[LPF] Crypt of the Everflame (01)
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    [LPF] Crypt of the Everflame (01)

    DM: Mowgli
    Judge: GlassEye

    Start Date: 01/14/2011

    Part 01 (01/14/2011 to 07/14/2011 - Exit Ravenath)

    DMC: 12.67

    Starting XP: 0000
    Total XP: 3556; Payout: 3018.25

    Iosef Tellus
    Starting XP: 1191
    Total XP: 5215; Payout: 3670.25

    Starting XP: 0000
    Total XP: 3556; Payout: 3018.25

    Starting XP: 0000
    Total XP: 3556; Payout: 3018.25

    Experience Rewards (per Character):
    01  01/28/2011  First Fight              100
                    (Iosef Level - 1389 XP,   84 TGP) ( 14 Days)
    02  02/06/2011  Eyes in the Dark         300
    03  02/28/2011  Entry Hall               203
    04  03/06/2011  Maze of Pits             100
    05  03/12/2011  Hungry Beetle            150 
        03/19/2011  (A,K,R Level - 1301 XP,  384 TGP) ( 64 Days)
    06  04/05/2011  Shadowy Shapes           200 
    07  04/21/2011  Key Pool                 100
                    (Iosef Level - 3355 XP,  913 TGP) ( 83 Days)
    08  04/29/2011  The Gauntlet             150
    09  05/13/2011  Shield Guardian          200
    10  05/30/2011  Pillar of 10000 Arrows   150
    11  06/26/2011  Wailing Survivor         100
        06/27/2011  (A,K,R Level - 3301 XP, 1100 TGP) (100 Days)
        07/14/2011  (Ravenath Exits) (17 Days A,K,R; 84 Days Iosef)
    Treasure Rewards:

    Expected Treasure: 2325 GP/Character

    01  First Fight              None
    02  Eyes in the Dark         None
    03  Entry Hall               None
    04  Maze of Pits             None
    05  Hungry Beetle            None
    06  Shadowy Shapes           +1 Dagger         (2302 gp)
    07  Key Pool                 Key
    08  The Gauntlet             None
    09  Shield Guardian          None
    10  Pillar of 10000 Arrows   None
    11  Wailing Survivor         CLW Potion (x2)   (100 gp)
                                 MW Light Crossbow (335 gp)
    Non-Encounter Treasure Awards:
     87 GP
     MW Shortsword               310 gp
     MW Rapier                   320 gp
     MW Dagger                   302 gp
     Wand (Mage Armor, 10 ch)    150 gp
     Potion (Bear's Endurance)   300 gp
     Oil (Magic Weapon)           50 gp
     Scroll (Web)                150 gp

    Part 02 (07/14/2011 to 02/02/2012 - Enter Tyrien)

    14.21 DMC

    Starting XP: 3419
    11/08/2011: Level 04 with 6246 Total XP
    01/14/2012: Level 05 with 10270 Total XP

    Iosef Tellus
    Starting XP: 5146
    08/16/2011: Level 04 with 6010 Total XP
    01/09/2012: Level 05 with 10000 Total XP

    Starting XP: 3419
    11/08/2011: Level 04 with 6246 Total XP
    01/14/2012: Level 05 with 10270 Total XP

    Tyrien e'Adrianne
    Starting XP: 0630
    08/10/2011: Level 02 with 1539 Total XP
    09/18/2011: Level 03 with 3570 Total XP
    01/14/2012: Level 04 with 8290 Total XP

    Experience Rewards (per Character):
    01  08/10/2011  Chamber of the Bloody Dead    300
    02  09/01/2011  First Catacomb                250
    03  09/19/2011  Reflections of Terror         100
    04  11/08/2011  Second Catacomb               300
    05  11/23/2011  Guardian Statues              150
    06  01/14/2012  Haatse's Tomb                2400
    Treasure Rewards:
    01  Chamber of the Bloody Dead   None
    02  First Catacomb               None
    03  Second Catacomb              None
    04  Guardian Statues             None
    05  Haatse's Tomb                +1 Greatsword                     2350 GP
                                     +1 Chainmail                      1300 GP
                                     +1 Bashing Shield (Heavy Steel)   4170 GP
                                     Bag of Holding (Type I)           2500 GP
                                     Elemental Gem (Water)             2250 GP
                                     Haatse's Boon                     3600 GP
        The Triumphant Return!       Dimira's Family Heirloom         15337 GP
    Total Adventure XP (3500 Encounter XP + TXP 07/14/2011 - 02/02/2012):
    Anaerion:      7227 (10783 Total XP)
    Iosef Tellus:  7833 (13048 Total XP)
    Kalgor:        7227 (10783 Total XP)
    Tyrien:        6338 ( 8708 Total XP)
    Total GP (3500 Encounter GP + TGP 07/14/2011 - 02/02/2012):
    Anaerion:      7736 GP
    Iosef Tellus:  8430 GP
    Kalgor:        7736 GP
    Tyrien:        7605 GP

    Setting/LPF Additions:
    Haatse, a small village in the wilds of the Landadel Baronies a few days hard riding south of Venza.
    Spoekjebosk Forest, a dense woods on the edge of which Haatse is situated.
    Ducado de Atiradore, a Duchy of the Landadel Baronies some days SE of Haatse.

