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    Satisfied that for now his spellbook is well stocked, Menik leaves the Mystic Pearl, and heads down to Rhibahn's office.

    "Welcome! How can I be of your assistance?" the half-elf greets him.

    "Hello! I heard you were the man to see about housing in this town."

    "You heard right. What are you interested in?"

    "Oh, maybe a small home. Quiet so I can study, but not far from the Dunn Wright ... if that's not a contradiction. How much would it be?"

    Rhibahn smiles. "I have just the place for you. A hundred gold should do it."

    "Great." Menik plunks ten platinum coins onto the counter. "Say, you do business with a lot of adventurers. You wouldn't happen to know my brother Kyle, would you? He's disappeared ..."

    "Sorry, no. I'll keep an eye out."

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    Ru Brike, human ninja

    A stylish young man with the swarthy coloring of the Rhat'matani enters the Pearl, a noticeably heavy bag full of coin in tow. He smiles rakishly, plunking the sack on the counter.

    "Now, let's see what new toys we can find to spend my mostly not-ill-gotten gains."

    "I think it's about time I managed some metal protection," he says, wandering in among the armors, "but I hate to be dragged down."

    "You'll want something in mithral, then," says the shopkeeper, leading the young man to some shinier chain shirts. He hesitates.

    "All that gleaming, though, seems like it might attract attention when I don't want it. Not that I would be up to no good, mind you, but sometimes a body just doesn't want the stares ... oh, this!"

    From the assortment, Ru's eye is drawn to a mithral which has been treated to rob it of its shine, replaced with a matte black. He grins widely.

    "Perfect. Now for cloaks. A few friends of mine have something that helps a body's chances fending off various nasty effects..."

    The Rhat'matani's luck holds, as he finds a magical cloak in his preferred black, as well.

    "Alrighty, then, over there. I don't have the coin for that magic bag you've got in stock, but that one, there, with all the accoutrements? Balances a body better, doesn't it? Let's trade in what I have for that."

    Ru takes the time to admire himself after re-equipping, frowning a moment as he assesses, then ultimately giving himself a wink in the mirror to show his approval. He hoists his new backpack on, takes a step toward exiting, then turns back with a sly look in his eye and saunters close to the shopkeeper.

    "Now, this might not get me in someplace not so well traveled, would it?" he says, voice pitched low. He shakes the shopkeeper's hand, a simple gesture which quickly turns into a complex series of hand positions. The keeper's eyes widen a moment, and--looking furtively about to make sure there are no other customers about--leads Ru through a dark curtain in the back.

    Several exotic creatures line the back wall. Some alive, though the lethargy of most makes it clear they've been sedated to some degree. Others are preserved in brackish liquids. Exotic plants hang, drying, above a workshop table, and several sizes of protective gear line the near wall, one of which the shopkeep dons. He offers Ru another set, but the Owl shakes his head. "I've got a knack for avoiding the trouble this stuff brings," he says by way of explanation.

    Strolling along the shelves, he examines several obliquely-labeled vials until he finds one with a pale mucilaginous substance. He glances to the large stinger pinned to the far wall, then nods.

    "This one," he decides, dropping the vial into his belt pouch. "Always easier to hit something that moves slower. I assume you use the standard rates?" Ru produces a handful of gold and a few platinum pieces in response to the shopkeeper's nod.

    Finally satisfied, then, the Rhat'matani exits the Pearl with no further fanfare.

    OOC: Selling: Backpack (2 gp)
    Leather armor (10 gp)

    Buying: Mithral Chain Shirt (1100)
    Cloak of Resistance +1 (1000)
    MW Backpack (50)
    Giant Wasp Poison (210 gp)

    Total spent: 2348 gp
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    Strolling into the Mystic Pearl with far more confidence than she did on her first visit, the stylish young songstress browses around, looking around intently for something to catch her eye, burdened as she was with bounty from her assignment.

    "You know, I had to rely on an ally to carry some of my gear. I think it's time I look for some kind of lighter armor. Do you have anything like that?"

    Well, we do have lighter armors made of cloth, but if you are willing to spend a bit more...I do have some mithral shirts available. Light and tough.

