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    Ormazd's Campaign Log

    Howdy, all. I thought it might be fun to add to the collection of campaigns posted here, with our version. We have held pretty closely to the campaign as written and perhaps some will find it interesting to see how things were handled by my gaming group.

    It should be noted that we have had some player turn-over, and so the first several of these logs were written well after the fact (by me) to bring new characters up to speed on the history of the campaign. Other, later posts, were written by in-character by players, which I will identify as necessary. Finally, it's worth noting how often my players lose plot threads (e.g., The Dianoem, the letter to Katrina, etc.), as a guide to other DMs out there to perhaps find a way to play up their importance without over-doing it. Or, on the other hand, you could just let the players lose out on stuff, as I do, when they forget.

    In case you're interested, this whole thing, along with other campaign information can be found over at Obsidian Portal, at this link. (EDIT: This is the new campaign site on EpicWords.)

    Thanks for reading, and any advice or suggestions or questions are welcome.

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