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    Ravenath, human warrior 1

    -So, what do you think? Can an illusion make this?

    Perception check:

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    It all looks real to Ravenath

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    Ravenath, human warrior 1

    -Good, we have now his belongings. When Iosef had talked with the gods, we should keep moving. The thing that made this could be a threat for the towns people.

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    After burying the body, if the lake water is clear and clean, refill our waterskins. Then continue on the mapped trail with Gragnor taking point.

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    OCC: local checks I assume to know more about the coins?

    Anaerion takes a quick look at the body, making sure that it was not another illusion. His eyes glow blue with magic, and he starts looking around for any signs of magic on the body (Before it was burried)

    OCC2: Detect Magic on the body, making sure its not another fake.

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    The body is indeed real, and quite mundane, as is everything else about the scene. There are no signs of whatever it was that killed the man. The coins are minted in the Ducado de Atiradore, a smallish duchy somewhat farther into the Landadel Baronies.

    You get the body buried and resume your trek to the Crypt; while the time spent with the burial put you somewhat behind schedule you still have hopes of making it to your destination by nightfall.

    This part of the Spoekjebosk is particularly dense, making it a thorn-covered maze of bushes, treacherous roots, and uneven rocks. The trail leads ever deeper into the wood, through a twisting maze of trees and confusing ravines. As it tops a small rise, a broad valley spreads out before it, the opposite side of which looks like a writhing serpent. The map that you were given leads to this valley, Serpent Gorge, marking the crypt at its bottom. Yet between you and the marked entrance lies a steep hill sloping down into the valley. Just as you arrive at the top of the ravine a hard rain starts to fall, making the ground slick and treacherous.

    Navigating to the bottom of the ravine will be a difficult task. Please let me know how you'll prepare for and approach the descent, and I'll need three Acrobatics checks from each of you.

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    How far down is it? We have 50' of rope, and Gragnor has a 100' range. Not knowing the distance makes choosing a tactic hard. Is there an edge to fall off of, or is it just a matter of sliding down on our butts?

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    Ravenath, human warrior 1

    -Anybody knows how could we get down there?

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    It's just a skill challenge. Using rope will help, as will 'moving slowly.'

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    Block rb780nm

    Iosef looks over the edge and then down at his cumbersome scale armor. "I suspect that it might be easier if..."

    The paladin removes his armor and stows it in a pack. His shield is slung over his backpack.

    OOC: How much rope do we have? We can either tie ourselves together or tie off at the top...

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