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    Ravenath, human fighter 1

    Ravenath was looking at his map when he listened the wizard.
    -Well, show me your piece to compare with mine.

    OOC: It's the same map, right?

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    OOC: Each of you has a piece of the map. The posted map is the assembled total.

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    Intended Standard Operating Procedures
    While traveling through the woods, randomly, three times a day, Gragnor will stealthfully circle the party at a 90 ft range, looking to see if anyone is following them. Crazy Ivan
    "My map says to go south east from a glade to a lake." Kalgor takes time to show all four pieces to Gragnor, as he is leading the group.

    "You didn't want the deer trail?"
    "What are we going to have for dinner?"
    "Just kidding. This trail hasn't forked since we left town, so it should be the right one."
    "No, the map says we need the left one."

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    SOP noted! I should be able to post an update this afternoon or evening. If you happen to be on during the day go ahead and make an initiative roll for me.

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    Anaerion thought he heard something, but it turned out to be Gragnor walking around. However, something still did not feel right...

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    As Gragnor is walking along and Kalgor is splitting his attention between walking and whittling...
    Gragnor hears a rustle in the leaves...
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    Ravenath, human fighter 1

    OOC: How can I make dice rolls???

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    OOC: Write some text actions, and submit the post. Then after that, there is the "add dice roll" in the lower right of your posting. Click on that button, and it will ask for a description and give you various dice options.
    Adding dice is an edit after the posting. It feels a little wierd at first, but you get the hang of it. After you add the dice, you can re-edit your original text action to fit what the dice came up as.

    OOC: In your account profile/settings, click on settings. Then click on edit options. There is an option to show dice rolls as big blocks with graphics taking up a lot of space, or as "streamlined" with just the text and numbers. After a while, you will probably want the streamlined. It affects the dice rolls of everyone as displayed to you.
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    Iosef maintains a low degree of vigilance, trusting in the heightened senses of his new companion's feline friend.
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    The trail through the forest is wide, though the trees on either side are densely packed, with low hanging branches and lots of undergrowth that blocks most of the sunlight. You're walking along the trail, discussing the map given to you by the villagers and generally keeping a casual eye on your surroundings but trusting primarily to Gragnor's extraordinary senses to give warning should anything approach.

    As you approach a log that's fallen across the trail, the 'cat' has just enough time to begin a shout, "Hey, Kraggy, I think I . . ." before a pair of orcs brandishing great axes leaps over the log! Another stands behind the log and flings a javelin at Gragnor. The javelin flies wide of the mark, sticking into the ground just in front of Kalgor.

    Orc's Stealth (1d20-1=17)
    Perception (Anaerion, Iosef, Ravenath) (1d20+2=10, 1d20+5=15, 1d20=1)

    Everyone except Gragnor is surprised.

    Ravenath, I used the initiative generated for you by my combat tracker. It was a 22.

    Combat Status
    Combatant          AC/ T/FF   -HP      Condition[/u]
    Ravenath           12/12/10    00      None
    Kalgor             14/11/13    00      None
    Orc 02             13/10/13    00      None
    Anaerion           16/13/13    00      None
    Orc 03             13/10/13    00      None
    Orc 01             13/10/13    00      None
    Gragnor            16/12/14    00      None
    Iosef              18/10/18    00      None

    GM: Gragnor's up, then we'll start the first round at the top of the initiative order.
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