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    Elenka enters the Mystic Pearl with Drevezh'korol trailing closely behind. She picks without interest through much of the inventory but eventually finds a leather belt and amulet for Drev and a beautiful headband for herself.

    Belt of Giant Strength +2 1d100=56 (4,000 gp)
    Headband of Alluring Charisma +2 1d100=38 (4,000 gp)
    Amulet of Might Fists (fire) 1d100=38 (5,000 gp)
    Gloves of Reconnaissance 1d100=35 (2,000 gp)
    Wand CLW (50 charges) 1d100=63 (750 gp)

    Spent: 15,750 gp
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    Heinrich enters and putters around the wands for some time when he finds what he thinks he needs, then grabs a different on right after. He then pulls out his cross bow and bolts and says, "I sell" and then points to the wands and a fine pearl, "I buy"

    wand cure light: 1d100=13
    wand of magic missile: 1d100=53
    pearl of power level 1: from inventory

    +1 crossbow: 2335
    bolts 2 gp
    2 potions cure light 100 gp
    tanglefoot bag 50 gp
    total : 2487

    full charged wand magic missile: 750 gp
    full charged wand cure lite wounds: 750 gp
    pearl of power level 1: 1000 gp
    total: 2500 gp

    give: 13 gp

    things picked up from home: 20 days rations, 5 pints oil, 4 sunrods
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    Arianna returns to the Pearl once again. Not knowing her mission, she gathers some generic supplies, and well, some pretty clothes too. Not being able to read, she tells the clerk what she wants and has them mark the potion bottles with pictures.

    400 gp Potion of Summon Eidolon (1d100=36)
    200 gp Sleeves of Many Garments (1d100=21)
    300 gp Potion of Spider Climb (1d100=5)
    300 gp Potion of Lesser Restoration (1d100=25)
    ..50 gp Potion of Cure Light Wounds (1d100=19)
    ..60 gp Two Thunderstones
    ..50 gp Two flasks of holy water
    100 gp Two vials of anti-toxin
    1,460 gp spent
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    A small, hooded figure in a red cloak darts into the shop and nearly runs straight to the counter.

    "A potion to Cure Light Wounds." she orders. The man behind the counter peers questionably over his large mustache at the halfling. After a brief and uncomfortable few seconds, she thrusts her hand out and drops a fistful of coin onto the counter. The man produces the potion and the halfling grabs it without further conversation, darting out of the shop to deliver the item to her mistress.

    OOC: 1 Potion, Cure Light Wounds (in stock); 50gp

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    As evening approaches, Sylla taps at the entrance of the shaman's yurt and is told to enter. The elf archer enters with her eidolon trailing behind her. The tribe's shaman sits cross-legged on the floor.

    “You asked to see me?”
    she says in her accented Goti.

    Tuumor nods. “I merely relay the words that the spirits whisper on the wind, Heart-of-Maga. They tell me that you are to be tested.”

    Sylla's eyes narrow. “How, exactly?”

    Tuumor nods. “Tonight is the night of the new moon. Your vanities, leave them here on this altar until the moon is full.”

    “My 'vanities'?” she asks suspiciously.

    “Those things you use to hide from the world. The crafted dragonskin … the jewelry … these things are your crutches. Make do without them for a half moon. The spirits ask this of you.”

    Sylla snorts and turns to leave. “Like hell.”

    Tuumor shrugs. “So be it.”

    Boots says. “Boss.”

    The elf pauses. “What?” she growls.

    “You need to do this,” the eidolon says. For a long moment, elf and darkwolf stare at one another, neither inclined to move, but it is the elf who finally drops her eyes. Her fists clench and unclench, but after a moment she strides forward, stripping off her leather accessories and her jeweled headband, before turning to leave again.

    of your vanities,”
    Tuumor says.

    The elf pauses again, and after a brief internal struggle, places her set of face paints on the altar as well.

    The shaman nods. “It is well.”

    Sylla snarls a wordless retort and walks barefoot into the night, Boots following after her.

    OOC: Enchanting:
    Boots of the Cat (+1000gp)
    Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2 (+4000gp)
    Cestus +1 (+2300gp including MWK transformation)
    Bracers of Falcon's Aim (+4000gp)
    Headband of Aerial Agility +2 Charisma (+4500gp)

    Crafting started on 14 April 2013. Back in 14 days to claim them.

