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    You continue your journey through the woods, Gragnor taking point and doing his occasional switch ups to try and catch any would be ambushers unawares.

    About mid-morning the trees begin to thin, revealing a field of short, green grass that leads to the shores of a wide, calm lake reflecting the overcast sky above. A dense fog hangs over the center of the lake, obscuring the far side. Near the shore of the lake, a dark form lies next to the water. It's about 100 yards away from you at this point.

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    Gragnor pauses in his tracks, and telepathically warns Kalgor that there is one unknown dark form ahead lying on the beach. Then he stealths up, slightly circling the stranger, but not getting outside of his summoner's boundary.
    Kalgor relays in a whisper "One unknown dark form ahead lying on the beach. Ready your crossbow." while slipping off his backpack. Then he gets out his sling and loads it.

    (IF not in initiative, 5 rounds of sneaking forward stealthily, else 1 round 40 double move and 15 single move stealthily forward) The grass doesn't give any cover, but they can at least attempt to approach quietly. Gragnor approaches, slightly left to a distance of 120' with a stealth of +3. Kalgor loads his sling and approaches slightly right, trying to stealth with a -2 to a distance of 200'. Both pause to take a better look at the stranger, trying to determine if it would be hostile. Kalgor's perception=+1

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    As you approach it becomes clear that the figure is sitting slumped against a rock. It is humanoid, and does not move as you approach. Continued approach in your stealthy fashion eventually reveals the creature to be a human, very likely dead if the condition of his clothes is any indication.

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    Anaerion asks "Whats going on?", but has already drawn the crossbow. He crouches low and waits to be told what to do.

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    Kalgor relays back in a whisper, "Looks like he is dead." and cautiously approaches. When nearing the body, he puts the sling back in his pouch and draws his greatsword. "Stand back and be ready, let him confirm it's dead." nodding towards Gragnor, and he waits for the others to gather around the body in a circle within striking distance from it.

    Kalgor and Gragnor will close to flanked melee range when the rest of the party are set.
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    The body proves to be just that - truly dead. It is covered with huge bite marks, puncture wounds as though from the largest snake any of you could dream of. Most of his clothing has rotted away, and the condition of the body and clothes indicates he's been dead a month or more.

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    Ravenath, human warrior 1

    -What could have done this? -Ravenath draw his rapier with the right hand and gets one of his dagger with the other.

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    "Who did you worship, brother?" Iosef asks the corpse. "I hope I can ease your rest," he whispers before performing his faith's last rites over the corpse.

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    Kalgor and Gragnor go back up into the grassland a bit and start digging a grave for the poor soul with dagger and claws. "Search the body for any identifiable trinkets that we can take back to the town and his family."

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    Moving and searching the body reveals a finely crafted shortsword (Masterwork) and a rotting pouch containing 87 gold pieces. His clothes - what's left of them - don't look like they were purchased out here on the frontier; likely the fellow came from a larger town or city. The gold pieces were minted in one of the Baronies farther south and east of here.

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