Unless I missed its approval, Silversheen (the special material as opposed to the potion) is from an unapproved source. Feel free to make a proposal or start a discussion of the item.

    Also, with the purchase of your small apartment you wouldn't have to track the cost of the cologne (or anything else that costs 1 gp or less).

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlassEye View Post
    @Rhydius Unless I missed its approval, Silversheen (the special material as opposed to the potion) is from an unapproved source. Feel free to make a proposal or start a discussion of the item.

    Also, with the purchase of your small apartment you wouldn't have to track the cost of the cologne (or anything else that costs 1 gp or less).
    Fair enough, I suppose I'll go get started on discussing it. Thanks for checking it over @GlassEye.

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    Ioseph (human cleric 2)

    Not having much time Ioseph moves through the Mystic Pearl with haste to the counter.

    "The item we talked about, last time I was here. I would like to purchase it now." he says to the owner, who gives him a grin.

    Retrieving a small box the man smiles and says, "Lucky you came back I sold the other. And was sure this one wouldn't sit long."

    Taking out the small pearl he hands it over to Ioseph. The cleric gives him a sack of coins in return. "That should cover it."

    {{ Now to meet up with the others.}} he thinks pocketing the pearl and heading back out unto the street.


    Purchased last pearl of power lvl 1
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    After visiting the Mystic Pearl for her second time around, Galandra still has one thing left to do that day.

    She slowly walked to the counter of the office down the street. She was nervous, not very sure if she was in the right place. "..." She looked around awkwardly until the half-elf greeted her.

    "Welcome! How can I be of your assistance?"

    "Uhm... Are you Rhibahn?"

    "Well, yes, the one and only"

    "I heard you can help me get some... accomodations?"

    "Of course I can, are you interested in a zone in particular?"

    She moved closer to the counter, more at ease. "Yes... something in the outskirts of the city."

    "Are you sure? I have some well located places near stores, temples and-"

    "No, no. It is fine... I don't like busy streets..."

    Rhibahn chuckles "Alright, as you wish"


    Falchion ~ 75gp
    Studded Leather Armor ~ 25gp
    Shortbow ~ 30gp
    Total: +125gp

    Masterwork Buckler ~ 155gp
    Masterwork Falchion ~ 375gp
    Total: -530gp

    Magic Items
    Chain Shirt +1 ~ 1250gp

    Housing ~ Small Apartment
    Total: -100gp

    I have a question. Do we have to post the description of our housing in our character's page or somewhere here in the forums?, or simply add it to my sheet as an additional container? Is there an example I can see?
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    Mithral Breastplate problem
    The cost of that is as medium armor made of mithral, so it would 4,200 gp, which she cannot afford yet. Galandra can afford the Mithral Chain Shirt at 1,100 gp though. For making the correction, just re-edit your post, instead of making a new post, so all the accounting for that one trip stays in one post.

    Description of housing
    You can add just a one line item to your inventory, or a full description block to your wiki sheet. It is your choice. Arianna spent lavishly (1,000 gp) to get a home. It belonged to a former merfolk merchant, and she being the daughter of one, could not let such a fine home go to waste sitting empty. But then, she is never home, so it does sit empty.

    In Arianna's case, in the equipment section, it also is laid out as a separate container, with a separate contents total in my overly complicated accounting.

    If you are going to make it a separate block on the wiki, edit the section you want it to follow, then at the end add ===Home=== followed by the text. The three equal signs creates the section block header.
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    Lem walks in and nods to Galandra. "Good to see you again. Don't mind me none. I'll take one of those nifty magic-like rings of protection, please. And change this coin to platinum. I want to feel rich for once."

    Lem smacks 2,200 gold coins onto the table, wishing to purchase a ring of protection +1 for 2000gp and change 200gp into 40pp.

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