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    The door swings open and a dark skinned, tattooed savage pushes his way in side. He grins as he reaches the counter and plonks down a heavy sack of coins. "Maui wants magic to hear te spirits of home closer. And te arms stronger!" He laughs as though this time he has found a challenge this seller of magics will not be able to meet. His face drops when the owner drops both requested items down on the counter a few moments later. "And magic to protect Maui when he is te big cat?" Maui grins as a wand and a ring are also plonked on the counter. Maui shoves over his coin with a chuckle and walks out the door musing, "I love this place ..."

    -4000 gp Headband of Inspired Wisdom (1d100=16)
    -4000 gp Belt of Giant Strength (1d100=14)
    -2000 gp Ring of Protection (1d100=32)
    -750 gp Wand of Mage Armour (1d100=5)
    Total -10750 gp

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    A well dressed human of features common of the local Venzins walks in. He is well dressed and carries an ivory handled rapier at his side.

    "Maui, great jungle warrior and holy man of the spirit plains! What a trip we had, yes?

    He leans over the counter and points to his armor, "have you any better then this?"

    looking for +2 mithral chain shirt

    looking for +2 mytheral chain shirt: 1D100 = [74] = 74

    the man searches .. .. .. and searches .. .. .. and searches .. .. ..when a worker rolls a cart of armor in. "Boss, this just came in."

    right on top is exactly what was asked for.

    He removes his rapier and says, " well then mr. magician, how about a better one of these, complete with the Ivory handle?"
    looking for +2 ivory handled rapier: 1D100 = [76] = 76

    "No sir, of that I am sure. They were all acquired by academy of crossed swords"

    "Well how much to make this better?"



    "Any thing else?"

    "Why yes, I believe its called a haversack."
    handy haversack: 1D100 = [72] = 72

    As the armor is removed from the stack, the proprieter is saying they do not have one, when right under neath the armor is a haversack. "er, I guess we DO have one!"

    Right then a wealthy man walks in with a pair of boots, explaining he won them in a bet. the boots allow you to land softly from a fall and always on your feet"
    boots of the cat: 1D100 = [75] = 75

    I'll trade you these mule back chords for that!"


    Mwk Back pack 2 gp
    Mule back chords 1000 gp
    +1 mitheral chain shirt 2100 gp

    buy +2 mitheral chain shirt 5100 gp
    buy handy haversack 2000 gp
    buy boots of the cat 1000 gp
    upgrade sword to +2 6000 gp

    spend 10,998 gp

    start with 18 days of enchanting of rapier; finish on May 6
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    @Scott DeWar commissioning takes triple time so your new, improved rapier won't be available until May 6.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlassEye View Post
    @Scott DeWar commissioning takes triple time so your new, improved rapier won't be available until May 6.
    of course! that's what it says! :innocent:

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    Iago strides into the Mystic Pearl. His mood is dour, despite the coin in his pocket. After such a promising beginning, his venture to find the lost Dwarven treasure collapsed ignominiously. Was fate toying with him? Perhaps he simply was not cut out to lead such ventures.

    All the same, he chose to prepare himself for whatever fate dealt him in future. A belt by the door caught his eye.

    OOC: Attempting to Purchase a Belt of Incredible Dexterity - success!

    The belt is a welcome addition to his armory. Next he looks at some potions
    Purchasing Potion: Longstrider (from inventory)
    Rolling for Elixir of Hiding - Fail!
    Rolling for Elixir of Swimming - Success!
    Rolling for Potion of Sanctuary - Fail!

    The selection of potions is more limited than he had hoped, but Iago made at least some worthwhile purchases. He makes his way through the shop to consider scrolls.

    OOC: Attempting to purchase Scroll of Invisibility - Fail!
    Attempting to purchase Scroll of Lesser Restoration - Fail!
    Attempting to purchase Scroll of Darkvision - Success!
    Attempting to purchase Scroll of Fox's Cunning - Success!

    Iago grunts as he concludes his transactions. He did not find everything he had hoped for, but he still left better armed than he had hoped.

    Before leaving, he commissions two scrolls, hoping to learn more secrets through patience rather than fortune.

    OOC: Commissioning Scroll of Lesser Restoration & Scroll of Invisibility
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