The Faerie Ring: Along the Twisting Way by Zombie Sky Press

This product is 14 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits and intro. (5 pages)
This has a forward talking about fey, how they have been used and the reasons behind making the book and the goals of the book. Makes for a interesting read.

The Realms of the Fey (3 ½ pages)
This section gets into where fey are from, where they live and their relationship to the planes. It also introduces new planes, Preternatural Planes, they are planes tied to the material plane. They often are similar to the material plane but with differences, the shadow plane being a example. It then gives a brief couple of paragraphs about ten such planes.

The Fey (5 pages)
Really this is part of the above chapter but I broke it up for ease of reviewing. This gets into the fey as a species, the aspects they share, their society, ecology etc. Then it stresses how fey are also very different. Fey can be any and everything, at first blush this makes them appear to be the epitome of chaos, but they can be very lawful too. They just don't fit any clear cut boxes.

It talks about how fey might do good things for bad reasons or bad things for good reason, how they are totally alien in their way of thinking. This section does a good job of making the fey feel truly alien yet familiar at the same time. It introduces 13 subtypes of fey, with a paragraph about each, then moves into their hierarchy

It ends with a half page OGL. (½ page)

Closing thoughts, this is really just a introduction to the fey. There is not numbers or stats and is suitable for any game system. It does a very good job in capturing the complex nature of the fey, making them both alluring and scary at the same time. This gives just a taste of the fey leaving you wanting more, of course this is only the first part of a series of PDF's about the fey.

The layout was nice, as was editing. I didn't notice any obvious errors. The artwork is for the most part good, there was one image I wasn't found of. Mostly it was a totally different style of art that just didn't fit with the other art I felt. It is a very pretty book, blue background with nice borders. Which brings me to my only real critic of the book, it would be just brutal to print, it could really use a print friendly version.

So what's my rating? Due to the one jarring piece of art that didn't fit the rest very well and the lack of a print friendly copy, I am giving it a 4.5 star. If you are a fan of fey then I recommend the book, just realize you won't be printing it out.