    "Oh, perfect! I hate being burdened. Now what about a lighter shield? Anything lighter like that?"

    I'm afraid not miss.

    "Hmm..well what about this?"
    Reianne points to her whip. "This was a gift from my Aunt Vara, but it's old, and balanced for her. I'm looking for a really well crafted and balanced one for myself."

    That's a pretty unusual type of weapon miss, I don't think I've seen one of those in awhile.

    "Huh...Ok..well..oh! Something else bugged me on my excursion. I was always having to carry a sunrod and dropping it and picking it back up. Do you have one of those glowing stones that float around your head?"

    Ahh, an Ioun Torch a fine choice. I do have one of those in stock. What else can I do for you?

    "How about a couple vials of alchemic fire? It came in handy last time around."

    Anything else?

    "Well, at the moment I can't think of anything else that you might have but I did hear you might know someone who deals in housing?"

    That's Rhibahn. Not far from here actually. See him about that kind of thing.

    "Alright then, I'm off to meet him. I'm sure I'll be back here again." She walks towards the door, "Well, presuming I don't die that is." She says flippantly as she leaves.

    The shopkeeper simply shrugs his shoulders and sighs as she leaves.

    Whistling to herself as she heads down the street to Rhibahn's office, she strolls in.

    "So I heard you are the man to see about a place to stay. As I'm striking out on my own, I think it's time I have a little place to call my own. Preferably not too far my family's theater in the Incudine district."

    I think I can arrange something like that for say...a hundred gold or so. If you are interested. It's not palatial, but it is pretty cozy. As cozy as it gets in the craft district anyway.

    "Perfect, now to just twist a few arms in the family to help them move some of my stuff over to my new space. Heh, easier said than done but not your problem." She smiles jauntily as she counts out the coins for her new home. "Alright, time to get myself moved in and setup! Thanks again!" she says as she practically dashes out the door into the daylight.

    Studded Leather Armor, 25gp

    Mithral Shirt, 1,100gp
    Checked for Availability on Masterwork Scorpion Whip
    Checked for Availability on Masterwork Darkwood Light Shield
    Ioun Torch, 75gp
    3 Vials of Alchemists Fire, 60gp
    Spent: 1,235 gp

    Small Home, 100gp

    Total Spent, 1,310gp
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    from the d20pf srd

    Quote Originally Posted by Deuce Traveler View Post
    Lem smacks 2,200 gold coins onto the table, wishing to purchase a ring of protection +1 for 2000gp and change 200gp into 40pp.
    OOC: The most common coin is the gold piece (gp). A gold piece is worth 10 silver pieces (sp). Each silver piece is worth 10 copper pieces (cp). In addition to copper, silver, and gold coins, there are also platinum pieces (pp), which are each worth 10 gp.

    The standard coin weighs about a third of an ounce (50 to the pound).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott DeWar View Post
    OOC: The most common coin is the gold piece (gp). A gold piece is worth 10 silver pieces (sp). Each silver piece is worth 10 copper pieces (cp). In addition to copper, silver, and gold coins, there are also platinum pieces (pp), which are each worth 10 gp.

    The standard coin weighs about a third of an ounce (50 to the pound).
    HMPH! Back in BECMI we had electrum pieces which were equal to 5 silver pieces, and 5 gold pieces to a platinum. And we liked it! Ok, editing Lem's character sheet to have 20 pp, not 40pp.

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    Iago strolled into the Mystic Pearl, making his way first to the section of arms and armor. When he had begun his career as an adventurer, he had considered himself an intellectual, one who would assist his fellows more with his alchemical creations and knowledge. But events had taught him he must be prepared to fight on the front lines, should it come to it.

    He found a chain shirt that he thought might fit, and a battered but high quality falchion he hoped would serve. He tried on the mail, and was delighted with the fit. At a nod from the weaponsmith, he faced a practice dummy and swung the falchion in a powerful arc. A wooden arm fell to the floor. As the tired-looking dwarf resignedly picked up the arm and began reattaching it with leather straps, Iago concluded he had found the weapon he sought.

