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    "Umm, yeah. If you believe you were hit and damaged, your mind will tell the body it is hurt. Eventually you will go unconscious from the fake pain. Will it kill you? I don't know. Anaerion is a better expert than I." Then he turns back in to bed. "Oh, don't walk off illusionary bridges. That hurts."
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    Ravenath, human warrior 1

    -By the way... how would you describe your relationship with the magic? I mean... expert? novice? Where did you study it? -he seems very interested about the matter.

    I go to germany from thursday to monday 7 Feb. Please, do as you please with my character in that range of dates.
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    Anaerion will set up his tent as well, knowing full well that he needs to rest sometime to get his spells ready for tomorrow. Hearing Ravenath talk to Kalgor about magic gives him a little smile.

    "Ravenath, Ill answer your questions tomorrow morning. We should sleep first. Rest is important to spell casters. If we get interrupted, we tend to get a little irritated.
    " With a small smile, Anaerion heads off to bed as well.

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    Ravenath, human warrior 1

    -Oh... I understand. -then, he gets up and he goes to his tent- I'll bother you tomorrow morning with this. -he smiles while saying this.

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    GM: I'll give @rb780nm until tonight (US Central Time) to at least let me know what class Iosef's taking for 2nd level. After that I'll proceed with the next encounter as though he's still first level. (Can't do much from work today anyway).

    I'll assume that he's taking first watch, since everyone else went to sleep. Please don't change this, as I've already set the encounter with this in mind.

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    Cutpurse (Lvl 5)

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    Block rb780nm

    OOC: Oh, sorry. The next level will be paladin. I'll try to get the sheet updated this morning.

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    Ravenath, human warrior 1

    Ravenath go to the bed excited about the magic chat he will maintain tomorrow with the magic users of the group. But... why is he so excited about this? He has never been in contact with the magic before. Maybe this is the reason. And maybe not...

    What is that? Do we have to choose the next level now?

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    First Kalgor, then Anaerion and Ravenath retire to their tents, leaving Iosef alone with the watch. The black of the overcast night does nothing to impair his outsider's vision but the wind cutting through the trees sings a mournful tune, and the young Paladin finds the hairs on the back of his neck standing up. Some slight rustle of paws on the ground - or perhaps it's just a warrior's instinct - draws his eyes to the south and he sees a lean wolf slinking its way up on him through the trees. The wolf pauses beside one of the tents, drawing Iosef's attention just long enough for the other two to approach him undetected. Luckily, both of them miss their attacks.

    Ravenath, Anaerion and Kalgor are awakened by the sound of the now fiercely growling wolves.

    GM: Ravenath & Anaerion are up!

    Combat Status
    Combatant          AC/ T/FF   -HP      Condition
    Ravenath           17/13/14    00      FF
    Anaerion           13/13/10    00      FF
    Wolf 01            14/12/12    00      None
    Wolf 02            14/12/12    00      None
    Iosef              18/10/18    00      FF
    Wolf 03            14/12/12    00      FF
    Kalgor             14/11/13    00      FF
    (Not in Combat)
    Gragnor            16/14/13    00      FF
    Attached Files Attached Files  
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    Block rb780nm

    "Up! Up! We're attacked!" the paladin shouts.

    OOC: My sheet is updated, btw

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    OOC: Saw it and I've already reviewed and made requests for fixes. But I've got enough to run with for now. Combat Status Block lists characters in initiative order (I use the tactical console in HeroLab to track this).

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