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    "It looks like the rope will reach for most of the distance. I'll stay here and hold this end while you guys go first."

    Only 50' of rope. Going with the "Move Slow" and "Hold Rope" both for everyone then. Kalgor braces and holds the rope while the other three go down, STR=17. Then Gragnor will brace and hold the rope in his teeth for Kalgor going down, STR=10. Kalgor keeps his armor on, expecting trouble at the bottom. Move slow and holding rope. The Gragnor will dance gracefully down the hill. Their dice rolls as they are last two going down...

    As Kalgor is going down, he slips and falls a couple of times, but Gragnor was fully braced with the rope, truly expecting this outcome.
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    Iosef helps Kalgore tie off the rope and then grabs hold and shimmies down.

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    OOC: Just need jackslate's rolls and we can move.

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    Anaerion will also start climbing down. Carefully, and slowly

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    Ravenath makes his way carefully to the bottom of the ravine, starting out before the others even take the rope out of the pack. It takes him about an hour to get to the bottom, making his way carefully from tree to rock in order to brace himself. Iosef and Anaerion successfully utilize the rope as well as the trees and make their way safely down as well. Gragnor hangs onto the rope for his friend . . .

    GM: Need a reflex save for Kalgor, please.

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    Kalgor's reflex save...

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    Gragnor hangs onto the rope for his friend . . . who ends up sliding and bouncing most of the way down the hill. The up side is that he beats everyone else to the bottom. The down side is that he ends his slide by fetching up against a very solid rock and bruising his ribs.
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    "Ouch!" Looks around for any strangers. "Maybe I should have taken my armor off after all."

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    Kalgor sees no one around the bottom of the ravine except for himself and Gragnor, who comes almost floating down from rock to rock. The rest make it to the bottom in short order and once you get yourselves sorted out you finish the short walk across the bottom of the ravine to an archway of stone set into the side of a small hill. Moss has overgrown many of the details, but one is still quite clear. The keystone of the arch is carved with a flame symbol with a stylized rune in the middle. Beyond the archway is a darkened tunnel that leads to a pair of massive wooden doors, one of which is slightly ajar.

    A pair of horses and a trio of ponies lie slaughtered next to the archway, each corpse still tied to a post set into the ground nearby. A swarm of flies hangs lazily in the air above them.
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    "Iosef, I took a little damage during my tumble. Can you help me out? I could try toughing it out, but if I fall, Gragnor checks out immediately too." After a bit of healing, check out the horses to see if it was claws or weapons that killed them. Unfortunately I have no clue.

    Then prep for the same marching order as on the trail. The front three don't need light.

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