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    Mortar walks into the district and takes a deep breath. "Aye, the smell of coin and commerce. I can buy some new toys." Mortar walks into the Mystic Pearl and looks around.

    "Hmmm, no masterwork breastplate disappointing..." Mortar scratchs his head thinking of some more armor he could use.

    Mortar looking very disappointed takes his newly acquired longbow to the shop keep. "I am purchasing this bow and have a few things to sale." Mortar removes several items from his pack. "Blast I forgot to pick my crossbow back up."

    Crossbow Bolts 2gp

    Wow...just wow. My rolls are just all over the place. I really want to upgrade my do the equipment gods hate me?
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    In the morning Markas left the Dunn Wright to follow the instructions his note from Firron. He was to head to a shop that sold arms and armor almost exclusively in Arcane Row. It wasn't hard and when he went to the shop keeper and told him that a friend have left him something here the man looked dubious at first but then showed Markas to the back.

    He led Markas to what looked like a locked closet, and when he opened the door inside stood a remarkable suit of armor with a sword leaning next to it. The armor looked well used but still in persistent condition. But Markas reached for the sword which was truly a beauty. It had a good weight and a simple design at the cross guard and yet he new it was a hundred times better than the battered one he now wore.

    The shop owner coughed and when Markas looked at him he pointed to a stool in the closet where a small box and note lay. Putting the sword down he picked them both up, the note was from Firron...

    The sword has been in my family a long time. As I have no son to pass it to, I would like for you to have it, for saving my life. It is... unique and you will have to practice with it a while to get the feel for it, but you will have time. Get yourself a horse and meet me in Tritower, we've a long road ahead and could use you.

    Markas put the note down and opened the box. Inside was a brooch in the shape of a kite shield just like the one he used. "Magical," the shop keeper said looking on. "Told me to tell you it will keep them pesky wizard from magic bolting you to death."

    Markas twirled the magical brooch before smiling. Looks like he would be getting out of Venza and away from everyone who thinks he could solve all there problems. He would get a horse even if he had to trade in his boots to get it and then he would be off to see Firron, and the world.


    Buying - mw full plate = 1,650 gp
    Buying - brooch of shielding (101pts) = 1,500gp
    Buying - heavy warhorse, bit and birdle, riding saddle, saddlebags, feed(2 days) = 316.1 gp

    Selling - Scalemail = 50 gp
    Selling - warhammer = 12 gp
    Selling - mirror small metal = 10 gp
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    Tahn wandered the busy streets from shop to shop. Each of his inquiries came up empty. Finally he stops in front of the Mystic Pearl. The last shop owner had referred him to it. From the street he could see several intriguing looking sets of armor and weapons.
    Feeling a bit more hopeful he heads inside to inquire after some new armor. The shopkeeper listens carefully as he describes the equipment he is seeking. Without a word the shopkeeper leads him to a locked wardrobe. Selecting a slim key from his belt he opens the doors to reveal a breathtaking sight. The armor seems to shimmer slightly in the light.
    After making adjustments to the armor to better fit his slim form under his duster, he mentions the second item he is looking for. The weapons are just as impressive as the armor. He selects a heavy cloth tube filled with hard beads. The sound of them moving is much quieter than the one filled with steel balls he's used before.
    He turns over several piles of gold coins to pay for his purchases. Intending to wear the armor out he turns over his old gear to cover some of the costs.


    Buying Mithral Breastplate and Masterwork Sap

    Selling chain shirt and sap
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott DeWar View Post
    Vincenzo wanders through the city and arrives at the world renowned Mystic pearl

    mwk backpack: 50 gp

    I had rolled for the armor and weapon, but not the backpack.corrections will be made on character sheet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HolyMan View Post
    I don't believe that a person needs to roll for a MW Backpack as that is listed under Goods and Services (table 4-3 pg 182 APG). Any item on that list (actually on that whole page) may be purchased without rolling.
    with the above quote, I hereby undo my previous post.
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    Nathan Tchanlach, human sorcerer

    Nathan wanders in, looking his disheveled self, and walks to the front counter with a disarming grin.

    "I'm looking for a wand that can perform a little trick I know. Charges up the air, you see, and makes it tougher for folks to hurt me. Not that people should want to hurt me, of course, as I'm clearly a lovely person, but, well, I do tend to wander into places where it takes more than one's good looks and natural charm to get out a jam, if you know what I mean?"

