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I've not played any of them, but I have read through the first parts of RotRL and was impressed by the talent on display.

However, not enough impressed to want to run it. Instead, it struck me more as something worth stealing ideas and scenes from.

With that in mind, I would appreciate it if people mentioned the particular modules or scenes of the AP that they felt worked the best and were most enjoyed and well remembered by their group.
In RotR, the goblins and Sandpoint (Chapter 1), the haunted Foxglove Manor (Chapter 2), and the demented hillbilly ogres (Chapter 3) are all awesome classics. Chapters 4-6 were less compelling but there were still cool parts later on - the wendigo stuff, for example.

In CoCT, all the parts were good but different - I enjoyed all of chapters 1-3 and 6 (the parts in Korvosa). I felt the Shoanti part (Chapter 4) and the Scarwall part (Chapter 5)
were too forced in context, but would be good to take and expand upon unto themselves. And Kaer Maga was really interesting.

In SD, the Riddleport part in Chapters 1-2 was really cool. After that, not so much.