    Now he began looking for one of the magic rucksacks he had heard of. But the ancient elven leatherworker at the stall told her she had none. She produced instead a set of leather straps instead and insisted Iago try them on. He was astonished at how much weight he could carry, lifting her entire display stand with ease (to her bemusement). The half-orc fumbled through the bargaining, eventually buying the sack.

    Now came the moment Iago had been dreading. He made his way to the alchemist's annex. The pungent smells and raucous, jargon-riddled bargaining were familiar to him. And he was familiar to them.

    A number of heads turned as he entered. Conversations became more hushed in his wake. Those like Iago who had been dismissed by the alchemists were not supposed to return. But there were no actual laws against it.

    Poker-faced, the half-orc made his way over to one of the tables and examined a scroll. "I would like to purchase this," he said. The gnome behind the counter was about to object, when Iago took out a small pouch and opened it. He laid the gullet of the slain dragon before the alchemist. "In trade."

    There was amazement around the room. Everyone recognized what he held. Iago began bargaining with the gnome for additional scrolls that would make up the cost of this rare treasure.

    Bargaining ensued. Iago would later realize how shrewdly the gnome had maneuvered him, selling him the scroll that would let him learn to make use of potions without consuming them, and then selling him potions rather than the additional scrolls he had requested. But in the end, Iago walked away, his pockets much lighter but his mood well improved. He felt well-prepared for future expeditions.

    OOC: Rolled for and obtained the following items:
    +1 Falchion
    +1 Chain Shirt
    Scroll, Alchemical Allocation
    Scroll: Barkskin
    Scroll: Endure Elements
    Potion: Bull's Strength
    Potion: Spider Climb
    Potion: Shield of Faith

    Buying the following items already in stock:
    Muleback Cords
    Wand of Comprehend Languages (was in stock, did not notice, rolled anyway)
    Potion: Rope Trick

    Taking the following from "Scourge of the Howling Horde" treasure list:
    Potion: Cure Moderate Wounds
    Wand of Cure Light Wounds w/2 charges
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    Cratchen helps his employees unload the unneeded items from their adventure.
    OOC: Left over items from Rescue at Boar's Ridge that was converted to coins.

    1,800 GP ~ Efficient Quiver
    1,000 GP ~ Cloak of Resistance +1
    ...200 GP ~ Small silver cage with MW lock and key, suitable to hold an Imp. (spoken for already)

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    An elf with a grim skull painted on her face walks into the shop, with a black wolflike creature trailing in after her. “There are things I require,” she says. “A magicked bag. A magicked quiver. A magicked bow. A chain shirt of mithral. Lesser items as well.”

    “The quiver, we have that, and the chain shirt. And the magickal bag ... very popular item, that. The bow ... hrm ... difficult," the clerk says.

    “Make me one, then. Darkwood, mastercraft, enchanted. Eighty pound draw." She lays a small roll of black leather on the counter. "You will also work this into a cestus, a belt, bracers, and a pair of boots.”

    The clerk looks down, realizes what has been set down and panics. He grabs the nearest cloak and throws it over the dragon hide. His head darts around, looking to see if anyone is watching. "What are you doing? You will get us both killed!"

    Sylla frowns. “Your prattling does not amuse me.”

    "The ... the.... the lady of rainbows. She calls dragon kin her friends and loved ones. She will kill you if you she sees you with this. It's said her spite is truly venomous and without bounds. She would kill you publicly, raise you from the dead, and kill you again with her bare hands, in the middle of the street, just to prove a point. I can take this off your hands, and the law of anonymity in the Pearl will protect you, even from one as powerful as her. But if you try to walk out the door with this, you better have already made reservations for which hell you will suffer in."

    “Whoa, that sounds bad, boss,” the wolf says.

    “Quiet,” she says offhandedly to the eidolon. She continues talking to the clerk. “I will have my accessories.” The clerk starts to speak, but Sylla cuts him off. “Her spite may be venomous and without bounds, but so is mine, and I am right here,” the elf hisses.

    “Is there a problem?” a greasy-looking manager asks, emerging from a back room.

    Sylla turns to him. “Yes. I want this … this ‘lizardskin’ crafted into bracers, boots, a belt, and a cestus.”

