Since Divine Power is up, WotC have made many changes to debuff the Cleric (and more precisely, the Pacifist Healer). The latest update have removed the Divine tag on the Healing Power.

I think that removing first kill the flavor of it. Healing have long time been the field of divine, but now only the runepriest have a divine class feature to heal. So if healing word is no more Divine, how the cleric is doing his healing?

Second, why the Runepriest healing feature is still Divine, why the Artificer and Bard feature are still Arcane, why the Shaman power is still primal, why the Warlord feature is still Martial and why the Ardent power is still Psionic?

Also, technically talking, if the problem come from Pacifist feat, why they haven't errated the feat instead to modify Healing Word.

So I propose to give back the Divine keyword to the cleric's Healing Word.

Please note that I am making this proposal in both L4W and LEB, so you can look on the other thread to see the argumentation.