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    OOC: Ooooh, I likey. Maybe its Metallo and Riddler working together? Though Metallo seems like he'd be formidable enough to be kidnapped to War World... OH MAYBE ITS THEIR SIDEKICKS!

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    OOC: Kid Metallo? Please let him be a robot so the Kid Gloves can come off.

    (And I really need to finish Scarecrow Junior one of these days, but that's by the by)

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    Block fireinthedust


    Rolling: Um, yeah. Riddles don't get rolls, just like some conundrums/death traps won't be avoided with a single roll (though multiple skills and abilities to get out could be okay). Unless you're obviously stuck and I've tried everything including hints.
    And suspicions I guess could be okay to help you guys out (ie: no idea who the bad guy is), but I'd like to let your characters think while you folks do. Makes me feel like a clever villain/DM (ie: I'm doing my job).

    Nat 1: someone give XP to Batgirl; I have to spread it around a bit first.

    Mr. Wee: I won't say if you answered it right.

    Turpin: Nothing! You folks are inside the shield, all communications with the outside are cut off.

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    OOC: How far are we in? If not so much, Dre will race back in chameleon-cat form to see if the opening in the force-field closed itself.

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    Everyone is still atop the Planet statue. I humbly suggest that moving to the rooftop is more comfortable, and if someone shoots they won't hit *everybody at once in a doorway*

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    Echo peers down from the golden globe of the Daily Planet and says, "I'm going to need a jetpack or something if this kind of development keeps coming up. Can someone give me a lift down?"

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    OOC: You can probably AE one off the Nanocyte Array after this mission

    Similary, I might think about putting a skill point or two into Vehicles at some point

    Solaris debated in his head, then decided Batgirl could probably get down off the globe by herself.

    "Allow me." he said, wrapping one arm around Echo's waist and wrapping one on her arms across the back of his neck. He met her eyes and shrugged. "I can't fly, but I do 'Jump good' quite well."

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    After scanning the heat patterns in rock-man form (it is a riddle for Superman and he can see this too, right? Dre thinks), Dre quickly changes back to cat form and jumps to the ground. With Wonder Girl around and Solaris taking care of Echo, his help is hardly needed.
    After inhaling the scents around him deeply he asks: "Can anyone of you give us some sort of communication? Like J'onn does sometimes for the JLA?"


    Sorry, I thought we were already on the roof. Did the hole in the forcefield closed behind us?

    Initiative +2
    Unarmed +9 Close , Damage 1
    (Varies based on shape)

    Dodge 7
    Parry 7
    Fortitude 9
    Toughness 9
    Will 9

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    It was a simple matter. She disconnected her line from the Javeline, then connected a drop weight to another line, dropping it done to the roof, while she tied the loose end to asn outcropping on the globe. She connected the line to her belt, then she slid done the line to the roof, her cape fluttering 'Batman-style'.

    When she landed, it was in a crouch, allowing her cape to drop over her shoulders as her hands shifted to her batarangs and smoke bombs. Her eyes scanned the roof for cameras. That was when the idea hit her.

    She covered her mouth (so it became impossible to read her lips through any unseen cameras), then spoke lightly into her comlink."Echo, with your permission, I'm scouting ahead. If these camera's can see through the magicians illusion, Our plan is dead in the water. I volenteer to move ahead and take out the cameras. At worst, at least the rest of you will retain the element of surprise."

    OOC: Do I need to roll perception for camera spotting, or can I take 10?

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    Even though the view from on top of the globe was pretty spiffy, there was work to do. Wonder Girl followed the rest of the team down onto the Planet's rooftop, helping non-flyers down if needed - which was probably Zach Zatara, since he was still busy making the Superman illusion.

    She keeps close to everyone else.

    "I don't like this... I wish this trap would spring already so we can get on with this..."

    OOC: Haha, I didn't realize we were standing on the globe itself this entire time

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