Sunken Empires Compilation by Open Design

This product is 8 pages long.

It starts with new spells. There is 5 new spells in this section. (2 pages)
Cold Snap
Protean Return
Stone Strike
Wave of Mutilation

Magic Items. There is 5 new magic items in this section. (1 pages)
Clarifying Goggles
Eight-Fingers Ink
Radiant Nimbus
Satchel of Seawalking
Sharkskin Vest

Lost Technology. There is 3 new lost technology items in this section. (1 page)
Ankeshelian Arciary
Thalassos Box
Velourian Psychograph

Special Underwater Attacks. There is 5 new special underwater attacks in this section. (1 pages)

Faege is a new monster, it is a small aquatic fey. (1 pages)

It ends with a page OGL.

Closing Thoughts. This is a nice addition to Sunken Empires the art work is fair to good. The new items are all nice and fit in with the undersea campaign that is Sunken Empires. I am honestly unsure exactly when this product came out. The spells don't list the new APG classes but then it might have come out before the APG. Not sure, though it would be nice if they went back and updated this PDF to included them. The editing and layout is nice, there is really nothing bad to say about the product or even a nitpick really. If you liked Sunken Empire then I strongly recommend you pick this up as well. I am giving this a 5 star review.