    The manager’s eyes widen as he takes in the dragonhide, and he seems torn between fear and greed. “That’s, uh, delicate stuff, that ‘lizardskin.’ Working it would be expensive. Real expensive.”

    Sylla throws a pouch of money at the shopkeeper. “Then work it.”

    “I beg you, do not do this. You doom us all!” the clerk says, but the manager is already counting coins. Sylla favors the clerk with a sneer of contempt and walks out.

    Taking the Efficient Quiver in the shop inventory. Roll for Haversack and Mithral chainshirt successful. Commissioning a Mighty Comp Longbow +1, 2 STR. 2630gp = 8 days. Complete on 1 Aug 2012.

    Commissioning various cold iron and silver items and an ioun torch which will be done in less time than the bow, so I'm not bothering with rolling for them. Will pick up the leatherwork later as well.

    Handy haversack 2000g
    Efficient quiver 1800g
    Mighty(2) Darkwood Comp Longbow +1 2630g
    Mithral chain shirt 1100g
    Iuon torcuh 75g
    Cold iron dagger 4g
    Silvered cestus (dragonhide, +fashionable) 25g base + 50g fashionable =75g
    Dragonhide belt bracers boots (dragonhide, +fashionable) 5 @ 50g = 250g
    various special material arrows
    Average lifestyle 100g
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    After a stop stop at a pawn shop, to recover some of his original courtly jewels, Denizel makes his way through the busy streets to Arcane Row. He had another adventure or two in his future if he wanted to earn the fame and fortune needed to reassert himself in the courts. He did hate to see his hard earned gold go.

    You have spend money to make money. . . consider this an investment . ..

    "Yes, yes I understand."

    Denizel slips inside the Mystic Pearl, browsing the rows of merchandise and looking quite like a noble "slumming it". A breastplate catches his eye, that looks like it may just fit.

    You should buy that. Better protection while you channel our ladies energies.

    "It looks awfully heavy." Denizel answers with a sigh. He forgets that no one else can hear the voices and must appear to be talking to himself. Nobles are the odd sort.

    Find a muleback cord. It will make the load lighter. . . and make your muscles all the more appealing. Yum!

    "Yes, yes, I've seen it." Denizel answers, remembering one lord in particular who was born quite frail. He was pathetic in an adorable sort of way.

    Denizel then digs through the racks of wands until he finds a couple suitable to his own skills, and grabs an enchanted crossbow as well.

    As he nears the register his eyes cross a very fine leather bag, seemingly misplaced among some armor.

    Oooh. Pretty. Grab it. I want accessories.

    Denizel sighs. "It is a womans. . . handbag." No it's just modern. GRAB IT! . . . Denizel snatches it up, suddenly compelled. He sighs again and goes to make his purchases.

    Sold : 50 gp Masterwork Backpack
    01 gp Belt Pouch
    02 gp Dagger (x1)
    08 gp Donkey
    04 gp Saddlebags
    02 gp Bit and Bridle
    0.5 gp Sewing Needle
    0.5 gp Various Thread
    1175 gp +1 Studded Leather
    10 gp Small Steel Mirror

    Purchased : 25 gp Holy Symbol, Cortessa (Silver)
    50 gp 4 Gold Rings set with Jade
    15 gp Shaving Kit (50)
    02 gp Bolts (20)
    50 gp Disguise Kit (10)
    1550 gp +1 Agile Breastplate
    2000 gp Handy Haversack
    1000 gp Muleback Cord
    1000 gp Cloak of Resistance +1
    750 gp Wand Cure Light Wounds (50)
    750 gp Wand Inflict Light Wounds (50)
    2335 gp +1 Light Crossbow
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    A man with tatoos covering one side of his dark skin including his face walks into the shop, a jungle cat slung over his shoulders.

    "Oh, Maui likes this place."

    He looks around for a while before he asks the shopkeeper.

    "I have a magic sword. And te magic stick. Now I need for te armour to be magic too. Can you help me?"

    He snorts his disapproval at the shake of the head he receives and walks out. "I come back later maybe."
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