    The shopgirl giggled a bit. "An extra wand for when your own abilities are wanting?" she says with a wink. It was Nathan's turn to blush. But before he could speak, the young woman produced a brace of wands. She looked them over a moment, muttering under her breath, then nodded and chose the thick oak wand with a delicate silver filagree pattern.

    "Shuvoff," she said as Nathan called upon his own mystic vision to verify the wand's powers.

    "Beg pardon? I usually have to be much more obnoxious to get that kind of a dismissal."

    "The command word, sir," the woman said with another chuckle, "Is 'shuvoff.'"

    "Oh! Excellent," Nathan said, smiling again. "I'll take it."

    As he reached for his coin purse, the woman sauntered out front to where a line of cloaks hung. "Now, if you're concerned about protection, you might also be interested in this item?" She pulled down a dark gray cloak, not unlike the one Nathan already wore, though his still-active sight could detect its protective aura. The shopgirl swept the cloak on with a flourish, tying it loosely at her neck and modeling it with flair. "It won't stop a sword, but surely a magician such as yourself understands there are more threats than the mundane?"

    "Like sly women who look far too good in drab cloaks when they flash a smile?" Nathan says, though it's clear he's amused and not offended. "Tell you what. Promise not to send orcs to kill me for falling for your charms, and I'll take the cloak, as well."

    "Beg pardon?" she said, baffled.

    "Apologies," Nathan says, laughing at some joke he didn't seem likely to share. "It's been a long couple of days. So let's settle up before you sell me my own shoes."

    OOC: Nathan buys a Wand of Mage Armor and a Cloak of Resistance
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    Relic struggles his way through the door and closes it shut behind himw with some effort. The tall gangly thin old man thinks to himself that the next stop has to be a tavern for a good pint of ale.

    Good day, sir! I'm looking for magical scrolls. There are a few things I have in mind. Spells i once knew but that have slipped this befuddled mind. Something simple to begin with i think. Need to get this brain back into shape. Do you have something to summon mosters? Or make an Illusion? And somthing to protect me ... what was that spell called ... Shield! That's the one!

    OOC: Relic is looking for:
    Scroll of Summon Monster I
    Scroll of Shield
    Scroll of Silent Image

    Oh ... well that's a pity. That was actually the scroll I was most interested in. How about that one that makes a rope come to life. I remeber I liked that one quite alot as well.

    OOC: Sroll of Animate Rope


    Relic hands over the gold, leaving his pouch tinkle with nearly empty. With a grin and a wave he leaves and heads towards the Dunn Wright Inn.
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    Shopping time for The Duke

    From the list:
    Scroll of See Invisibility (150 gp)
    Potion of Longstrider (50 gp)

    Things he would like to find:
    Wand of Cure Light Wounds CL:1 (750gp)
    Oil of Bless Weapon CL:1 x2 (50gpx2)
    Scroll of Remove Fear CL:1 (25gp)
    Scroll of Wrath CL:12 (300gp)

    Actual Purchases:
    Scroll of See Invisibility (150 gp)
    Potion of Longstrider (50 gp)
    Wand of Cure Light Wounds CL:1 (750gp)
    Oil of Bless Weapon CL:1 (50 gp)
    Total: 1000gp
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    Special items from The Green Faerie and Velvet Underground have been added to the Mystic Pearl.

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    Ariel Esimae, Female Aasimar Cleric

    Ariel, fresh off the boat from the island, walks into the shop looking for some new items.

    She looks around for a finely crafted buckler and some masterwork full platemail armor, but they are not in stock. She checks on some masterwork breastplates, seeing if she can find one made of red dragonhide.

    She checks for silver weapons, specifically a masterwork morningstar, glad that she found one.

    She counts out the gold for her purchases.

    OOC: Buying: (Total -1901gp)
    +1 Light Wooden Shield (1153gp)
    MWK Breastplate (350gp)
    MWK Silver Morningstar (398gp)

    Selling: (Total +70gp)
    Scalemail (50gp)
    Heavy Steel Shield (20gp)
    Morningstar (8gp)

    Total = -1823gp

    EDIT: Finished transactions, updated sheet.
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