    In-Adventure Leveling
    I'm tracking XP (including Time XP) throughout the adventure. Leveling up will happen at the end of the encounter in which you gain enough XP for your next level. HP from level up are gained, but no damage is healed, and new spell slots are gained but not prepared spells - though prepared spell casters can treat the slots as if they had been intentionally left unfilled.
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    You enter to find the half-elf seated at one end of the table, nursing the ale he scooped up from the bar on his way in. He looks a little anxious, and gestures you to a seat once you're fully in the room.

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    A 1e title so awesome it's not in the book (Lvl 21)

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    Block Scott DeWar

    Vincenzo enters the room, bows with his wine glass in hand, and gives his introduction.

    "My name is Vincenzo del Vecchio da via della Rosa D'Avorio II II, named after my uncle, of the merchant guild family del Vecchio da via della Rosa D'Avorio. At your service."

    he raises to standing and takes a seat to the righ hand of his host.

    ooc: Unapproved, and need to transfer the data to the wiki sight. soon to happen.

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    Ravenath shakes off his surprise before any but Ragnor; he moves quickly as he can to a position from which he can get a clear line of fire , drawing a dagger and throwing it in a smooth motion as he moves. The dagger thunks into the log behind the orc.

    GM: Kalgor is up!

    GM Request/SOP
    OK, I tend to be fairly relaxed about pace and I'm not in a huge hurry - this will be more an endurance event than a sprint. But I would like to keep things moving so folks don't get bored. So here's what I'm asking (and planning). This is for combat, or situations where the rest of the party has to wait for one person's actions.

    If a player hasn't posted an action after 24 hours, I'll make a standard sort of action on their behalf. If you'd like to give me some guidance as to what sort of action you'd like to take, feel free to PM me or put it in a spoiler block and I'll do my best to follow it.

    If a player's been absent for four days (without some sort of notification) I'll assume they won't be back and will either seek a replacement or we'll continue on with the reduced number - depending on how you guys are handling the encounters to that point.

    Does this sound fair to all? I'm open to extending the AWOL time even up to a week - as I said, I'm pretty relaxed with pacing and this is a leisure activity for me.

    Also, I've got a lot of irons in the fire. If I forget something or get a stat/placement/etc. wrong don't hesitate to point it out to me, please!

    Combat Status
    Combatant          AC/ T/FF   -HP      Condition
    Ravenath           12/12/10    00      None
    Kalgor             14/11/13    00      None
    Orc 02             13/10/13    00      None
    Anaerion           16/13/13    00      None
    Orc 03             13/10/13    00      None
    Orc 01             13/10/13    00      None
    Gragnor            16/12/14    00      None
    Iosef              18/10/18    00      None
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    Kalgor (move) back peddles to K5 (if 5 is difficult terrain, else L5) forming a defensive line with his compatriots and (std) readies to strike an advancing orc with the unfinished handbo in hand.
    Not that it changes the stats except for a crit, but I think it is just a club at the moment...
    (free) Kalgor calls out "Grease five feet in front of the line."
    My suggestion wasn't for sblocks here for "next intended move", but for on our wikia character sheets. That keeps the story thread relatively clean, and leaves a good sized scratchpad on our character sheets for defining our own SOPs. PS. I am trying to get spoiler blocks working on the wiki too.

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    With as limited spells per day as I have, I try to limit my prepared spells to 1 per combat. Otherwise Im shooting at them with a crossbow, or reading an attack. Posting wise, weekends are the hardest for me. Weekdays I am normally on at least 1 time in a 24 hour period.

    Also, as much as I would love to have a 16 AC, it is currently only a 13 AC & Touch.

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    Anaerion adds his effort to Kalgor's. Together you are able to determine that this illusion was made between a few days and a 1 weeks ago. The aura is faint, and begins to fade even as you concentrate on it.

    Spoiler Alert! A few aspects of this encounter aren't "by the book," because I had to adapt the original story somewhat to place it in LPF. If you're the sort who must know the details, read on.
    In the original encounter the caster is still around (though you wouldn't see or catch him). In this version he's long gone, but I couldn't pull that off without a Programmed Image which is a much higher level spell than would have been available to him. So I'm handwaving some of the mechanics of his spell.

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    "Let's see... Great!" in disgust. "I would guess the town folk put that illusion here days ago to test their children. And yet, Jocyn didn't warn us about it."
    Checking the map... "Nope, it isn't on the map. Gonna have to have a talk with him when we get back." Kalgor goes and picks up his dagger and handbo and makes sure Ravenath has retrieved his daggers. "Since there is nothing to loot, if everybody has grabbed their stuff and is ready, lets continue. Gragnor, remember it is left at the broken glade."
    "No, I said left."
    Kalgor goes back to finishing his handbo.
    Unless someone has something else they want to do here, let's start moving down the trail again, in the same marching order. Ready to leave. After an hour down the trail, pull a crazy ivan.

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    Apologies, all! Through some strange twist of fate, SKs last post and mine went up at the exact same time, and I completely missed his - I've been waiting for the next post.

    Last wolf is dead - I'll leave it to you to RP a little clean up and healing, sleeping, etc. It's very early in the night yet, so whatever spells you cast now will still be recovered by your nights rest and you'll get natural healing for the night as well.

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    An elf appears at the door and closes it quietly behind him. With a bow towards the half-elf, he states "My name is Anaerion. I heard that you would like assistance in your village, correct?"

    He then sits down at the table and waits for more people to come in.

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